Rebounding and lack of a star player will doom the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs


The Atlanta Hawks have been one of the most impressive teams in the NBA this season. The Hawks are 35-8, which is the best record in the Eastern Conference at this time. The Hawks are also on a 14 game win streak, which puts the team in a tie with the 1993-94 team for the franchise record. […]

Video: DeAndre Jordan finishes alley-oop over Brook Lopez

One thing that most players in the NBA should know by now is how to defend the DeAndre Jordan on a pick and roll. The Los Angeles Clippers center has been known to throw dunk some vicious dunks after settings pick. Brandon Knight was a victim of this and now Jordan has got himself another […]

Kobe Bryant first injured his shoulder in the pre-season, played through it all season


I’m sure that most of you know by now that Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder. The seriousness of the injury has most people believing that Bryant’s season might be coming to an end. As the Lakers are trying to gather more information on Bryant’s injury, […]

Video: James Harden doesn't believe Warriors are that good

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The Houston Rockets have been one of the top teams in the Western Conference this season. Shooting guard James Harden’s play has elevated him into the MVP discussion. But there is one thing that the Rockets have not been able to accomplish this season. The Rockets have not beaten the Golden State Warriors once this […]

Dion Waiters on fitting in with the Thunder: 'I actually, like, you know, touch the ball'

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Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dion Waiters is still adjusting to his new teammates. Waiters is also adjusting to a new offense. But you don’t hear any complaints from him because he feels like he is more involved in the offense with the Thunder.

Elton Brand says Doug Collins is the reason the Sixers drafted Evan Turner instead of DeMarcus Cousins


A lot of people have questioned the Philadelphia 76ers’ front office decision-making when it comes to the NBA draft. The team has been criticized plenty when it comes to the way they scout and evaluate elite talent. Now thanks to former Sixers Elton Brand, we have another reason to question the organization again.

Derrick Rose is beginning to get frustrated with the Bulls' struggles


The Chicago Bulls are reeling right now after a blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls have lost six of the last eight games and now the team’s star player is beginning to get frustrated. Point guard Derrick Rose, who had 18 points, doesn’t understand what it wrong with his team.

Report: Phoenix Suns are trying to trade Miles Plumlee


Last season, Phoenix Suns forward Miles Plumlee surprised a lot of people and played very well. Most thought that he would be a big part for the Suns’ young team. Fast forward to this season and things have went in a different direction for Plumlee. With the arrival of Brandon Wright and the emergence of […]

Andrew Wiggins will be in the Slam Dunk contest this year according to his father


Minnesota Timberwolves forward Andrew Wiggins has had a pretty good rookie season. He has shown flashes of how good he could be in a few years. One thing that most knew about Wiggins coming into the league is his length and athleticism. With All Star weekend a month away, it looks like Wiggins is on […]

Report: Tristan Thompson turned down four year, $52 million contract extension from the Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are dealing with a lot of issues right now. There have been reports about the team not listening to head coach David Blatt. Other reports have stated that both LeBron James and Kevin Love might opt out of their contracts and become free agents in the offseason. Now it looks another Cavaliers […]