This Blake Griffin Rookie Card Will Run You $32,000

Back in day, card collecting was just a hobby. Something you did as a kid for fun. You heard stories about people making a couple hundred dollars on a rare card, but you really didn’t pay it any attention because you were a kid and it would never happen to you. Well it’s no longer […]

And Here’s Randy Foye Breaking JJ Redick Down To The Ground

No one thinks of JJ Redick as a defensive stopper. What you’re about to see won’t change any minds anytime soon.

Celtics Allen, Pierce Will Face Off In 3-Point Shootout

In recent years, most NBA All-Stars have been reluctant to participate in any of the extracurricular events of the NBA All-Star weekend. Many stars only want to party and play in the All-Star game while ignoring the other events such as: the dunk, skills and 3-Point shooting contests. Thanks to Boston Celtics’ veterans Ray Allen […]

Lakers Trying To Swoop In And Steal Carmelo Anthony

We’ve heard for months that Carmelo Anthony was headed to New Jersey. Or that he wants to play in New York. Or that he really wants the Bulls to trade for him. Well, it seems the Los Angeles Lakers are tired of no one actually getting Carmelo Anthony and they’ve decided that they’re going to […]

Cleveland Cavaliers Set NBA Record For Consecutive Losses

Today’s date is February 8, 2011. The Cleveland Cavaliers have not won a game since December 18, 2010. Fifty-two days ago was the last time the Cavs experienced a victory. The Christmas holidays, New Year’s and MLK Day have come and gone and Cleveland is still winless. Last night, in Dallas, the Mavericks beat the […]

The NBA Is Not Amused By Eddie House’s “Big Ball Dance”, Fines Him $25K

Eddie House has hit a few big shots in his day. And frankly, that’s what he’s known for. On Sunday, House did it again by sinking the Oklahoma Thunder with a big time 3 pointer with 22.2 seconds left in the game that led to the Heat beating the Thunder 108-103. The reaction though, hasn’t […]

Shawne And Marvin Williams Trade Punches, Get Ejected

The new year has been a rather rough one for Knicks forward Shawne Williams. First, he got the pleasure of having Ron Artest’s hand wrapped around his throat. And last night, he got into to a scuffle with Hawks forward Marvin Lewis. It started with the two players jostling as they ran side-by-side. Marvin Williams […]

Charles Barkley Rains On Mike D’Antoni And The Knicks’ Parade

For the first time in a very long time, the New York Knicks are somewhat relevant. They are currently 6th in the Eastern Conference at 24-21 and they are competing on nightly basis. And that’s something that couldn’t be said about the Knicks the past few years. Just as the city, and the rest of […]

The Miami Heat Buys Former Star’s Mansion

The Miami Heat Limited Partnership, the group that owns the basketball franchise, is apparently trying it’s luck in the real estate world. According to reports by, the ownership group bought former Heat star’s, Tim Hardaway, troubled asset, a 7500-square foot mansion in Miami. Last June, the IRS filed a tax lien against the property, […]

Has Anyone Heard From Dan Gilbert Lately?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Dan Gilbert and his Cleveland Cavaliers are the worst team in the NBA right now. At 8-33, the Cavs, for lack of a more fitting term, suck. They have lost 14 in a row and have won only one game since November 30. Do you remember, I do, Gilbert […]