Can Someone Please Tell JJ Redick That You Can’t Effectively Play Defense On The Ground?

Ok, getting broken down to the ground once is one thing. But twice in a span of two weeks makes one believes that there is something wrong. Like that person believes that if they fall on the ground that will somehow stop someone from scoring. Or that the Orlando Magic really believe JJ Redick should […]

Stoudemire Taking Advantage Of New York’s Big Market

Every entertainer and athlete seems to have side hustles nowadays. In less than a year, New York Knicks’ PF Amare Stoudemire has already found his. Stoudemire has teamed up with designer Rachel Roy to start a women’s sporting apparel line. “We’re trying to give the women something to wear when they go to sporting events. […]

Flips Saunders Thinks That Fans In Washington D.C. Come To Games To Support The Wizards When They’re Really There For The Chick-fil-A Gifts

Flips Saunders’ job may not be an easy one, but it’s indeed consistent. He goes to practice and tries to teach his youngsters the way to win games in the NBA. Then, he goes to games and tries to coach his youngsters to a win in a NBA game. The youngsters get beat by a […]

Let’s Start The Week With Rajon Rondo Trying To Get Into The Miami Heat’s Huddle

I gained a ton of respect for Rondo after he started guarding LeBron James in their victory of the Heat yesterday. With that said, if I were a member of the Heat I would have decked Rondo for trying to get in our huddle.

Mike D’Antoni Would Like Knicks Fans To Keep Their Want For Carmelo Anthony To Themselves

Secretly, New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antonio is most likely praying that the Knicks land Carmelo Anthony in the near future. But as for now, he’s trying to focus on his current team. Unfortunately for him, Knicks fans don’t think the way he does. Much like they did when LeBron James was set to […]

Jerry Sloan To Step Down As Coach Of The Utah Jazz

After 22 years at the helm Jerry Sloan reportedly will resign as coach of the Utah Jazz. A rift between Deron Williams and Sloan is what is said to have pushed Sloan out the door. And if that’s the case, it’s really a shame. After 22-plus years, the Jerry Sloan Era has come to an […]

After Losing 26 Straight Games, Byron Scott Is Finally Pissed

In the midst of this record breaking losing streak by the Cleveland Cavaliers, head coach Byron Scott has been relatively calm. Scott took the Cleveland job hoping to have LeBron James in the fold, but once that ship sailed, he knew the season would be rough one. So Scott has quietly watched his players earn […]

This Blake Griffin Rookie Card Will Run You $32,000

Back in day, card collecting was just a hobby. Something you did as a kid for fun. You heard stories about people making a couple hundred dollars on a rare card, but you really didn’t pay it any attention because you were a kid and it would never happen to you. Well it’s no longer […]

And Here’s Randy Foye Breaking JJ Redick Down To The Ground

No one thinks of JJ Redick as a defensive stopper. What you’re about to see won’t change any minds anytime soon.

Celtics Allen, Pierce Will Face Off In 3-Point Shootout

In recent years, most NBA All-Stars have been reluctant to participate in any of the extracurricular events of the NBA All-Star weekend. Many stars only want to party and play in the All-Star game while ignoring the other events such as: the dunk, skills and 3-Point shooting contests. Thanks to Boston Celtics’ veterans Ray Allen […]