John Wall Knows He Has An Attitude Problem, So He Begs Flip Saunders To Take His Money

Yes, you’re lost so spare a moment to let me explain. John Wall has recognized that he sometimes has a bad attitude. When he’s having a rough game or the Wizards are doing what they usually do, lose, Wall has a penchant to sulk and display that bad attitude. So where does the begging Flip […]

LeBron James’ Alter Egos To Be Highlighted In His New Online Cartoon Series

It looks like LeBron James taking his talents to animation as he is getting ready to launch an online series for kids. The show will be called “The LeBrons” and will be a cartoon series that follows him as a 16 year-old. LeBron claims he always had dreams of being a superhero just like the […]

Louis Williams Follows In The Footsteps Of Allen Iverson By Dropping A Freestyle About How Much Money He Has

There has always been a saying that rappers want to be ballplayers and ballplayers want to be rappers. It’s a long list from Shaq, to Kobe, to Iverson, and even Tony Parker has tried the rap thing. Now Louis Williams AKA LouWill is in the rap game and he’s not talking about dropping buckets. It […]

And Here’s A NBA Referee Calling Five Technicals In A Span Of Ten Seconds

If by chance you still don’t believe that the NBA’s new technical foul policy is utterly ridiculous, here’s a video that should drive the point home. Let me set the stage: An NBA referee calls five technical fouls in a span of ten seconds. Stage. Set. Via Ball Don’t Lie

The Lakers Beat The Cavaliers By 55 Points Last Night, And LeBron James Loved Every Minute Of It

While you were busy watching more exciting NBA games or prime time television, the Los Angles Lakers were busy beating down the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-57. And while most of us that see that score responds with, “Wow” or “D#@#” or “D#$%, wow the Cavaliers are bad”, LeBron James loved it. So of course he took […]

Pistons, Officially Rebuilding For Future

Not so long ago the Detroit Pistons were the cream of the NBA’s Eastern conference, but have quickly falling to the bottom over the last two years. The Pistons played in the Eastern Conference Finals for 6 consecutive seasons (2003-2008), but have failed to win 40 games in a season since. This far this season, […]

Fan Interrupts The Heat-Bobcats Game With His Dances Moves

Now we all know that they are fans out there that will do anything to draw attention to themselves. Well this guy lived up to the billing as he not only got the crowd attention, he always got the Heat and Bobcats players attention as well.

Let’s Start The Week With Ron Artest Choking Shawne Williams, Then Remembering He Isn’t Supposed To Be Choking Shawne Williams

Ron Artest has behaved himself, for the most part, since that fateful night when he lost his mind in Detroit. But many believe that it’s just a matter of time before Artest loses it once again. And last night, Artest lost it. But only for a brief second. In one of those “let’s act like […]

OJ Mayo And Tony Allen Fight On Team Plane Over Gambling Debt

The Memphis Grizzles’ team flight got a little festive on Monday night as everyone was treated to watching Tony Allen coldcock OJ Mayo over a gambling debt. According to Yahoo! Sports, Allen asked to be paid his money and Mayo didn’t like it. Mayo then went on a tirade that ended in him catching one […]

The Heat Nickname Themselves ‘The Heatles’, Just To Piss You Off Even More

For those of you that hate the Heat because of how they handled free agency or how they come into your city and beat down your team, he’s a little more to hate them for. The Heat is referring to itself as the “Heatles” — as in the Beatles — these days because of the […]