Miami Heat reportedly rejected Chris Bosh’s idea of playing while on blood thinners

As the Miami Heat was trying to navigate through the NBA Playoffs, forward Chris Bosh was trying to find a way to play. There were reports that even Bosh was out for the playoffs, his career still wasn’t over.

Los Angeles Lakers reportedly not high on DeMar DeRozan

There are many that believe that the Los Angeles Lakers plan to focus on making a big splash this offseason. There have been many names that have been linked to the Lakers such as Indiana Pacers forward Paul George.

DeMar DeRozan on going back to LA: I don’t get caught up into it

On Friday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers ended the Toronto Raptors chance to make the NBA Finals after winning Game 6. With the Raptors season officially over, all the attention will be focused on what guard DeMar DeRozan will do this summer.

Orlando Magic are making it known that they will be heavily involved during free agency

Ever since center Dwight Howard left the Orlando Magic, the organization has been rebuilding their roster through the NBA Draft. Going into this season, many thought that the Magic would at least make the playoffs but they disappointed instead.

Bradley Beal has made it clear again that he wants a max contract this summer

Before the start of the NBA regular season, Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal made his intentions known about his contract. Beal told the Wizards that he wants a max contract once the season was over.

Sixers GM: We have a good relationship with Ben Simmons

As many of you many know, the Philadelphia 76ers secured the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft last Tuesday. Many believe that the Sixers selection will come down to Duke’s Brandon Ingram and LSU’s Ben Simmons.

Tyronn Lue regrets not calling more plays for LeBron James in Game 3

On Saturday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered their first loss of the postseason on the road against the Toronto Raptors. One thing that stuck out in Game 3 was the amount of shot forward LeBron James took.

Brian Shaw reportedly close to joining Luke Walton’s staff

With the Golden State Warriors in pursuit of another championship, many have forgotten that Luke Walton will be with the Los Angeles Lakers next season. Besides securing the No. 2 pick for the NBA Draft in June, things have been very quiet on the Lakers front.

David Blatt: Cleveland Cavailers are the team to beat right now

It’s been a few months since the Cleveland Cavaliers fired David Blatt despite having the best record in the Eastern Conference at the time. It took sometime for the Cavaliers to adapt to the style that current head coach Tyronn Lue wanted to play, but now they have caught their stride.

Dwight Howard opens up about why he couldn’t get along with Kobe Bryant

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard has earned a lot of respect after his intervention on TNT’s Inside The NBA last week. Howard was grilled by Hall of Famer Charles Barkley on a number of issues and Howard answers seemed genuine and honest.