Alex Rodriguez appeal hearing scheduled for Sept.30, could be pushed back if Yankees make playoffs


According to Steven Marcus of Newsday, Alex Rodriguez’s appeal hearing will begin on September 30, the day after the regular season ends. The hearing could reportedly take “several days” and arbitrator Fredric Horowitz will have “25 days to render his decision.” Rodriguez will not be forced to attend the hearings unless Horowitz requests his presence. […]

Ryan Braun is reportedly calling Brewers season ticket holders to apologize


Ryan Braun caught a lot of flak for that statement he released that was supposed to be an apology for his PED use, but really wasn’t an apology. So in response, Braun has reportedly began offering real apologizes to Milwaukee Brewers season ticket holders.

A live chicken joined the Cleveland Indians for pregame drills on Wednesday


What you see above is a chicken in the midst of the Cleveland Indians’ pregame drills before Wednesday’s game against the Orioles. Apparently, pitcher Justin Masterson brought the chicken out on the field after an Indians’ clubhouse workers gave it to him.

Ryan Braun releases statement, apologizes for his actions


Ryan Braun released a statement on Thursday where he apologized for taking PEDs. Along with apologizing for lying to the public as well as that infamous press conference, Braun also apologized to Dino Laurenzi, Jr., the sample collector he trashed throughout the process.

Report: Alex Rodriguez was given a standing offer of a 150 game suspension by MLB


When we last left the Alex Rodriguez circus, we learned that Rodriguez was willing to accept an 80-100 game suspension, and then retire when his suspension was served. All because Rodriguez wants most, if not all the money remaining on his Yankees contract. Since then Rodriguez has vowed to refrain from discussing all non-baseball matters. […]

Pete Rose has apologized for his vice comments

Pete Rose

Pete Rose had some rather strong comments on Monday regarding his standing with Major League Baseball and how it would be different if he picked another vice such as alcohol, drugs, or wife beating. In my opinion, Rose was spot on, but he’s been roundly criticized for the comments. Not because they were wrong, because […]

Alex Rodriguez was reportedly prepared to accept an 80 to 100 game suspension, and then retire


According to the NY Daily News, there was one course of action that MLB could have taken that Alex Rodriguez would not fight. Mainly because it was a course of action that Rodriguez and his team birthed.

Boston Sports Club takes out an ad in the Boston Herald mocking Alex Rodriguez

boston sports club

Ah, yes. A Boston based establishment mocking Alex Rodriguez in today’s Boston Herald? Sounds about right. If you’re confused about the “losing $34 million?” part of the ad, that’s the amount of money A-Rod stands to lose if the suspension is upheld. As for the “Join today and keep that A-Bod” line, something tells me […]

Pete Rose says he picked the wrong vice, should’ve picked drugs


With everything going on in the world of baseball, everyone wants to hear what Pete Rose thinks of all of this. Because while players continue to get slaps on the wrist for taking PEDs, Rose remains banned from baseball for betting on the game.

The Yankees reportedly hand delivered a letter to Alex Rodriguez informing him that he was being fined by the team


Remember that report about Alex Rodriguez secretly going behind the Yankees’ back to get a second opinion about that quad strain he suffered in the minors. Well, turns out it was 100% true. And the Yankees were evidently pissed about it. So pissed that they reportedly fined Rodriguez more than $150,000.