Mike D’Antoni regrets leaving the Suns to take the Knicks job

Hindsight is always 20/20. And after have to deal with reports that Carmelo Anthony wanted him fired in New York, and then eventually resigning because it was clear that Anthony would win the power struggle, Mike D’Antoni has admitted that taking the Knicks job was a mistake. He did so in a wide ranging piece […]

Michael Jordan banned from Miami Beach country club for wearing cargo pants

It’s widely recognized that Michael Jordan wears whatever Michael Jordan wants to wear. No matter how awful it looks. But now it seems that Jordan’s fashion choices are not only making people point and laugh, they’re also getting him banned from swanky country clubs.

NBA referee Joey Crawford celebrated a questionable blocking call with a little dance

Joey Crawford has been a NBA referee since 1977, so one would think that the “show” that NBA can be wouldn’t get to him. Well, it certainly got to him during last night’s Pacers-Lakers game where Crawford was making calls left and right and was knee deep in the “show”. And it all culminated when […]

The New York Daily News is currently on a crusade to use every Jay-Z song they can in their Nets coverage

The Nets 96-89 victory over the Knicks has resulted in two things: 1. The Nets have bragging rights at the moment in the battle of New York 2. It allowed the New York Daily News to use as many Jay-Z songs in the titles of their articles about the game. Image via Reddit

Here’s Jameer Nelson hitting Paul Pierce with a crossover that sends him to the ground

Paul Pierce had a good game in their 116-110 overtime victory over the Magic Sunday night. But while Pierce poured in 23 points on the offensive end, all we want to talk about is how he almost lost a leg on the defensive end to a crossover dribble from Magic guard Jameer Nelson.

Kobe Bryant posts his reaction to Mike Brown’s firing on his Facebook page

Though we fully believe that Kobe Bryant knew that Mike Brown was going to be fired before today, Bryant obviously has to play like he didn’t. And in keeping up with the charade, Bryant posted a statement on his Facebook page about the firing calling today, “a tough day”.

The Lakers have reportedly fired Mike Brown

What. The. H*ll? But that’s what USA Today’s Sam Amick was told by Brown’s agent. Now, who do the Lakers hire? One can only hope it’s Stan Van Gundy.

An unsuccessful homestand would reportedly put Mike Brown in ‘immediate jeopardy’ as Lakers head coach

And the overreaction continues. Kobe’s mad, Lakers fans are losing their ever-loving minds, and now Marc Stein of ESPN is reporting that if the Lakers’ upcoming six game homestand doesn’t go well, Mike Brown is in “immediate jeopardy” of losing his job. What the h*ll?

Thomas Robinson was ejected last night after elbowing Jonas Jerebko in the throat

In the 4th quarter of Wednesday night’s Kings-Pistons game, Thomas Robinson and Jonas Jerebko got tangled up as Robinson boxed Jerebko out for a rebound. Then for some reason or other, Robinson elbowed Jerebko right in the throat and instantly, Robinson’s night was over.

Lakers fans took their frustration out on Mike Brown’s son on Twitter last night

The Lakers are 1-4 and Lakers fans are beginning to panic. And who is to blame? Mike Brown of course. Never mind that this is a newly assembled team that needs time to gel. Lakers fans are pointing the finger at Brown. And it certainly doesn’t help when Kobe Bryant is giving Brown the death […]