Report: Markieff Morris is willing to be traded anywhere, wants nothing to do with the Suns

The disconnect between the Phoenix Suns and forward Markieff Morris gets larger by the minute. After the Suns traded his twin brother Marcus to the Detroit Pistons, the organization has expressed concern about Markieff’s state of mind. 

Wayne Knight on Michael Jordan: ” I thought that he was the most incredible human being I’d ever seen”

I think everyone knows by now that in the 1990s, Hall of Famer Michael Jordan was the king in the sports world. The stories about his talent and his competitiveness are hilarious, but also what make him the best. One actor in the 90’s who had quite the following as well was in awe by […]

Report: Cavaliers and Warriors to face off on Christmas day

When Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James was with the Miami Heat, he complained about how they had to play a road game on Christmas day, but were the champions. The NBA took notice and started to reward the NBA champion from the previous year a home game on Christmas.

Devin Harris on DeAndre Jordan: “He could have done it a more mature way, it would have been a lot better off”

Fans of the Dallas Mavericks are still wondering what went wrong in their pursuit for Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan. Owner Mark Cuban has stated that the team has moved on, but you can tell that the whole situation has left a bad taste in the fans mouths. Mavericks point guard Devin Harris was […]

Video: Mason Plumlee says Kevin Garnett took his crab cake and gave it to Reggie Evans, told him veterans eat first

I think we all know that Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett is one of the most respected players in the NBA. We also know that he is one of the craziest players as well. If you don’t believe me, just asked Portland Trailblazers big man Mason Plumlee. When Plumlee and Garnett were with the Brooklyn […]

Arron Afflalo says Carmelo Anthony is ‘very committed’ to the Knicks

Earlier this week, New York Knicks legend Walt Frazier got the fanbase a little concerned after some comments he made about forward Carmelo Anthony. Frazier questioned if Carmelo will get impatient with the Knicks rebuild and ask for a trade. While Frazier made some good points, he got the attention of everyone when he made those […]

Andrea Bargnani claims he would have played for free just so he can prove himself to the Nets

I think everyone will agree that Brooklyn Nets big man Andrea Bargnani has been an above average player since coming into the NBA. After getting drafted with the first pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, Bargnani never become the player that scouts envisioned he would be. After a disappointing stint with the New York Knicks, Bargnani signed […]

Video: Police officer tells Jordan Hill he was driving like an idiot before arresting him

A few days ago, Indiana Pacers forward Jordan Hill was arrested for reckless driving after the police clocked him at 107 MPH. But more details are starting to come out about what led to the police arresting Hill. TMZ Sports released the dash cam video of the officer that arrested Hill and told the Pacers […]

Video: LaMarcus Aldridge says he is building a separate house just for his shoes

San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge is living the life right now. After signing a four-year, $86 million contract with Spurs last month, Aldridge has some extra money he can blow. And it sounds like that is exactly what he is planning to do. During an interview with SLAM, Aldridge talked about his shoe collection […]

Report: Dante Exum diagnosed with torn ACL

Every NBA teams cringes when one of their players get hurt during the off-season. It does matter if it’s in summer league or Olympic qualifying, teams hope and pray that nothing happens. The Utah Jazz are dealing with this issue right now after point guard Dante Exum left an exhibition game with the Australian national team […]