Report: Minnesota Timberwolves told Kevin Love to sit out FIBA World Cup


When Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love announced that he was not playing in the FIBA World Cup, there were mixed opinions about his decision. On one hand, his name comes up in trade talks almost everyday so it makes sense that he would want to focus on where he may end up next season. On […]

Metta World Peace is back on the basketball court, promptly shoves two players in rec league


Free agent Metta World Peace is participating in the Venice Basketball League in Los Angeles. In leagues like these, players try to impress some of pros their playing against with their physicality and toughness. Well World Peace is the wrong person to try to make an example of as he showed these two guys in […]

Blake Griffin withdrew from Team USA training camp due to back injury


When Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin withdrew his name for Team USA training camp, many people were interested about how he came to his decision. Griffin claims that he wants to focus on getting better and getting ready for the upcoming season. But according to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Griffin had another reason to […]

Was Jalen Rose considering joining Kentucky basketball staff?

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Is it just me or does Jalen Rose always find himself involved in some type of speculation. After the college basketball season was over, there were rumors that Rose might join John Calipari’s Kentucky staff. So were the rumors true?

James Harden: Dwight and I are cornerstones, the rest of the guys are role players


Even since Chandler Parsons signed with the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets have been downplaying Parsons’ worth. The Rockets front office believes they are closer to a championship without Parsons.

J.R. Smith says he would understand if the Knicks traded him

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks

J.R. Smith knows that there will be major changes coming to the New York Knicks. After the season Smith just had, he knows that people are doubting him. Many people believe that there’s no way Smith can play in the triangle offense. And to make matters worse, Smith is part of a log jam at […]

Dion Waiters isn’t interested in coming off the bench in Cleveland


A ton has happened in the past week for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With LeBron James deciding to return back home, the city of Cleveland is pumped up. Now that things have calmed down a little, fans are now starting to predict the Cavaliers starting lineup. The major issue is at the shooting guard position where […]

Adam Silver is considering having a mid-season tournament


I think most of us can agree that the NBA season really doesn’t get kicked off until Christmas Day. So ever since Adam Silver was named commissioner of the NBA, he has been looking for more ways to improve the game. And with the NBA gearing up for  the upcoming negotiation for their TV rights, […]

GM Daryl Morey believes Rockets are in a better position to win a championship without Chandler Parsons


The Houston Rockets surprised everyone when they decided to not match the Dallas Mavericks offer for small forward Chandler Parsons. Most believed that Parsons would be a key cog in a  Rockets championship run this season. Well according to Rockets general manager Daryl Morey he believes the Rockets can contend for a championship in a different […]

With Paul Pierce off to Washington, Kevin Garnett will remain with the Brooklyn Nets


Over the weekend, former Brooklyn Nets small forward Paul Pierce signed a two-year deal with the Washington Wizards. While most people applauded the move the Wizards made, others started to wonder what will it mean for Kevin Garnett.