ESPN The Magazine surveyed 110 MLB players and 5.4% of them said they knew of a gay MLB player

gay mlb

Gay athletes in professional sports have become a hot topic lately. From a NFL team asking a draft prospect, “Do you like girls?” to the belief that a gay NFL player is close to coming out of the closet, the chatter about the thought of gay athletes is getting louder and louder.

Opening Day in Toronto was highlighted by Toronto Blue Jays fans booing after just two innings

R.A. Dickey; Colby Rasmus

After an offseason of major spending, Toronto Blue Jays fans are thinking World Series in 2013. And based on some of the reaction on Opening Day on Tuesday, some of them are even thinking a 162-0 season is possible. The former may indeed happen, but the latter definitely won’t as the Blue Jays lost to […]

The Miami Marlins are threatening to sue season ticket holders that are complaining about their view


It’s well documented that no one is really interested in attending Miami Marlins games. And though you’ll find this hard to believe, but apparently the Marlins actually have long time season holders. This is a fact that many of us wouldn’t ever care to know, but because the Marlins are reportedly threatening to sue some […]

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy cut his son Brett over dinner

bruce and brett bouchy

Brett Bochy is a young relief pitcher in the San Francisco Giants organization. Brett Bouchy is also the son of Giants manager Bruce Bochy. And on Friday, the younger Bouchy was one of the 21 players cut by the elder Bouchy.

Brian Cashman wants to sign Chipper Jones and Derrek Lee while one Yankees fan wants to sign Barry Bonds

brian cashman

So just how desperate are the Yankees and their fans to sign warm bodies that may have been good at baseball at some point in the lives? Well, let’s just see. On Monday Yankees GM Brian Cashman confirmed that he had reached out to Derrek Lee to gauge his interest on joining the Yankees. Lee, […]

Report: Mariano Rivera to announce that he will retire after the season

Mariano Rivera

After 18 years, Mariano Rivera is set to announce his retirement during a press conference schedule for Saturday morning according to the New York Post. The Post reports that this isn’t the first time Rivera has mulled retirement, but he always eventually backed out of this. But this time, the Post says he has “given […]

Marlins outfielder Kolby Copeland refused to take a drug test, so he was suspended for 50 games

Kolby Copeland

Marlins prospect Kolby Copeland refused to take an offseason drug test. Which is a violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. In response to Copeland’s refusal, Copeland has been suspended 50 games without pay according to’s Danny Wild. So basically Copeland just gave some money away.

Pitcher Will Ohman got cut by the Nationals in the middle of a spring training game


Will Ohman has pitched in the majors for 10 years so he knows how things work in spring training. But we’re not quite sure that even he was ready for what happened to him on Sunday. Ohman pitched in the sixth inning of the National’s Grapefruit League game against the Cardinals on Sunday where he […]

Bobby Valentine thinks he did a ‘hell of a job’ in Boston


Bobby Valentine resides in his own world. No matter what’s going on around him, Valentine is only concerned with his own little world. So the thoughts and beliefs of the world we all reside in matters not to Valentine. Case in point: when Valentine got fired by the Red Sox, what did he do? He […]

Zack Greinke ‘could play for the worst team if they paid the most’

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers-Zack Greinke Press Conference

On the heels of everyone praising Tom Brady for “taking less money” (even if he really isn’t) comes a rather refreshing report from Jon Heyman of CBS Sports regarding Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke.

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