Questionable Poses: Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler, and a shirtless Justin Bieber

Let’s take a moment to examine what the h*ll is going on in the above photo, shall we?

Here’s 50-year-old Michael Jordan dunking a basketball in jeans

Michael Jordan held his annual Flight School camp in California over the weekend. And if meeting Michael Jordan wasn’t a big enough thrill for the young campers, playing with Jordan and even seeing him dunk a basketball had to take the cake.

Mike Woodson is making JR Smith take the blonde coloring out of his hair

This picture of a blonde hair JR Smith from Beyond the Buzzer may be the only time you’ll get to see Smith with his blonde hairdo. Because frankly, Mike Woodson isn’t really feeling that look on Smith.

Dwight Howard certainly has a way with women

Now it all makes sense why the ladies love Dwight Howard.  Telling women that they’re too ugly to get a ring from a man gets them every time. [@DwightHoward]

Shabazz Muhammad reportedly sent home from NBA’s Transition Program

Shabazz Muhammad already had naysayers and plenty detractors. And the last thing he needed was to find himself in the news for something negative before he even took the court for the Minnesota Timberwolves. But that’s exactly where he finds himself today.

Here’s Greg Oden in his Miami Heat jersey

So it’s official. Greg Oden is a member of the Miami Heat. Now let’s hope he can make it through the season. [Miami Heat’s Instagram]

Report: Chris Paul told the Clippers that he was signing with the Rockets after Doc Rivers talks cooled

Chris Paul runs the Los Angeles Clippers. You know this. I know this. But in case you need just a little more proof, Bill Simmons of Grantland provides a tale of how Chris Paul ultimately made the Clippers pony up for Doc Rivers.

LeBron James reportedly considering a run for NBA players’ union president

LeBron James is without question the top player in NBA when it comes to matters on the court. But now it seems that James is considering taking the role of the player in the NBA when it comes to matters off the court as well. According to Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports, yes that Jason […]

Nike set to release special edition Rasheed Wallace Air Force 1s

Rasheed Wallace may not be playing in the NBA any longer, but that hasn’t stopped Nike from teaming up with Wallace to create special edition Air Force 1s in his name. The sneakers will come in either orange or blue and has a silhouette of Sheed taking one of his patented jump shots. The only […]

So apparently, it’s possible for the Miami Heat to add yet another star in the summer of 2014

According to Brian Windhorst, everyone is completely missing the real story of the impending free agent class of 2014. Everyone is focusing on whether or not the Lakers can lure LeBron James and/or Carmelo Anthony to help Kobe Bryant chase one more championship in Los Angeles. But everyone is missing the fact that not only […]