Why Yes, Dwight Howard Does Indeed Have A Children’s Album That Is About To Drop

It’s the end of September so it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get the kiddie on your list for Christmas. And luckily for you, Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard just may be able to help you. That is, if the kiddie falls into these categories: – They are fans of Dwight […]

Shaq: "The Big Loser"

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest big men to ever play in the NBA. With four NBA titles and a countless number of individual awards, he has definitely made his mark on the league. Nevertheless, Shaq has become more bitter and hypocritical with age. It’s no secret that Shaq and former teammate Kobe Bryant […]

If You So Much As Breathe In A NBA Game Next Season, You’re Getting A Tech

You enjoy the NBA because of the players and the great games. The NBA believes that you enjoy the NBA because of the many ridiculous technical fouls that are given out each year. So in keeping with that belief, the NBA has decided to expand its guideline on calling technical fouls. Or in layman’s terms, […]

Don Nelson Out As Warriors Head Coach

After 31 seasons and 1,335 wins as a NBA coach, Don Nelson was fired by the Golden State Warriors on Thursday. The new owners, Joe Lacub and Peter Guber, according to reports, will replace the 70-year-old Nelson with assistant Keith Smart. The Warriors have played an entertaining style of basketball for years, but have struggled […]

Dwight Howard Prefers Kevin Durant Over LeBron James

Dwight Howard was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday and he discussed a myriad of topics. Most interesting was the “who would you rather have” question that finds its way on radio shows. The question usually involves Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, but Dan Patrick decided to go a different route. His question involved LeBron […]

I Guess We Now Live In A World Where Erick Dampier Gets To Mull Over Free Agent Offers

Boy, the NBA free agent landscape has really changed. Back in the day, only the best of the best got to sit back and wait for the offers to flow in. And once they did, these players would take their time and choose what team they wanted to play for. Kinda like what LeBron James […]

Team USA Headed To FIBA Semifinals

With a 89-79 win over Russia today, the USA Men’s basketball squad is headed in the semifinals of the FIBA World Championships. Kevin Durant led the team in scoring with 33 points while veteran guard Chauncey Billups chipped in 15 of his own. This win came on the anniversary of the Soviet’s controversial victory over […]

Ron Artest To Auction NBA Championship Ring

Since the infamous brawl at Auburn Hills in 2004, Ron Artest and his antics have been the topic of many jokes and punchlines. On Wednesday, the Lakers’ forward made a statement that can’t be mocked by anyone. In an effort to draw attention to mental illness in the U.S., Artest will auction off his championship […]

Yes, This Is Ron Artest Getting Pulled Over In A Go Kart

As with most Ron Artest stories, I’m not really sure how to even approach this. So what I’ll do it let TMZ gives us the details of this and walk away. Quickly. Law enforcement sources tell us Artest was cited because the registration on the car was expired. But get this — we’re told the […]

Here’s What Happens When Shaquille O’Neal Crashes A Wedding

Whenever Shaquille O’Neal joins a new team, he makes it his business to immerse himself in that city. He does the charity thing, he’s as visible as a 7’1 man can be in the community, and he sometimes shows up where you least expect him. Case in point, a young couple’s wedding. On Friday, Aug. […]