A Few Names That Could Be Among The Remaining 103 – NL Edition

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of days, I’m sure you’ve heard that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. We’ve also learned that A-Rod was only one out of 104 other players who also tested positive that year. Since there’s no such thing as confidentiality these days, I’m almost […]

Alex Rodriguez Tested Positive For Steriods In 2003

The firestorm that we were all expecting from The Mitchell Report looks to be finally materializing as SI.com is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. A-Rod was just one of 104 players that tested positive in MLB’s 2003 survey testing. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s definitely fire and I’m guessing we’ll hear […]

Radomski is at it again

The former New York Mets club house attendant, Kirk Radomski is name dropping again. He plead guilty to steroid dealing and money laundering in 2007, but avoided jail time by snitching and cooperating with George Mitchell. Now Radomski’s goal is to make money. How will he make money? Of course, he’s writing a book, a […]

How To Be A Sports Agent? Lie Like There Is No Tomorrow

Manny Ramirez has now been on the market for almost three months now. During that span, we’ve crowned a National Champion in college football, saw the Steelers and Cardinals advance to the Super Bowl and even seen a new president come into office. And yet, no deal for Manny. And to add insult to injury, […]

Spike Lee Unveils The Yankees’ New Snow White Hat

With spring training just around the corner, it looks like Spike Lee has let the cat (or maybe the dog , can’t tell what kind of fur that is) out of the bag. The Yankees will wear a snow white, furry hat in select games this coming season. Now, Yankees fans everywhere will have the […]

56 Stolen Bases: Rickey Henderson Can Still Do That

How do I know? Well Rickey said it himself. And who am I to question the newly elected Hall of Famer? What prompted Rickey to make such a bold statement? Just a press conference full of reporters hanging on to his every word. And Rickey certainly did not disappoint. After proclaiming to everyone in the […]

Henderson heads to Cooperstown

Coming as no surprise, Rickey Henderson was elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame this afternoon in his first year of eligibility. Henderson played 25 major league seasons for 9 teams and along the way accrued some major stats. Henderson ended his career with over 3,000 hits and is the all-time leader in runs(2,295) and stolen […]

Yankees are still spending big

Continuing with Yankee tradition, the franchise signs yet another coveted free agent. Yankee’s GM Brian Cashman lured the 28 year-old Mark Teixeira away from other bidders with a massive 8-year $180 million contract. The New York Yankees have spent a mind-numbing $423 million so far this off season, along with Teixeira the team has added […]

$243.5 Million Can Buy You Two Aces, But Not A Championship

Like every offseason, the New York Yankees once again have went on their annual free agent shopping spree where they pay top dollar for the year’s “can’t miss” free agents. They were able to lure both AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia to the Bronx for a combined $243.5 million. But what the Yankees have failed […]

The 7 Most Depressing Places To Be A Sports Fan In 2008

As we wind down 2008, it’s time for every sports site known to man to give out their year end awards. SI’s Extra Mustard is giving out their Clicksy Awards, Deadspin is giving out their SHOTY Award and that’s just to name a few. But here at No Guts, we want to pay homage to […]