Doc Rivers was pissed off after loss to the Golden State Warriors

Last night, the Golden State Warriors served notice that they are going to be a problem this year with their 121-104 win over the Los Angeles Clippers. In a game that the Warriors seemed to control from the beginning, the loss now has the Clippers feeling a little uneasy about themselves.

Chandler Parsons: I don't pay attention to Trevor Ariza

The rivalry between the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets was already intense after Chandler Parsons left the Rockets to sign with the Mavericks. The comments made by James Harden claiming Dwight Howard and himself were the cornerstones of the franchise didn’t go over to well with Parsons either. And who can forget the comments that […]

For some reason, the Indiana Pacers let Roy Hibbert attempt a game winning 3-pointer

I have seen some crazy play calls for certain players during games, but this one has to be a the top of the list.

Gilbert Arenas reminds us that he is still getting checks from the NBA

Former All-Star Gilbert Arenas has been out of the NBA for a few years now and doesn’t seem interested in making a comeback.

Flip Saunders believes that Sam Cassell's dance cost the Timberwolves a championship

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Kevin Martin bought back bad memories for head coach Flip Saunders during Saturday’s game against the Chicago Bulls. After hitting a three to take the lead, Martin emulated Sam Cassell’s dance that he injured himself with. While it was funny to all of us, the NBA wasn’t laughing as they fined Martin […]

The NBA D-League is experimenting with coaches challenges

Instant replay has been one of the most discussed topics in the NBA in the past few years. While it does have its flaws, instant replay has helped NBA referees especially during the playoffs. But as the NBA still struggles to get instant replay right, the D-League has been busy trying out other things.

Kevin Durant admits that Paul George's injury led to him withdrawing from Team USA

When Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant withdrew his name from Team USA , we all had our own opinion on what lead to his decision. Most people believed that the gruesome injury that Indiana Pacers all-star Paul George suffered was the main reason for Durant’s withdraw. Durant claimed that fatigue played a part in his […]

Brandon Jennings is not happy with Stan Van Gundy's comments about his play

Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy is not afraid to say things that make players feel uneasy. As Van Gundy tries to find out what might be his best rotation, he is making comments to the media along the way. The Pistons head coach had some things to say about point guard Brandon Jennings’ […]

Pau Gasol says that it is possible that his brother Marc might sign with the Knicks

Chicago Bulls forward Pau Gasol looked pretty good against the New York Knicks on Wednesday night. Gasol, who left the Los Angeles Lakers in the off-season got to see his old coach Phil Jackson as well.

Minnesota resident gives away Timberwolves ticket by taping on light pole

We have seen a lot of crazy things from fans, but this one might be at the top of the list.