Sports fans love the NFL, the NBA not so much

A recent Harris poll asked adult fans, ages 18 and over what their favorite sport is. Since 1985 when the Harris Poll started this survey professional football has won out each and every year. And this year is no different.

Anthony Davis dunks all over Glen 'Big Baby' Davis (Video)

It seems like once a month someone is dunking on Glen Davis. On Sunday during the 4th quarter of the Pelicans-Magic game, Anthony Davis set a pick, rolled, and then preceded to put “Big Baby” on a poster that will be available soon than later.

Michelle Obama with the dunk and the mean mug

Here we have Michelle Obama filming a Let’s Move! spot with the Miami Heat where she dunks a Nerf ball and follows it up with a mean mug. All the while, Dwyane Wade is wondering what in the world is going on.

Here are the 2014 NBA All-Star jerseys

Here they all. And would you look at that, they have sleeves. The jerseys were first posted to the internet by and were confirmed by UniWatch earlier today. Now let’s all gather around and wait for the backlash that’s coming about sleeved All-Star game jerseys. [Eye on Basketball]

‘Sir Lancealot’ wants you to vote Lance Stephenson into the NBA All Star game

On Monday we had DeMarcus Cousins and Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé in video asking Indian fans for their help in getting Cousins voted onto the Western Conference All Star squad. And today? Well, we have Lance Stephenson posing as a character name “Sir Lancealot” asking anyone who will listen to vote him onto the […]

DeMarcus Cousins and Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé have turned to India to help vote Cousins into the All Star game

DeMarcus Cousins is having his best year as a pro. He’s currently averaging 23.3 points and 11.5 rebounds per game. If he were playing in the East, he would easily be voted in an All Star game participant. But unfortuanately for Cousins, he plays in the West. And his career numbers are only good enough […]

Golden State is so desperate for bodies that they contemplated asking Brian Scalabrine to come out of retirement

Golden State has pretty much everything you look for in a contender. But the one thing they are lacking is big man depth. And the little depth they do have took a hit on Saturday night when backup center Jermaine O’Neal went down with a knee injury.

Trailblazers F Thomas Robinson is sorry for going 107 mph in a 55 mph zone

Apologies for that speeding ticket rip city gotta be more careful with watching the speed limit my first and last one tho for sure — thomas robinson (@Trobinson0) October 27, 2013

Tyler Hansbrough was ready to fight last night until he discovered his opponent would be Metta World Peace

Tyler Hansbrough is known for little dirty tactics here and there. And once someone confronts him on the court about those tactics, Hansbrough is usually down to at least act like he’s ready to fight. On Monday night, Hansbrough had yet another chance to at least act like he was ready to fight, but then […]

George Karl is still angry and frustrated about the Nuggets firing him

After leading the Denver Nuggets to 57 wins, the third seed in the West Conference, and winning Coach of the Year, George Karl was unceremoniously fired by the Nuggets of the summer. One would think that NBA teams would be chomping at the bit to hire Karl, but he was unable to find a NBA […]