Andre Miller’s Offseason Regime Gives Us All Hope

The words, “physical specimen”, have never been linked to Portland’s, Andre Miller. But the fact remains that he’s a NBA player. And he’s been one for quite a long time. So the dude is in shape. Now the question is, “How does Andre Miller stay in shape?” Glad you asked. Of course, during the season […]

Stan Van Gundy Isn’t Quite Sold On This “Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Of All Time” Business

It’s hard to find many people that don’t agree that Michael Jordan is the GOAT. In fact, I thought this was put to rest years ago. Now recently, people have begun to throw around the notion that LeBron James will eventually unseat MJ as the GOAT. I’m not completely ready to agree with this notion, […]

Kevin Durant Feels Disrespected By Phil Jackson’s Comments

As we all know, the NBA playoffs start Saturday, but the trash talking has already started. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder is getting a lot of extra attention due to Phil Jackson’s comments about Kevin Durant’s star treatment. Well Durant was not amused and even gave nut Jackson some props. “I […]

Nets Players Celebrate The Ending Of Their Season With Tequila Shots And Blondes

The NBA season has come to an end. A number of teams have been looking forward to this day because now their real season begins. The New Jersey Nets however, have been looking forward to this day because it would finally end the pain and agony of a 12-69 season. So like every end to […]

Report: Eddie Jordan To Get The Axe Today

Man. This sure isn’t your father’s NBA anymore. These days, NBA coaches only get a year to produce. And it doesn’t matter if your team gets bit with the injury bug. You still get the axe. A fact that 76ers’ coach, Eddie Jordan will know all too well later today. PHILADELPHIA — Eddie Jordan and […]

Ron Artest Is Growing A Playoff Beard Like No Other Playoff Beard You’ve Ever Seen

The playoffs are just around the corner. Are you ready? I am. Mainly because it’s the only brand of NBA basketball I can stomach to watch. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Pictured above is Ron Artest in his element. His element being, doing anything that rational people wouldn’t do. Well for the […]

Doc Rivers On His Way Out In Boston?

There has always been speculation about Doc Rivers leaving the Celtics to spend more time with his family. But now, that speculation is slowly turning into a legitimate possibility. CHICAGO – It is quite possible Doc Rivers is nearing the end of his run as coach of the Celtics . Sources have told the Herald […]

Don Nelson reaches wins milestone

After 31 years on the bench, Don Nelson has amassed more wins than any other man that has coached a NBA team. With a 116-107 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night the young, inexperienced Warriors led their coach to his record setting 1,333rd win. The 69-year-old Nelson has captivated fans for decades with […]

LeBron Is Upset That His Olympic Status Is In Question

We all know that this will be a big summer for LeBron because he is scheduled to become a free agent. In a statement that may have been a result of this fact, last Wednesday, James said that he’s “probably not” going to play in the world championships this summer due to a busy schedule. […]

Prosecutors seek jail time for Arenas

Just days before his sentencing, Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas has learned that prosecutors are seeking jail time, 3 months to be exact. Arenas’ attorney believes that probation and community service will suffice for the star’s felony gun charge. On January 15, 2010, Arenas pleaded guilty to violating D.C.’s gun laws. Though the gov’t can […]