The Denver Nuggets put on a dunking exhibition against the Lakers last night

Lakers fans want to believe that the Lakers will make one last push and make the playoffs. Especially since their leader Kobe Bryant has guaranteed that they will do just that. But it’s really hard to see this team making the playoffs when they go to Denver on Monday night and just get dunked on […]

Dwyane Wade asks Twitter followers what they think of his new nickname, Twitter followers respond as expected

In case you hadn’t heard, Dwyane Wade wants to be called by his new self appointed nickname, WOW. Which stands for Way of Wade. Obviously, the nickname is a horrible and even teammate LeBron James thinks the nickname is corny.

LeBron James is using warm-ups as his dunk contest these days

While Bulls fans are getting excited seeing Derrick Rose dunking again, LeBron James is throwing himself alleys between the legs and off the backboard before catching it with one hand.

Did Stephen A. Smith lie about dustup between Dwight Howard and Gregg Popovich?

And now it’s time for your weekly, “Did Stephen A. Smith lie?” story. Last week, we had to ask did Smith lie about a misleading report about a conversation between Rudy Gay and Dwight Howard. The details didn’t add up but Smith maintains that the conversation happened. Now this week, we again have to ask […]

Derrick Rose is dunking a basketball again

Good news Bulls fans. Derrick Rose is dunking again. Of course, he’s not windmilling or doing dunk contest worthy dunks, but it’s a start. But keep in mind Bulls fans, Rose is still prepared to sit out the entire season if he doesn’t feel completely right.

Kevin Garnett reportedly decided to remain a Celtic despite an offer to join the Clippers from Chris Paul

Nothing of real note happened at Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. JJ Reddick moved to Milwaukee and the Rockets got Thomas Robinson for next to nothing, but other than that, there were no real headlines. The biggest headline was who didn’t get traded. Eric Bledsoe stayed put. Josh Smith stayed put. And neither Paul Pierce nor […]

Chicago Bulls fans cheered at the thought that LeBron James may be hurt

The Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls last night 86-67 in Chicago last night. And as usual these days, LeBron James dominated the game putting up 26 points 12 rebounds, and 7 assists. Midway through the 4th quarter, Bulls fans all but knew the game was over but still took solace in the fact that […]

Report: Kobe Bryant would support trading Dwight Howard

Another day, another story about the rocky, at best, relationship between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Just to recap, the two have fought on the court, fought off the court, and showed their disdain for one another to their Western Conference All Star teammates.

The rocky relationship between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant was reportedly on full display during All Star weekend

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the relationship between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard has soured. In the first half of the season alone, the duo has yelled at each other on the court and reportedly had a heated exchange after their New Year’s Day loss to the Sixers.

Kobe Bryant still hasn’t forgiven the NBA for vetoing Chris Paul trade

You may have forgotten that back in December of 2011, the Lakers and Hornets all but had a deal in place that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers to team up with Kobe Bryant. That’s until the deal was vetoed by the NBA.