And here’s ESPN’s unfortunate “Chink in the Armor” Jeremy Lin headline (UPDATED)

So it has become quite apparent that this Jeremy Lin story has made some lose their ever loving mind. First, we had MSG Network’s attempt at creativity by putting Lin’s mugs in a graphic with a fortune cookie that they titled every so gracefully, “Good Fortune”. And now ESPN has one upped them by describing […]

I bet you can guess what all this “Linsanity” has Dr. Ruth thinking about

Yep, you guessed it….

The Washington Wizards lead the NBA in……….dunks

Let’s be honest. Though this recognition, if you can even call this that, means absolutely nothing, I’m just pleasantly surprise that the Wizards actually lead the NBA in something remotely positive. But you gotta start somewhere right? So why not give the young Wizards some shine for their accomplishment. And now, if you’re still with […]

Report: JR Smith will sign with either the Knicks or the Clippers

Fresh off his stint playing in China, former Denver Nugget JR Smith is ready to rejoin the NBA. If Twitter profiles mean anything, Smith is considering the Knicks, Lakers, and Clippers. And even with that dwindling list that once had the Magic, Bulls, and Pacers, ESPN Los Angeles is reporting that Smith will eventually sign […]

And here’s MSG Network’s unfortunate Fortune Cookie Jeremy Lin graphic

The New York Knicks won their 7th straight game last night with a 100-85 win over the Sacramento Kings. And that graphic above is how the MSG Network decided to celebrate it. See New York, this is why you can’t have nice things. Instead of just letting this great story just happen you have to […]

And here’s Jeremy Lin’s game winner in Toronto

The legend of Jeremy Lin continues to grow….

The Lakers are just waiting for Metta World Peace to lose his mind

This should come of no surprise but some of Metta World Peace’s (or Ron Artest) teammates are counting down the days until he has a full on meltdown.  Now, to be fair, Peace has been a rather peaceful (yes, that was on purpose) teammate while in Los Angeles.  But that was under Phil Jackson’s regime.  […]

And here’s Chris Bosh screaming “Good Sh*t” in the middle of LeBron James’ postgame interview

Not much news here, but everyone likes to occasionally see profanity on national television.  Especially when it catches everyone involved off guard.

Kobe Bryant is in favor of the Lakers signing Gilbert Arenas

So this is what it has become for Kobe Bryant.  The man is so tired of taking the court and watching younger and quicker point guards put Derek Fisher in a torture chamber that he is reportedly in favor of bringing in Gilbert Arenas. Yes, the Gilbert Arenas that live tweets blind dates. But Kobe […]

Floyd Mayweather took the time to explain to us why Jeremy Lin is so popular

Well thanks for that, Floyd. It all makes sense now.