Blake Griffin caught a pretty impressive one handed alley-oop yesterday

The Clippers dismantled the Knicks on national television on Sunday to the tune of 93-80. During the dismantling, the Clippers did what they normally do: throw and catch alley-oops. With this alley-opp from Chris Paul to Blake Griffin being the culmination of the mall.

Stacey King: Derrick Rose is coming back in the next week to 10 days

Derrick Rose has been cleared to play, but in his mind, he’s not quite ready yet. We’ve seen him in warm-ups and even dunking a basketball, but we haven’t seen enough to really know how close he really is.

Blazers fans attempted to distract Raymond Felton at the free throw line with doughnut, hamburger pictures

Former Portland Trailblazer point guard Raymond Felton made his first visit back to Portland since joining the New York Knicks. In the run up to the game, Felton added to fuel to the fire for his return by telling the New York Post that there were “certain people there that I don’t want to see […]

The Philadelphia Sixers have insurance that will pay Andrew Bynum’s salary

There’s a decent chance that Andrew Bynum won’t take the floor for the Sixers this season. There’s also a decent chance that Andrew Bynum won’t ever take the floor for the Sixers.

These preliminary designs for the Seattle Sonics’ new arena look festive

Chris Hansen and the Seattle NBA ownership are continuing to press forward as if the Sacramento Kings’ move to Seattle is official. They’re already taking orders for future Sonics tickets. And now, Hansen has released preliminary designs for the new Seattle arena. As you can see, the designs look pretty festive.

Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely after rolling his ankle

At the end of the Lakers’ 96-92 loss to the Hawks, Kobe Bryant attempted a jump shot from the corner that would have tied the game at 94. Upon landing, Bryant came down on Hawks guard Dahntay Jones and severely sprained his left ankle.

The Dwight Howard return to Orlando included Howard telling a fan, ‘your mama liked me last night’

Aw yes. The true Dwight Howard finally shines. After a week of apologizing to Magic fans and talking about how the return will be emotional, Howard backed it all up by having an exchange with a fan that included him saying “your mama liked me last night.”

Seattle doesn’t officially have a NBA team yet, but you can still buy season tickets

Depending on whom you ask, the Sacramento Kings are either staying put or moving to Seattle. But since David Stern is determined to give Seattle another NBA team before he retires in 2014, the smart money says that the Kings are Seattle bound. With that fact in mind, Chris Hansen, the man leading the Seattle […]

Russell Westbrook threw up a half court air ball because he thought he was going to be fouled

Occasionally throwing up a shot when a player is about to foul you works. Most times it doesn’t. But we understand why NBA players do it. Instead of a foul and taking the ball out from the sideline, the player could be awarded two shots. So it makes perfect sense. But one instance where it […]

Dwight Howard clarifies his comments about Magic teammates, says he meant they were the underdogs

Not surprisingly, the backlash from Dwight Howard calling his Orlando teammates, “a team full of people nobody wanted” has come. Jameer Nelson criticized Howard about his comments and said that he needs to “take ownership” of the things he says in the media. Now, JJ Reddick, another teammate of Howard has chimed in. Reddick told […]