Shaka Smart To Remain At VCU

The hot coach of the minute is now off the market. Shaka Smart has reportedly signed an extension with VCU, much to the dismay of NC State fans. Shaka Smart has signed a deal to remain at VCU. Smart, 33, became the latest to spurn interest from N.C. State and then inked a new contract […]

VCU Students Celebrated The Rams’ Historical Run By Rioting After Loss To Butler

Last week, we discussed the possibility of the world, but mainly everyone outside of Virginia, growing to hate VCU because of all the clever, and not so clever ways VCU fans used to celebrate their historic run. Well, their historic run came to an end on Saturday after losing to Butler 70-62. So it turns […]

Before It’s All Over, We All Are Going To End Up Hating VCU

When I say us, I remove myself because I only kinda dislike them because they eliminated my beloved Florida State Seminoles in the “Sweet Sixteen. The hate? Well that is reserved for Leonard Hamilton’s offensive coaching ability, but that’s a whole ‘nother story that we can discuss at a later date. The story that we […]

Mike Krzyzewski Finally Got Around To Responding To Jalen Rose And The ‘Fab 5’ Documentary

While Grant Hill was busy missing the point and the internet was on fire after hearing Jimmy King call Christian Laettner a b*#@h, Duke and Mike Krzyzewski were mum. Probably because they were still busy with games that were being played in 2011 and not 1991. Well, now that the Dukies aren’t very busy anymore, […]

The University Of Tennessee Has Wiped Away Any Evidence Of A Bruce Pearl Era

Most Vols fans will admit that Bruce Pearl was one of the best coaches they have had in a long time. But with the recent NCAA findings which led to Pearl being fired, Tennessee is going to great lengths to prove to the NCAA that they want nothing more to do with Pearl. As an […]

Advancing To The Final Four Has Its Perks As Kentucky Players Meet Jay-Z After Their Win Over North Carolina

Kentucky players were already on cloud 9 after beating North Carolina in the Elite Eight yesterday. But when Jay-Z made a surprise appearance in the Wildcats’ locker room to congratulate them for making the Final Four, it topped what was already a crazy day for those players. “That in itself was a pretty nice experience […]

Let’s Start The Week With Brad Stevens Admitting That Billy Donovan Out Coached Him

How would you feel if your team just lost in the Elite Eight and the opposing coach tells you that you out coached him? You would feel like that is adding insult to injury. That’s probably how Billy Donovan feels right now after losing to Butler. The 40 second mark is where Stevens admits he […]

And Here’s A Photo From The Bruce Pearl Rally That May Or May Not Be Real (Hopefully It’s Real)

Some things just don’t need any explanation. This picture, that we pray is real and even if it isn’t, we still pray that it’s real, is one of them. Via @ChrisVernonShow

Report: Tennessee Fires Bruce Pearl

The “worst dressed coaches” fraternity has had yet another of their own suffer a job. First, it was Sidney Lowe and today, Bruce Pearl. A person with knowledge of the decision says Tennessee has fired Bruce Pearl after a season that saw the coach charged with unethical conduct for lying to NCAA investigators during a […]

Reporting San Diego State NCAA Tournament Updates Is A Dangerous Job, But Someone Has Do It

And that someone is 10News Sports Director Ben Higgins. Higgins risks getting run over by a SUV in reverse yesterday just so the people of San Diego can get their updates about the Aztecs. Now that’s dedication.