Duncan’s Injury Spells Doom For Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs started the season with a new offense and rotation that would feature Tim Duncan less, but would make the team harder to guard. The new offense has worked thus far, the Spurs have the best record in the NBA at 57-13 and are seven games ahead of the Lakers with twelve […]

And Here’s Video Of Pat Riley Dancing Awkwardly At The Miami Heat Family Festival

Not much news in this here video, other than seeing the camera pan back and forth around the 1:27 mark to see Pat Riley in the corner dancing his little heart out. All the while trying to catch the rhythm of the Bob Marley classic, “Jammin”. Bless his heart. Via Hot Hot Hoops

The Secret To Mark Cuban’s Baby Face? Foot Cream

Mark Cuban was kind enough to share with us one of his most intimate beauty secrets. We should all be grateful to Cuban because he has unlocked the secret ingredient to the fountain of youth. Foot cream. But not on your feet, obviously. On your face, not so obviously. When Mark Cuban taped a guest […]

JaVale McGee Doesn’t Care If You Didn’t Like How He Messed Around And Got A Triple Double

If you recall, JaVale McGee tirelessly worked for his first ever triple double Tuesday night in a game that the Wizards lost by double digits to the Bulls. Of course, McGee was criticized by the likes of Kevin McHale and others, but McGee could care less. Because see, in his eyes, he can now boast […]

The San Antonio Spurs Obviously Have Nothing To Do With Their Free Time So They Decided To Attend A Lady Gaga Concert

Lo and behold, this is the second mention of Lady Gaga here at No Guts. And I now feel less of a man. But you’re not here to hear about all that. You’re here to hear about the grand ‘ol time that a few San Antonio Spurs players had at the Lady Gaga concert on […]

The Chicago Bulls Are On Fire

Are the Bulls back? If you asked Michael Jordan, he’d say so. Chicago has recently vaulted to the top spot in the Eastern Conference at 48-18 due to their recent 7 game winning streak. Led by the likely MVP, Derrick Rose, the Bulls have been one of the NBA’s most consistent teams this season. Rose […]

JaVale McGee Messed Around And Got A Triple Double While The Wizards Messed Around And Lost (Again)

Last night was a typical night for the Washington Wizards and an atypical night for JaVale McGee. The Wizards were, as usual, getting beat by double digits while JaVale McGee was getting closer and closer to achieving his first career triple double. So as time was running out, the Wizards were not trying to win […]

Donald Sterling Surprises No One By Admitting That He Knows Nothing About Basketball

The beautiful thing about America is that anyone can be anything they want to be. As long as you put in the hard work and care about what you’re doing, the possibilities are endless. The not-so beautiful thing about America is that a man, whose only inkling of knowledge about basketball is that heckling players […]

This Fella Certainly Loves The New Jersey Nets

The Nets actually beat the Celtics last night 87-79. And while that little nugget doesn’t excite you, it definitely excited this guy dressed in a pink polo. So much so that his body was seemingly taken over by the jazz-hands Gods. Via That NBA Lottery Pick

Is Spoelstra The Reason For The Heat’s Struggles?

The Miami Heat are supposed to be the cream of the crop, the favorites to win the NBA Finals this year, right. Well, at least they thought so when they held their preseason extravaganza/celebration after signing the ‘Big 3’ in July. As of late, the team has struggled beating winning teams. They have lost 5 […]