Pete Rose has apologized for his vice comments

Pete Rose

Pete Rose had some rather strong comments on Monday regarding his standing with Major League Baseball and how it would be different if he picked another vice such as alcohol, drugs, or wife beating. In my opinion, Rose was spot on, but he’s been roundly criticized for the comments. Not because they were wrong, because […]

Alex Rodriguez was reportedly prepared to accept an 80 to 100 game suspension, and then retire


According to the NY Daily News, there was one course of action that MLB could have taken that Alex Rodriguez would not fight. Mainly because it was a course of action that Rodriguez and his team birthed.

Boston Sports Club takes out an ad in the Boston Herald mocking Alex Rodriguez

boston sports club

Ah, yes. A Boston based establishment mocking Alex Rodriguez in today’s Boston Herald? Sounds about right. If you’re confused about the “losing $34 million?” part of the ad, that’s the amount of money A-Rod stands to lose if the suspension is upheld. As for the “Join today and keep that A-Bod” line, something tells me […]

Pete Rose says he picked the wrong vice, should’ve picked drugs


With everything going on in the world of baseball, everyone wants to hear what Pete Rose thinks of all of this. Because while players continue to get slaps on the wrist for taking PEDs, Rose remains banned from baseball for betting on the game.

The Yankees reportedly hand delivered a letter to Alex Rodriguez informing him that he was being fined by the team


Remember that report about Alex Rodriguez secretly going behind the Yankees’ back to get a second opinion about that quad strain he suffered in the minors. Well, turns out it was 100% true. And the Yankees were evidently pissed about it. So pissed that they reportedly fined Rodriguez more than $150,000.

Alex Rodriguez has hired a private-investigation firm to help him fight suspension

alex rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez vowed to fight any suspension that was levied upon him by MLB. And apparently, he’s gearing up to fight this to its ugly end.

MLB Player’s Union head Michael Weiner advised Alex Rodriguez to accept a suspension between 125-150 games

alex rodriguez

As the days pass, we get more and more details about what went on in the days leading up to MLB decided to suspend Alex Rodriguez through the 2014 season. Of course, you already know that Rodriguez has appealed and has the full backing of MLB Player’s Union head Michael Weiner in doing so. What […]

Braves, Nationals Twitter fight ends with Chipper Jones quitting Twitter

bryce harper

During Wednesday night’s game between the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper hit a home run in the third inning that he briefly admired. After he briefly admired his homer, he went into a rather casual home run trot. Meanwhile, everything that is transpiring is angering the Atlanta Braves. So when Harper stepped […]

If you ask Ozzie Guillen, Madonna is the reason Alex Rodriguez is in all this PED trouble

ozzie guillen

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from our old pal, Ozzie Guillen. Since being fired by the Marlins back in October, Guillen has been rather low key.

Orioles RF Nick Markakis: PED users are ‘stealing money’

nick markakis

MLB has doled out suspensions to twelve players including the big fish Alex Rodriguez. Now it’s time for the analysis, the high horsing, and the comments of pissed off players and former players. I’ve done a little analysis on how Rodriguez is the short term winner in all of this. If you’re looking for high […]