Here’s A Story Involving Joakim Noah, John Elway, And A Steam Room

There’s no better way to start off your day than reading a rather awkward tale about two grown men in a steam room together, right? No? Well, that’s how you’re starting your day today. Joakim Noah, take it away. Joakim Noah and John Elway in a steam room together? “Kind of awkward,” said the Bulls […]

Let’s Start Your Day Before Thanksgiving With Dennis Rodman Conducting A Interview While ‘Entertaining’ A Woman In Bed

For some reason, someone at 790 The Fan in Miami thought that it would be a good idea to have Dennis Rodman on the Jorge Sedano Show to discuss the struggles of the Miami Heat. And then, once it became apparent that Rodman was not alone, Sedano thought it would be a good idea to […]

This Taiwanese Animation Should Clear Up Any Misconceptions About Tony Parker And Eva Longoria’s Divorce

You know the drill. You have questions, Next Media Animation has answers.

Chris Bosh Just Wants To Chill

I guess we finally know why Chris Bosh has struggled so much this season. Heat coach, Eric Spoelstra hasn’t allowed him to chill. He explained his needing to chill after scoring a season high 35 points last night against the Suns. Hey, at least the man is honest.

Joakim Noah Thinks Kevin Garnett Is Mean, Ugly And He Can Forget About That Christmas Gift

Another day, another NBA player expressing his dislike for Kevin Garnett. Today’s edition comes from Chicago Bulls big man, Joakim Noah. Noah tells a story of once adoring Kevin Garnett so much that he had a poster of him on his wall. But now that he’s been around Garnett for a couple of years now, […]

Of Course Cleveland Responded To LeBron James’ New Nike Ad

By now, you should be aware that folks in Cleveland will respond to anything that LeBron does for the rest of his life. If LeBron takes a crap, someone in Cleveland will say the crap wasn’t good enough. And when LeBron passes away, someone in Cleveland will say he quit on life. So when LeBron’s […]

Ted Leonsis Will ‘Dougie’, But Only Before Sell Out Crowds

Hey! Well what do you know? It’s another story about the dance that just won’t go away, the “Dougie”. Yesterday, it was John Wall doing the “Dougie”. And today, Washington Wizards owner, Ted Leonsis wants to have a hand at. But Leonsis won’t be doing the “Dougie” for free. Oh no. He only intends to […]

John Wall doing "The Dougie"

Rookie John Wall, along with Blake Griffin, is a favorite to the NBA’s Rookie of The Year. If this basketball thing doesn’t work out, he may have a future as a dancer. Check out his moves before the Wizards first home game of the season earlier this week.

Doc Rivers Is Not A Fan Of His Players’ Trash Talk Ending Up On Twitter

In the wake of Charlie Villanueva accusing Kevin Garnett of calling him a cancer patient, Celtics coach Doc Rivers had a few options: 1) He could express that he didn’t know what was said and stay neutral.2) He could express that he knew exactly what was said and either back or chastise Garnett.3) He could […]

Charlie Villanueva Says That Kevin Garnett Called Him A ‘Cancer Patient’

Kevin Garnett is well known for his trash talking and intensity, but Charlie Villanueva thinks he went too far this time. After last night’s game against the Celtics, the Pistons’ forward hopped on his twitter account and revealed that Garnett called him a “cancer patient” during the game to all 114,000+ of his followers. Predictably, […]