JaVale McGee Messed Around And Got A Triple Double While The Wizards Messed Around And Lost (Again)

Last night was a typical night for the Washington Wizards and an atypical night for JaVale McGee. The Wizards were, as usual, getting beat by double digits while JaVale McGee was getting closer and closer to achieving his first career triple double. So as time was running out, the Wizards were not trying to win […]

Donald Sterling Surprises No One By Admitting That He Knows Nothing About Basketball

The beautiful thing about America is that anyone can be anything they want to be. As long as you put in the hard work and care about what you’re doing, the possibilities are endless. The not-so beautiful thing about America is that a man, whose only inkling of knowledge about basketball is that heckling players […]

This Fella Certainly Loves The New Jersey Nets

The Nets actually beat the Celtics last night 87-79. And while that little nugget doesn’t excite you, it definitely excited this guy dressed in a pink polo. So much so that his body was seemingly taken over by the jazz-hands Gods. Via That NBA Lottery Pick

Is Spoelstra The Reason For The Heat’s Struggles?

The Miami Heat are supposed to be the cream of the crop, the favorites to win the NBA Finals this year, right. Well, at least they thought so when they held their preseason extravaganza/celebration after signing the ‘Big 3’ in July. As of late, the team has struggled beating winning teams. They have lost 5 […]

Chicago Bulls Fan Declares LeBron Choosing Miami Over Them Was A Mistake And They Have A Video To Prove It

It seems like everyone is throwing shots at the Miami Heat while they are on this losing streak. So a Chicago Bulls fan has decided to join in with the fun with a video that has been named “The Mistake”.

I Guess We Should Attempt To Narrow Down Which Miami Heat Players Cried Yesterday

By now, you’ve all heard or read about Erik Spoelstra outing some of his players for crying after yesterday’s loss to the Bulls. But he stopped short of actually spilling the beans about who those players actually are. So, we feel it’s our job to help narrow things down so you can sound really intelligent […]

Byron Scott Feels The Same Way About Nicholas Cage’s New Movie As Nicholas Cage Probably Feels About A Cavs Game

Byron Scott is currently having a few issues with his current gig, so he has decided to try his hand at being a film critic. And not any old kind of film critic. Scott aspires to be the type of film critic that gives you his opinion of a film without you even asking for […]

And Here’s Rashard Lewis Having A Basketball Related Conversation With A Drunk Lady

Now, we don’t really know that this lady, Sharon I think she said her name was, is really drunk. We just assume that she is because of her speaking in a “I’m drunk” manner and basically insisting that Rashard Lewis have a conversation about his opinion of the best defenders in the NBA. Via HHR

The New Jersey Nets Can’t Even Conquer The Atlantic Division, Yet They Have Plans To Conquer The World

The old adage is to crawl before you walk. Take baby steps until you’re ready to take grown up steps. Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov doesn’t live by this adage. And apparently, he doesn’t intend for the New Jersey Nets to live by that adage either. Owned by a Russian and awaiting a move to New […]

Andray Blatche Is Using Twitter To Challenge Fans To Fights

It’s pretty obvious that playing for the Washington Wizards isn’t the most fun these days. Going out and getting demolished night after night gets old I’m sure. And it leaves the players with energy to spare seeing as though the games are often over by halftime. So it’s inevitably that the players will look for […]