Kobe Bryant doesn’t want the Lakers to break up the team

After a tumultuous season that ended injury and having watch the Lakers get swept out of the playoffs, Kobe Bryant has had some time to think about what he wants next season. And despite most people believing that what Kobe Bryant wants next season is Dwight Howard as far away from the Lakers as he […]

Here’s Andrew Bynum and his injured knee dancing in Madrid

While the Philadelphia 76ers are pondering their next move and thanking the good Lord that insurance will pick up the tab on Andrew Bynum’s salary this season, Bynum himself is busy in Madrid. Busy doing what in Madrid, you ask? Busy dancing, of course.

Stephen Curry gets into it with a fan, while Mark Jackson accuses the Nuggets of sending ‘hit men’ at Curry

What was supposed to be a nice little series where the Denver Nuggets wouldn’t have too much trouble taking care of the Golden State Warriors has quickly turned into the best series of the playoffs thus far. Stephen Curry almost singlehandedly beat the Nuggets in Game 3 on a bum ankle and it’s abundantly clear […]

David Kahn is reportedly done in Minnesota

After four years in Minnesota, David Kahn is on his way out the door according to Steve Aschburner of NBA.com’s Hang Time Blog. A four years that included Kahn drafting as many point guards as he could, writing multiple letters to Timberwolves fans, making Kurt Rambis write a letter to Timberwolves fans, and basically attempting […]

Mike Dunlap has been fired by the Charlotte Bobcats

Well, that didn’t take very long now did it? At the time of the hiring of Mike Dunlap, I mentioned that under any other circumstance you would have to be surprised by this hiring. But when Michael Jordan is involved, nothing should surprise you.

Shane Battier drunk Bud Light during the Heat’s 27 game winning streak, so he was rewarded with more Bud Light

While the Miami Heat were trying to eclipse the Lakers’ 33 game win streak, Shane Battier was attempting to keep a daily routine. One of which was drinking only Bud Light after each game.

Rasheed Wallace’s return to the lineup lasted all of 4 minutes

Rasheed Wallace is both one of the most entertaining players in the NBA and one of the oldest players in the NBA. And what do old NBA players do? That’s right, they get hurt.

Stephen Curry put Gary Neal on skates last night

Monday night’s game between the Spurs and the Warriors wasn’t even a quarter old before Stephen Curry hit Gary Neal with a few moves that had Neal on skates. I would attempt to explain what Curry hit Neal with, but I can’t do it any justice. Only the video below will do that.

Miami Heat fan gets upset that LeBron James isn’t playing against the Wizards, creates a sign to show his frustration

The Miami Heat have clinched everything they need to clinch in the regular season. So predictably, they are resting all of their important players in preparation for the playoffs. Those important players include LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. So the fact that these three didn’t play in a meaningless game in Washington against […]

Kobe Bryant: I would’ve smacked the hell out of Mike Rice

Kobe Bryant joined Jim Rome on Showtime to discuss the now infamous Mike Rice video. Rome asks Bryant how he would’ve reacted if he was one of the players getting bullied by Rice on the video. Kobe’s response? “I would’ve smacked the hell out of him. No question about it.”