Lakers will win the NBA Finals: 5 reasons why

The Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA Finals. Literally, I’m not going out on a limb with this prediction since the Lakers have been the favorites majority of the season. Yeah, I know the Yaoless, McGradyless Rockets gave the Lakers a handful, though it took a seven game series, they did prevail. Many critics, […]

There Is Only One Place To Settle This Scheduling Issue Between The Nuggets And WWE, Live On Pay Per View

NBA owners never cease to amaze me. First it was the tale of Bob Jonson sending the Bobcats on a season ending road trip so he could play with his little ponies and now Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner, Stan Kroenke has double booked his venue for a taping of WWE’s Monday Night Raw and […]

They Don’t Make Game 7’s Like They Used To

After an entire Saturday without any basketball, I was all set on a riveting Sunday full of game 7 theatrics. What I got was a bunch a crap. A big pile of stinky, get beat by 20 points, crap! And it’s not even like the Rockets nor the Celtics even tried to make this the […]

Former NBA player gets prison time for drug conviction

Former NBA journeyman and 11-year league vet Corie Blount was sentenced to prison for one year for drug related charges. In December 2008, Blount was found with a total of 29 pounds of marijuana which obviously wasn’t for personal use as he claimed. Blount dodged a massive bullet by making a plea deal, he could […]

Stan Van Gundy’s Coaching Blunders Have Now Become Unbearable

First off let me say that I haven’t seen a multitude of the Orlando Magic’s regular season games. So forgive me, Magic fans for I’m sure it had become unbearable long before these playoffs started. But, this year’s playoffs has really brought out the worst in SVG. He’s been whining to the referees, over-reacting on […]

Mark Cuban issues apology to Martin’s mother

According to an AP report, Mavs owner Mark Cuban issued an apology to Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin’s mother for a degrading statement. In Cuban’s words, after the Mavs game 3 loss to the Nuggets, an agry fan stated the Nuggets were ‘thugs’ and while strolling past Lydia Moore, Martin’s mother, Cuban added, “that includes your […]

Rick Pitino Is Determined To Prove He Can Be Successful In The NBA

How determined? He’s so determined to prove that he can coach in the NBA that he has reportedly thrown his hat in the ring for the Sacramento King’s job. Rick Pitino has emerged as a candidate for the Sacramento Kings’ coaching job, multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports. Pitino has communicated his interest in a possible […]

Derek Fisher decks Luis Scola

In a physical game, the Lakers and Rockets combined for 5 technical fouls and 2 ejections. Check out this hit that got Lakers guard Derek Fisher ejected from game 2 and possibly suspended for game 3. H/T Black Sports Online Fan of No Guts, No Glory? Subscribe to our feed! or Follow us on Twitter!

So If The Nuggets Some How Win The Championship This Year, Where Does It Leave Lebron?

Yes, this a bit premature but just follow me for a moment. Let’s just say the Nuggets have defeated the Mavs, the Lakers, and the Cavs to win the NBA championship. That would mean Carmelo Anthony has won a championship. It would also mean that 2 of the 3 stars from the 2003 NBA Draft […]

The Evolution Of The Ever Changing Hair Of Cheryl Miller

It never ceases to amaze me. It seems that every night during TNT’s broadcasts of the NBA playoffs, something is said or done that makes my night. Well last night, as I’m watching the Cavs-Hawks game, they cut to Cheryl Miller sporting her 20th different hairstyle of the playoffs. (Yes, I’m exaggerating and no I’m […]