Because of his appeal, Alex Rodriguez will most likely play the rest of the season

While the rest of the players suspended today by MLB are pretty much done for the rest of the season, Alex Rodriguez will likely never miss a game. Why? Because he decided to appeal his suspension. And with the backing of MLB Player’s Union head Michael Weiner, Rodriguez is ready to fight the suspension.

Alex Rodriguez suspended through 2014 season


Alex Rodriguez has been officially suspended through the 2014 season by Major League Baseball.

Here are the players being suspended for their link to Biogenesis

bud selig

First let’s start with the names that we didn’t know. Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan reports that Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Antonio Bastardo, New York Mets utilityman Jordany Valdespin and Houston Astros minor leaguer Sergio Escalona are the three players that we didn’t already know about.

As part of his appeal, Alex Rodriguez may reportedly accuse the Yankees of mishandling his injuries


While we wait for MLB the announcement that may or may not happen today regarding the suspensions for players linked to Biogenesis, here’s a rather interesting tidbit regarding Alex Rodriguez’s possible plan of attack. According the NY Daily News, Rodriguez plans to appeal the suspension handed down to him, which you knew, and that appeal […]

On the day Alex Rodriguez is expected to be suspended, the New York Post begs him to ‘Just Go’


Today is D-day for Alex Rodriguez. While other players plan to take their suspensions quietly, A-Rod plans to fight. So you can bet that things will quickly get ugly. [NY Post]

Alex Rodriguez reportedly plans to fight any suspension levied upon him by MLB


From all indications, MLB is just about ready to announce suspensions for the players involved with the Biogenesis clinic. Other than working through details of the suspensions with the MLBPA, the final shoe to drop is whether or not Alex Rodriguez will make a deal with the league. In the past week, Rodriguez has vowed […]

Dick Vitale is pretty angry that Ryan Braun didn’t get banned from baseball

dick vitale

The reactions from Ryan Braun’s suspension are rolling in. Still no word from Aaron Rodgers about this, but we’ll keep you updated on that matter. Anyhow, let’s turn our attention ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale who furious about Braun’s suspension. Not because it was too harsh, but because he believes it was too soft.

Report: Alex Rodriguez is trying to make a deal with MLB

Alex Rodriguez

On the heels of MLB suspending Ryan Braun for the rest of the season, it seems that Alex Rodriguez has realized that Bud Selig is pretty serious about this Biogenesis case. So serious that Braun’s suspension could’ve been much worse if he hadn’t struck a deal with MLB to publicly admit his wrongdoing in exchange […]

Now that Ryan Braun has been suspended, will Aaron Rodgers give up his salary this year?

ryan braun aaron rodgers

Of course not. But the fact that Aaron Rodgers took to Twitter and vehemently defended his boy Ryan Braun shouldn’t be forgotten. Not only did he defend Braun, he called people idiots and bet a year’s salary on Braun’s story in the process. So now that Braun has been suspended for the rest of the […]

Ryan Braun suspended for the rest of the season


Ryan Braun was able to skate the last time MLB had him in their crosshairs, but this time they finally got him. Braun has been suspended for the rest of the MLB season for his role in the infamous Biogensis case. If you remember, Braun denied from the moment his first suspension was announced that […]