It’s NBA Draft time

The fourth Thursday of June is upon us again, translation for basketball enthusiasts, it’s time for the NBA Draft. In the NBA world, the draft is the quickest way to move from the pretender category to a bonafide contender. In recent years, through the draft, many teams such as Miami, Cleveland, Denver and Oklahoma City […]

Charlie Villanueva Charged With Domestic Assault

Detroit Pistons’ forward, Charlie Villanueva is the latest professional athlete that finds himself in a legal bind. Villanueva was hit with a domestic assault charge stemming for an incident that reportedly happened on May 17th in Burlington Ontario. The 25-year-old Villanueva was released by Halton Regional Police on a promise to appear in court on […]

Breaking: Ty Lawson Doesn’t Want To Bed Kim Kardashian After All

Add another athlete to the “that wasn’t me on Twitter say those things” bunch. Ty Lawson has finally gotten his Twitter account back under control and is denying that he was behind those tweets about Kim Kardashian that we linked in The Glory Lines. Lawson’s excuse? He lost his phone. Makes total sense. Keep better […]

Marijuana Flavored Lollipops Made An Appearance At Lakers Championship Parade

By all accounts, the Lakers Championship Parade went off without a hitch. There haven’t been any reports of violence, everyone seemed to have a good time, and vendors racked up on sales. On sale were the usual items like food, paraphernalia, and water. But the items for sale didn’t stop there. Also among the vendors […]

Manute Bol Passes Away At The Age Of 47

The world lost a great man today. Not because of anything he did on the court, but because of everything he did off of it. Manute Bol, the tallest player in NBA history during his 10 seasons, has died, his friend Tom Prichard told The Star today. Bol, who had a home in Olathe, died […]

LeBron Shows Up To ‘LeBron Appreciation Day’ Just In Time To See Everyone Leaving

Today was the day that everything was to be put to bed. Today was the day that LeBron James was supposed to be convinced that there was no reason for him to suit up for any team other than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Today was “LeBron Appreciation Day” in LeBron’s hometown of Akron Ohio. Sadly, there […]

Begging LeBron To Stay: Flash Mob Edition

For those of you keeping score at home, we’ve had a car, a New York rap song, and aplease stay party. For today’s ridiculous stunt that will have no bearing on LeBron’s decision, we have a fans participating in a flash mob. When will it end you ask? No time soon, sadly. Have some breaking […]

Lakers Are The Champions, Again

As many experts had predicted at the onset of the NBA season, the Lakers won their second consecutive championship last night in L.A. with an 83-79 Game 7 victory over the Boston Celtics. The 2010 Lakers squad rewrote the history books by becoming the first Lakers team to win against the Boston Celtics in a […]

Why history favors the Celtics

The Boston Celtics franchise is the most storied in NBA history. Since joining the NBA in 1950, the Celtics have won 17 NBA championships and been a part of over 31 conference finals. Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, Bill Russell are just a few of the Hall of Famers that played with Boston. Along with having […]

As If There Aren’t Enough Stats To Track, We’re Now Keeping Track Of Who Complains The Most About Fouls

It should be pretty obvious that I’m not much of stats guy. I prefer to make my judgment about a player or a team because of what I see. Besides, I have enough numbers to obsess over in my real life. So I have no need for ERAs, YAC, and PPG in my sports life. […]