Report: Deron Williams is frustrated in Brooklyn

After the Brooklyn Nets were eliminated by the Miami Heat in 5 games, predictably many are beginning to wonder what is next for the Nets. The team already has the highest payroll in the NBA with most of the money going to the older players on the team. One of those older players is point […]

Phil Jackson has told Raymond Felton that he will be traded in the offseason

It’s been a rough year for New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton. If being part of one of the worst one-year collapses in Knicks history wasn’t enough, Felton also was arrested on gun charges as well.

Former Clipper Marques Johnson tells personal story about his dealings with Donald Sterling

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Now that Sterling is being forced out by the NBA, more people are starting to come foward with their own personal stories. Well former Clipper player Marques Johnson was on Fox Sports 1’s “America’s Pregame” and decided to tell his own […]

Three of the top NBA prospects have decided to skip the draft combine

The NBA draft combine is scheduled to take place this week, but the event will be missing potentially the top three players in this year’s draft.

Roy Hibbert credits heckling fan for getting him going in Game 4

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has been playing his best basketball of late against the Washington Wizards. Hibbert’s improved play is one of the reasons the Pacers have an 3-1 advantage over the Wizards.

Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo finally apologized for ridiculous NBA tweet

After attempting to stick by his ridiculous NBA tweet, Pat Garofalo has finally decided that the best thing he can do is apologize and attempt to move on.

Marcin Gortat would like the NBA to allow in-game fights

Marcin Gortat sat down for a Q&A with Kyle Weidie of True Hoop where he discussed some important issues and some very important issues. On the important issues scale, Gortat discussed his relationship with John Wall, his love of ripping towels, and his “Polish Machine/Hammer” nickname. On the very important issues scale, Gortat discussed the […]

Fresh off having his jersey retired, Zydrunas Ilgauskas may be on his way out in Cleveland

On Saturday night, Zydrunas Ilgauskas had his jersey retired by the Cleveland Cavaliers. To an outsider, the event gave you the impression that the franchise was finally moving in the right direction. Everyone who should’ve been there was there; former coaches, former staffers, the former owner, and former players. Even the team’s most high profile […]

Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo have had conversations about playing together again

You would have to go back 9 years to find the last time Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo played on the same team. Back then, they were roommates and starred for high school basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy.Rondo would end up going to Kentucky and Smith would jump straight to the NBA and the two […]

Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo thinks street crime would rise if NBA folded

In every profession, whether it’s sports or in Corporate America, there is always going to be someone who has issues with the law. The difference between the two is when athletes have problems with the law, it’s all over TV and people begin to make judgments without knowing the whole story. Take the Richard Sherman […]