Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle push-ups

For Minnesota Timberwolves fans, what’s worse? Hearing that Kevin Love could be out up to 8 weeks after breaking his hand or hearing that Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle push-ups? Well, both of those things happened. And our vote is definitely for Love being injured doing knuckle push-ups.

Jeremy Evans shows why Ronny Turiaf shouldn’t even be playing preseason games

First of all, why is Ronny Turiaf even in a game? Even if it’s only preseason. Second of all, why is Ronny Turiaf even shooting the ball? And third of all, why is Ronny Turiaf even jumping with Jeremy Evans? If anyone can answer those three questions, please let us know.

NBA willing to hand out technical fouls for pregame handshake rituals that go longer than 90 seconds

The NBA has apparently made an all out effort to add rules to the game that will either not work or are just unnecessary. Under the heading of “will not work” are the recently adopted anti-flopping rules that threaten players with fines for too much flopping. And under the heading of “just unnecessary” is the […]

Andray Blatche says he chose to wear No. 0 in Brooklyn to remind him of the amount of support he had after he was amnestied by the Wizards

For some odd reason Andray Blatche is still in the NBA. And for some odd, reporters in New York are interested in what Andray Blatche has to say. This is surprising to us because it has been well documented as to what Andray Blatche is all about.

Deron Williams told Nets GM Billy Knight not to wait on Dwight Howard

At one point this summer, all signs pointed to Dwight Howard being traded to the Brooklyn Nets. Then, talks between the Magic and Nets began to stall and suddenly the Nets moved on and traded for Joe Johnson and re-signed Brook Lopez. And ultimately, Howard ended up with the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant welcomes Antwan Jamison to the Lakers by dunking on him in practice

Get ready Lakers fans because these are two of the things you’re going to see this season. On one hand, you’ll see a re-energized, focused Kobe Bryant who is looking for another championship. And on the other, you’ll see an Antwan Jamison that not only doesn’t play a lick of defense, but can’t jump to […]

Jalen Rose tells us how it felt to have Kobe Bryant drop 81 points on his team

Storytelling is starting to become one of Jalen Rose’s new hobbies. As we all know on January 22, 2006 Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. Jalen Rose, who was on that Raptors team discussed that historic night and had many interesting things to say. He also makes a couple of jokes about […]

NBA announces its new anti-flopping rule, which probably won’t stop flopping

Through an official press release, the NBA laid out its anti-flopping rule in an attempt to rid the game of flopping. And though this new rule has no chance of actually working, we’ll at least take the time to at least give it just a little lip service.

Metta World Peace thinks Steve Nash is the smartest Laker, mainly because he’s white

When it comes to Metta World Peace, nothing he says or does should surprise you. Whether it’s wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day when it’s really Memorial Day, or elbowing James Harden in the head, or even changing his name from Ron Artest to Metta World Peace. We seen and heard just about everything from […]

Carmelo Anthony says he’s done trying to score a lot points, then says he can never stop scoring a lot of points

Carmelo Anthony gave Knicks fans a brief couple of minutes of optimism when he told reporters that he was “done trying to score 30, 35, 40 points for us to win a basketball game.” He then even added, “I don’t want that role anymore.” Let’s just think about this a moment. A Carmelo Anthony that […]