Steve Nash says there’s no guarantee that things will get better in Los Angeles this season

Reality is slowly beginning to set in for the Lakers. Firing Mike Brown wasn’t the answer, Kobe and Dwight are fighting on and off the court, and the floundering Lakers are in danger of missing the playoffs.

Jermaine O’Neal somehow got a layup stuck on the rim

Here are few things you may or may not have known about Suns veteran Jermaine O’Neal: He is still in the NBA. He actually gets minutes in the NBA. 16 of them to be exact And despite being 6-11, he was actually able to get the ball stuck on the rim while attempting a layup.

Gregg Popovich thinks food and drinks shouldn’t be ordered court-side during games

Gregg Popovich doesn’t like many things. He doesn’t like using the word “Happy” during basketball games. He doesn’t like that there is a 3-point line. And he doesn’t like the fact that food and drinks can be ordered court-side during games. Especially since Stephen Jackson was injured after running into a waitress taking an order […]

Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant reportedly had a heated exchange after New Year’s Day loss

Things are exactly going the way Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard thought it would when team assembled their own Big 3 of Nash, Bryant, and Howard. They had to fire Mike Brown, Nash has barely been on the court, and some believe they have no shot at a NBA title.

Celtics rookie Fab Melo suffered a concussion after bumping his head on doorway

Boston Celtics rookie Fab Melo has had an interesting first season. It started with him breaking a folding chair during a rookie photo shoot. He then was sent down to the D-League where he was averaging a respectable 10.9 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 3.8 blocks. And just recently he had been called up to Boston.

Kevin Durant earned his first ejection last night

Kevin Durant had played 410 games in the NBA. And not once had he been ejected from the game. But that all changed in game 411 after he protested a call by Danny Crawford to earn one technical foul. Then gave Crawford a hearty “f-you” to earn a second technical and an early trip to […]

Latrell Sprewell was arrested on New Year’s Eve for playing his music too loud

While you were busy spending time with family and friends on New Year’s Eve, former NBA player Latrell Sprewell was busy playing music. Loudly. The music was apparently so loud that multiple people called the police to complain about it. This ultimately led to Sprewell being arrested for disorderly conduct and posing for the mug […]

JaVale McGee got very excited when he hit his first career three pointer last night

JaVale McGee has had a few memorable moments on the court over the years. From planking during a game, committing a ridiculous goaltend, to doing everything in his power to achieve his first triple-double. So it shouldn’t surprise you at all that when he hit his first career three pointer against the Clippers last night, […]

Dwight Howard wisely decided not to jump with Gerald Henderson on this dunk

Of course people want to say that Gerald Henderson dunked on Dwight Howard last night. But really, he didn’t. Mainly because Howard wisely decided to not jump with Henderson.

Tyson Chandler welcomed Jeremy Lin back to Madison Square Garden by elbowing him in the face

Jeremy Lin was back in New York for the first time since bolting for Houston in the offseason. While the crowd graciously welcomed Lin back to Madison Square Garden, Tyson Chandler treated him like any other opponent in the league. And when we say Tyson Chandler “treated him like any other opponent in the league”, […]