Report: Time Warner has had preliminary talks with Dwight Howard about giving him a television show if he stays with the Lakers

If it hadn’t become apparent to you yet, I’ll just go ahead and tell you that everyone associated with the Lakers in Los Angeles is in a state of desperation when it comes to Dwight Howard. Awful Announcing has documented all of the acts of desperation that the Lakers organization is taking to keep Howard, […]

Here’s the court that the New Orleans Pelicans will play on

That’s rather tame now isn’t it? Kudos to the Pelicans organization for keeping this design as simple as possible. This could’ve really turned out bad. []

Chris Paul to re-sign with the Clippers for 5 years, $107 million

According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN Los Angeles, Chris Paul has verbally agreed to a contract extension with the Los Angele Clippers to the tune of 5 years, $107 million.

On Jason Collins and the unintended consequences from his revelation

On Monday morning, NBA veteran revealed to the world that he was gay. In a well written piece in Sports Illustrated, Collins told his story and announced that “he didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since he is, he’s happy to start the […]

Kobe Bryant and his mother are fighting over all his high school memorabilia

According to Kobe Bryant’s mother Pamela has been asking him for years about the jerseys and trophies that he left behind at her house. And each time, Bryant has indicated to his mother that he doesn’t want the items.

Reggie Miller joined the Warriors in the locker room after series ending win over the Nuggets, says sh*t on live TV

The Golden State Warriors eliminated the Denver Nuggets with a 92-88 win in Game 6 on Thursday night. Shortly after the game, something bizarre happened. Reggie Miller made his way to the Warriors locker room and gave the team a congratulatory speech complete with hugs for former teammate Warriors head coach Mark Jackson. Obviously, that’s […]

Kobe Bryant doesn’t want the Lakers to break up the team

After a tumultuous season that ended injury and having watch the Lakers get swept out of the playoffs, Kobe Bryant has had some time to think about what he wants next season. And despite most people believing that what Kobe Bryant wants next season is Dwight Howard as far away from the Lakers as he […]

Here’s Andrew Bynum and his injured knee dancing in Madrid

While the Philadelphia 76ers are pondering their next move and thanking the good Lord that insurance will pick up the tab on Andrew Bynum’s salary this season, Bynum himself is busy in Madrid. Busy doing what in Madrid, you ask? Busy dancing, of course.

Stephen Curry gets into it with a fan, while Mark Jackson accuses the Nuggets of sending ‘hit men’ at Curry

What was supposed to be a nice little series where the Denver Nuggets wouldn’t have too much trouble taking care of the Golden State Warriors has quickly turned into the best series of the playoffs thus far. Stephen Curry almost singlehandedly beat the Nuggets in Game 3 on a bum ankle and it’s abundantly clear […]

David Kahn is reportedly done in Minnesota

After four years in Minnesota, David Kahn is on his way out the door according to Steve Aschburner of’s Hang Time Blog. A four years that included Kahn drafting as many point guards as he could, writing multiple letters to Timberwolves fans, making Kurt Rambis write a letter to Timberwolves fans, and basically attempting […]