LeBron James got hit with a technical foul for basically nothing

First of all, this is still the preseason so we’re not quite sure why referee Marat Kogut is calling technical fouls. Secondly, and most importantly, we’re not quite sure why Marat Kogut is calling technical fouls on a play where the only thing that happened was that LeBron James was fouled. Maybe it is because […]

Questionable Pose: Chris Bosh wearing something only Chris Bosh would wear

Chris Bosh is the undisputed king of creating questionable moments that will live on forever. But as you can see, he has now turned his attention to becoming the undisputed king of questionable poses. We won’t even attempt to explain what Bosh is wearing here. All we know is that he probably shouldn’t be wearing […]

Rick Carlisle compares the Mavericks’ turnover issues to a sex manual

Over the years, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle has turned into a certifiable quote machine that also loses his mind every once and a while. And in keeping with certifiable quote machine ways, Carlisle when asked about the Mavericks’ turnover issues, Carlisle compares them to a sex manual.

This Kyle Lowry floater definitely puts the float in floater

The floater, when executed correctly, allows for the little guys in the NBA to avoid getting their shots blocked by the big guys in the league. And while the big guys sometimes are able to get a hand on a floater here and there, if the little guys shot floaters like Kyle Lowry does here, […]

Thomas Robinson welcomed back Dwight Howard to the NBA on Sunday by dunking on him

Dwight Howard played his first NBA minutes during Sunday’s preseason game between the Lakers and the Kings. Howard had a decent Lakers debut scoring 19 points, pulling down 12 rebounds and blocking 4 shots. But as expected, all of his game isn’t completely there yet. Namely, the part of his rebounding game that all him […]

Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle push-ups

For Minnesota Timberwolves fans, what’s worse? Hearing that Kevin Love could be out up to 8 weeks after breaking his hand or hearing that Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle push-ups? Well, both of those things happened. And our vote is definitely for Love being injured doing knuckle push-ups.

Jeremy Evans shows why Ronny Turiaf shouldn’t even be playing preseason games

First of all, why is Ronny Turiaf even in a game? Even if it’s only preseason. Second of all, why is Ronny Turiaf even shooting the ball? And third of all, why is Ronny Turiaf even jumping with Jeremy Evans? If anyone can answer those three questions, please let us know.

NBA willing to hand out technical fouls for pregame handshake rituals that go longer than 90 seconds

The NBA has apparently made an all out effort to add rules to the game that will either not work or are just unnecessary. Under the heading of “will not work” are the recently adopted anti-flopping rules that threaten players with fines for too much flopping. And under the heading of “just unnecessary” is the […]

Andray Blatche says he chose to wear No. 0 in Brooklyn to remind him of the amount of support he had after he was amnestied by the Wizards

For some odd reason Andray Blatche is still in the NBA. And for some odd, reporters in New York are interested in what Andray Blatche has to say. This is surprising to us because it has been well documented as to what Andray Blatche is all about.

Deron Williams told Nets GM Billy Knight not to wait on Dwight Howard

At one point this summer, all signs pointed to Dwight Howard being traded to the Brooklyn Nets. Then, talks between the Magic and Nets began to stall and suddenly the Nets moved on and traded for Joe Johnson and re-signed Brook Lopez. And ultimately, Howard ended up with the Lakers.