Top 10 Worst Dressed Coaches

Recently it seems that anytime I’m watching anything sports related and a coach graces the screen, I find myself laughing uncontrollably. Whether it’s a game or an interview, I always find humor in many of the coaches these days. Why, you ask? Because many coaches are horrible dressers! I’m sure I could give you a […]

So Dodger fans, how bad do you really want Manny?

Looks like Dodger fans have quite the dilemma on their hands. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that owners, Frank and Jamie McCourt are turning to Dodger fans on whether they want the Dodgers to sign a top free agent or build youth baseball fields. Jamie McCourt posed the question at a charitable event where […]

12 games is apparently enough for a vote for NL Manager of the Year

We all know that Lou Piniella was awarded NL Manager of the Year yesterday, but most didn’t notice something unusual with the voting. Dale Sveum, who coached the Milwaukee Brewers for 12 games, somehow received a third place vote! Now, I’m not sure if it was done as a joke or someone actually thought Sveum […]

The 2008 Phillies Anthem

The Philadelphia Phillies have just been crowned MLB champions and I think I have found one of the driving forces behind their journey to the title. I give you, the 2008 Phillies Anthem, written and performed by Mr. Sonny Forriest Jr. Enjoy!

Get Arrested for DUI, Get An Award!

According to the New York Post, despite Joba Chamberlain’s recent arrest for DUI, the Police Athletic League in New York is set to present Chamblerlain with their 2008 Athlete of the Year Award at it’s annual SportsNite dinner on Dec. 16th. In a letter sent earlier this month to potential sponsors, PAL president John Osbourne […]

Cowboys, Yankees are done chasing championships, on to merchandising!

Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner are at it again, but this time they’re not digging deep into their wallet to add to their outrageous team payroll. This time it’s for business. The two have partnered with Goldman Sachs and CIC Partners to form Legends Hospitality Management , LLC.(“Legends”). Legends’ first gig? Operating concessions, catering, and […]

BoSox should’ve let Manny be Manny

In Game 7, the Boston Red Sox fell short in the ALCS against the Tampa Bay Rays. Naturally, questions pertaining to the late season trade of slugger Manny Ramirez have arisen. The obvious question is: Would the Boston Red Sox be in the World Series if they still had Ramirez? More than likely, but I’m […]

The Fall Classic is set and somewhere Bud Selig is crying

The Fall Classic is finally set, as the Tampa Bay Rays will be taking on the Philadelphia Phillies. As the teams and their respective cities revel in the joy that comes with making it to the World Series, one man is secretly dismayed about this turn of events. That man is, Bud Selig. One might […]

No Mercy Alert!

Tampa Bay Rays 13 Boston Red Sox 4 Red Sox fans, it may be time to panic. Yankee fans, it may be time for you to start smiling again. Rays fans, it may be time for you to really start believing. And no, you haven’t believed all along. Don’t lie! Cubs fans, it may be […]

Big Ballin’, A-Rod style!

In the midst of an economic crisis where people everywhere are fearful about their economic futures, one man stands alone. That man is, Alex Rodriguez. Pictured here by New York Post photogs, Alex is actually using a $100 bill as a napkin! Now if that aint ballin, I don’t know what is………….. New York Post

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