Did Stephen A. Smith lie about Dwight Howard telling Rudy Gay that he wanted him to join him in Brooklyn?

On Friday we reported that Stephen A. Smith claimed that during a recent Raptors-Lakers game, Dwight Howard told Rudy Gay that “he should’ve waited to get traded [to the Raptors] because he could’ve joined him in Brooklyn next season.” The claim by Smith was the type of NBA nugget we praised him for in the […]

Kyrie Irving worked Brandon Knight during last night’s BBVA Rising Stars Challenge

Last night’s BBVA Rising Stars Challenge was supposed to be light-hearted exhibition that allowed the young stars in the league to showcase their skills to fans. But late in the game, Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight decided to disregard the part about “light-hearted exhibition” and began to go at one another. Knight tried his best […]

Report: Lakers and Celtics have had preliminary trade discussions involving Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reported last night that the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics have had “preliminary discussion” regarding a trade that would send Rajon Rondo to the Lakers and Dwight Howard to the Celtics. This despite what we’ve heard from both organizations regarding their young stars.

Just in case you’re wondering, Russell Westbrook is wearing some foolishness to the Celebrity Game tonight

Yep, straight foolishness. H/T @sarahhart27

Stephen A. Smith: Dwight Howard told Rudy Gay during a game that he wanted him to join him in Brooklyn next season

When Stephen A. Smith isn’t causing controversy saying things he shouldn’t on First Take, he’s dropping interesting NBA nuggets from his vast sources. You can criticize Stephen A. for many things, but his NBA reporting and sources can’t be criticized. So when Smith drops nuggets from his sources, you have no choice but to at […]

Free throw shooting is not a strong suit for DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan can jump out of the gym, block shots, and rebound with the best of them. But when it comes to shooting free throws, well let’s just say he “struggles”. And when we say he “struggles”, we mean he occasionally hits the backboard instead of the rim.

NBA agent David Falk rips John Wall and just about every other member of the Washington Wizards

It’s not completely clear why David Falk decided to call Washington Post columnist Mike Wise and absolutely rip to shreds John Wall and other members of the Washington Wizards, other than possibly being a disgruntled season ticket holder. But we must say that in a time of people ripping others under the cloak of anonymity, […]

Derrick Rose says he wouldn’t mind missing this year

Derrick Rose’s rehab from ACL surgery seems to progressing relatively well. It was revealed in January that he was taking full contact in practice, but Rose himself has cautioned that he’s “far away” from returning.

Timofey Mozgov now knows not to jump with Demar Derozan

Timofey Mozgov learned a valuable lesson in last night’s Nuggets-Raptors game. And that lesson is not to jump with Demar Derozan. Especially when he has a running start.

Dwight Howard says that teams are targeting his injured shoulder

Dwight Howard is attempting to play through the pain of a torn labrum in his right shoulder for a team that is going absolutely nowhere. And if that’s not ridiculous enough, Howard has chosen to do so because Kobe Bryant called him out publicly for resting that injured shoulder.