NBA GM: Lamar Odom is beyond toxic

From Sporting News: “I would say he is beyond toxic at this point,” one general manager told Sporting News. “Just going by what he is giving you on the court, he would have been a risk anyway, maybe someone you give a partial guarantee to just to see if he can turn things around. But […]

A pool party in Philadelphia hosted by Dion Waiters has neighbors pissed off

The flyer you see to the left is for a pool party that was hosted by Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters by on August 11 at Menlo pool in the suburb of Perkasie. The party, which officials were led to believe would be a birthday party with about 100 people, ended up being attended by […]

Magic Johnson seems to be upset that LeBron James didn’t pick him as one of his 3 greatest players of all time

Fox Sports recently asked LeBron James who he felt were the 3 greatest players of all time. James’ first two picks-Michael Jordan and Larry Bird- can’t really be questioned. But James’ third pick-Julius Erving-has some, namely Magic Johnson, feeling the need to let everyone know that they disagree.

Gary Payton explains what prompted Allen Iverson’s ‘Practice’ rant

Allen Iverson officially retired from the NBA on Wednesday. So in response the basketball world is taking time to remember what Iverson did both on the court and off the court.

Questionable Poses: Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler, and a shirtless Justin Bieber

Let’s take a moment to examine what the h*ll is going on in the above photo, shall we?

Here’s 50-year-old Michael Jordan dunking a basketball in jeans

Michael Jordan held his annual Flight School camp in California over the weekend. And if meeting Michael Jordan wasn’t a big enough thrill for the young campers, playing with Jordan and even seeing him dunk a basketball had to take the cake.

Mike Woodson is making JR Smith take the blonde coloring out of his hair

This picture of a blonde hair JR Smith from Beyond the Buzzer may be the only time you’ll get to see Smith with his blonde hairdo. Because frankly, Mike Woodson isn’t really feeling that look on Smith.

Dwight Howard certainly has a way with women

Now it all makes sense why the ladies love Dwight Howard.  Telling women that they’re too ugly to get a ring from a man gets them every time. [@DwightHoward]

Shabazz Muhammad reportedly sent home from NBA’s Transition Program

Shabazz Muhammad already had naysayers and plenty detractors. And the last thing he needed was to find himself in the news for something negative before he even took the court for the Minnesota Timberwolves. But that’s exactly where he finds himself today.

Here’s Greg Oden in his Miami Heat jersey

So it’s official. Greg Oden is a member of the Miami Heat. Now let’s hope he can make it through the season. [Miami Heat’s Instagram]