Billy Butler takes out full page ad thanking Kansas City Royals fans

After helping the Kansas City Royals make it to the World Series, DH Billy Butler cashed in and signed with the Oakland Athletics. His deal is for three years and making roughly $30 million. Butler, who has been with the Royal since he was drafted back in 2004, found a way to show his appreciation to […]

Micky Lolich doesn't see the comparisons with Madison Bumgarner

San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner still has people talking about his performance in the World Series. As we all know Bumgarner’s performance will probably go down in MLB history as one of the best during a World Series.

James Shields says he was dealing with the effects of a kidney stone during ALCS

Eyebrows were raised when Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost  elected to start Jason Vargas over James Shields for Game 4 of the ALCS.  Shields complained about his back and it got worse as the ALCS continued. Even though it worked out for the Royals, fans still wanted to know why Shields didn’t get the start.

Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie shows up to postgame presser wearing a ‘These O’s Aint Royal’ t-shirt

The Kansas City Royals are one game away from advancing to the World Series. So it’s safe to say that they are feeling pretty good about themselves.

Report: Dodgers GM Ned Colletti's job might be in jeopardy

After back to back postseason disappointments, the Los Angeles Dodgers front office is not happy. Even though he took a lot of criticism after some questionable decision-making during Tuesday night’s game against the St Louis Cardinals, manager Don Mattingly’s job appears to be safe. As for general manager Ned Colletti, not so much.

Kansas City Police asked its citizens not to commit any crimes so they could watch the Royals' Wild Card game

I’m sure that you all watched the Kansas City Royals’ thrilling comeback to win their AL Wild care Game against the Oakland A’s. The people in Kansas City have been waiting for the Royals to host a playoff game for a long time and no one wanted to miss it, including the police.

Mike Trout makes a no-look leaping catch, Kendrys Morales isn’t impressed

Kendrys Morales hit a pitch to center in the eighth inning last night that would be a base hit 99% of the time. But unfortunately for Morales, Mike Trout was playing center field which meant that last 1% was in play.

Hunter Pence’s f-bomb bonaza after the Giants clinched a playoff berth was caught on live TV

CSN Bay Area cameras were present as the San Francisco Giants celebrated a playoff berth with the usual playoff t-shirts, champagne, and googles to protect everyone’s eyes from said champagne.

Tommy Lasorda: If you don’t cheer for the Dodgers, you’re going to Hell

Tommy Lasorda was feeling pretty good last night when the Dodgers beat the Giants 9-1 to clinch the NL West. Lasorda was feeling so good that he openly questioned how anyone could not be a Dodgers fans after watching that Dodgers win.

Derek Jeter may be on the hook for $16,000 in taxes on retirement gifts

As the Derek Jeter retirement tour winds down, Jeter will be walking away from baseball with a Hall of Fame résumé and $33,000 worth of gifts.