The CEO Fighting With Fans Is The Highlight At New Jersey Nets Home Games

I know it’s hard to fathom actually attending a New Jersey Nets game these days. They are absolutely horrible and you can find bigger crowds at the neighborhood DMV. Not quite the atmosphere that would warrant someone to spend their hard earned money on a ticket. But there may be a new reason to show […]

Why Am I Not Surprised That This Happened To A Knicks’ Cheerleader?

It looks like it has finally happened. The suckiness of the New York Knicks has rubbed off on their cheerleaders. Via Hot Clicks Have some breaking news or an interesting story we should see? Hit us up at

Michael Jordan approved to become Bobcats owner

As expected, the NBA Board of Governors approved Michael Jordan’s bid to become the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Jordan paid $275M for the 6-year-old franchise and hopes to lead the team in a new direction. “I plan to make this franchise an organization that Charlotte can be proud of, and I am committed […]

The Knicks Are Pretty Confident That They’re Getting Joe Johnson

This shouldn’t surprise you since the Knicks are confident that they can get every available free agent this summer. Whether it’s Lebron, D-Wade, Bosh, or Joe Johnson, the Knicks thinks they can get whomever they want. Nothing wrong with a little confidence right? Even if they really don’t have anything to be confident about. But […]

Scottie Pippen: I Don’t Think Dwight Howard Can Carry A Team To A Championship

The jury is definitely still out on Dwight Howard. Some people already see him as a dominant post player. Others believe that he’s missing something. Whether that something is post moves, a short jump short, or just a mean streak, people have noticed and they aren’t sold. One of the people that has noticed is […]

Report: Allen Iverson Has Some Issues

Steven A. Smith (yes, that Steven A. Smith) of the Philadelphia Inquirer brings us word that Allen Iverson may be in more “trouble” than we all knew. Allen Iverson is in trouble, folks, deep trouble. The combination of alcohol and gambling – and a once-promising career in tatters because of the first two – won’t […]

Celtics Continue Push For The Title Of ‘Oldest Team Ever Assembled’ By Signing Michael Finley

Yes, the Celtics are old. Yes, folks believe they are fading down the stretch because they are old. But don’t tell that to Danny Ainge. Being an old team isn’t an issue to him. And apparently being an even older team isn’t an issue to him either. Michael Finley decided to sign with the Celtics, […]

Memphis Grizzlies Games Now Come Equipped With Fan Trampoline Injuries

When your ticket price covers a NBA game as well as some dude hitting his head on the rim, I’ll go ahead and say that’s a win. Via Buster Sports Have some breaking news or an interesting story we should see? Hit us up at

Lebron plans to change jersey number

Lebron will be the most sought after free agent in NBA history this summer, but he’s added a little more suspense to this story. The media and fans alike have speculated as to whether James will stay in Cleveland or venture out and play for a new team. While we don’t know where James will […]

Michael Jordan’s First Order Of Duty As Owner Of The Bobcats, A Name Change?

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer sheds light on one of the first issues Michael Jordan will have to deal with. A name change for his Charlotte Bobcats. And according to the multitudes of emails Bonnell has received about the subject, folks in Charlotte are really behind the idea. If Michael Jordan listens to his customers, and potential customers, he’ll […]