Dick Vitale is pretty angry that Ryan Braun didn’t get banned from baseball

dick vitale

The reactions from Ryan Braun’s suspension are rolling in. Still no word from Aaron Rodgers about this, but we’ll keep you updated on that matter. Anyhow, let’s turn our attention ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale who furious about Braun’s suspension. Not because it was too harsh, but because he believes it was too soft.

Report: Alex Rodriguez is trying to make a deal with MLB

Alex Rodriguez

On the heels of MLB suspending Ryan Braun for the rest of the season, it seems that Alex Rodriguez has realized that Bud Selig is pretty serious about this Biogenesis case. So serious that Braun’s suspension could’ve been much worse if he hadn’t struck a deal with MLB to publicly admit his wrongdoing in exchange […]

Now that Ryan Braun has been suspended, will Aaron Rodgers give up his salary this year?

ryan braun aaron rodgers

Of course not. But the fact that Aaron Rodgers took to Twitter and vehemently defended his boy Ryan Braun shouldn’t be forgotten. Not only did he defend Braun, he called people idiots and bet a year’s salary on Braun’s story in the process. So now that Braun has been suspended for the rest of the […]

Ryan Braun suspended for the rest of the season


Ryan Braun was able to skate the last time MLB had him in their crosshairs, but this time they finally got him. Braun has been suspended for the rest of the MLB season for his role in the infamous Biogensis case. If you remember, Braun denied from the moment his first suspension was announced that […]

Alex Rodriguez reportedly getting a second opinion on quad strain behind the Yankees’ back

alex rodriguez

Well, well, well. We have yet another rather entertaining story about Alex Rodriguez. This particular tale started yesterday when the Yankees announced that a MRI revealed a Grade 1 quad strain that would put Rodriguez on the shelf for 7-10 days.

Report: MLB to suspend Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and as many as 20 other players after All Star break

alex rodriguez ryan braun

T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of ESPN are reporting that MLB commissioner Bud Selig is ready to dole out punishment to the players at the center of the infamous Biogenesis case. The two big fish to be suspended are of course, Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. But Quinn and Fish also reports that along with […]

Report: MLB umpire Brian Runge fired after multiple failed drug tests


MLB just can’t seem to steer clear of drug controversies. They already have to deal with players that continuously trying to get an edge with PEDs. And now, they’ve had to deal with a drug issue with one of their umpires.

A fake Alex Rodriguez Facebook page is calling for July 3 to be ‘National Pray for A-Rod Day’


Facebook can be entertaining, particularly when they’re either hacked or fake. In this particular occasion, there is a fake Facebook Alex Rodriguez page floating around looking to make July 3 “National Pray for A-Rod Day”.

Tom Ricketts threatens to move Cubs from Wrigley if he can’t get government approval for renovations


Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts is locked in a battle with the Chicago government over renovations to Wrigley Field. Ricketts has proposed a $300 million renovation of Wrigley that would include a large increase in restrooms, an expanded concourse, upgrades to the clubhouses, changes to the outfield that would allow more advertisement space, and a […]

Miami Marlins ‘higher ups’ are now making decisions on who should pitch and when they should pitch


You don’t need a reminder that the Miami Marlins is arguably one of the worst run organizations in sports. Between threatening to sue long-time season ticket holders and trying to get a player to buy house in Miami just two days before trading him, the Marlins have being a horrible organization down to a science.