Dennis Rodman To Retire His Jersey At A New York Strip Club, As He Should

There are a couple of things that quickly come to mind when you hear the name Dennis Rodman. Here’s a brief list of them: 1) Great rebounder 2) Nut case 3) Cross dresser 4) Strip club aficionado Now let’s discuss whether or not Rodman should be honored for these “skills”. 1) Great rebounder – The […]

According To Inquirer Writer, 76ers Will Look To Trade Andre Iguodala This Offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers surprised everyone by making the playoffs and now boasts one of the NBA’s young and upcoming teams. With that said, it looks like 76ers coach Doug Collins is trying to make a change and it’s a big one. According to 76ers’ beat writer Kate Fagan, Collins likes his young core players led […]

Desperate For A MVP Candidate To Call Their Own, Knicks Fans Chant M-V-P For Amar’e Stoudemire While He’s Out Having Lunch

Knicks fans were finally able to cheer some semblance of NBA team this season as Amar’e Stoudemire, and later Carmelo Anthony, led the Knicks to their first playoff appearance in an eternity. Having tasted the playoffs, Knicks fans have now turned their attention to trying to catapult one of their own into the MVP discussion. […]

While You Were Busy Doing Whatever You Were Doing Last Night, Andray Blatche Was Busy Hosting ‘Lapdance Tuesday’ In Miami

Andray Blatche took some time from his busy schedule of doing what NBA players that didn’t make the playoffs do and occasionally challenging his Twitter followers to fights to host “Lapdance Tuesday” at a Miami strip club. And um, I think that’s all I have to say about that. Glad he’s keeping busy, I guess. […]

Sacramento Gets To Cherish Their Kings For One More Season

After dragging the citizens of Sacramento on an emotional roller coaster and even making these poor guys cry, the Maloofs have decided to keep the team in Sacramento for at least one more season. “We are heading back to Sacramento. It was a tough decision. Ticket holders were reaching out to us, and it was […]

With Wins Hard To Come By Against The Hawks, Dwight Howard Turns To Hecklers In The Crowd

The last week or so has been very frustrating for Dwight Howard. Not because of his poor play, but because of his teammates’ poor play. Poor play that has the Orlando Magic down 3-1 to the Atlanta Hawks. Yes, the Atlanta Hawks. Howard’s frustration finally hit its boiling yesterday during the Magic’s 88-85 loss to […]

Mark Cuban Got Hit With A Foreign Object During Last Night’s Mavs-Trailblazers Playoff Game

Poor Mark Cuban. While he was minding his own business and “interacting” with Blazers fans during a timeout, someone with great aim threw a foreign object that hit him in the face. The incident happened with 6:56 to go in the game. During a timeout, Cuban drew the ire of Blazers’ fans and it was […]

ESPN Allows A Coward To Anonymously Call Kevin Garnett A ‘Punk And A Coward’

It’s not everyday that something gets written that screams IRONY. But today is one of those days. ESPN decided to let an anonymous player use their platform to basically annihilate Kevin Garnett by calling him a “coward and a punk”. And what’s ironic is that only cowards and punks call other men cowards and punks […]

Things Got A Little Emotional Last Night In Sacramento

Sacramento Kings fans filed into Arco Arena last night for what quite possibly was the last time they would see their Kings play in the city of Sacramento. It is one thing to read story after story about the possibility of the team moving to Anaheim and it is another to be faced with that […]

Let’s Watch Kobe Bryant Shout A Gay Slur At A Referee

Kobe Bryant got a tad bit angry last night with NBA referee Bernie Adams. So much so that after getting a technical for arguing a call, Bryant returned to the Lakers’ bench and promptly shouted at gay slur at Adams. What was the gay slur you ask? Well, you don’t have to be a master […]