Same ‘ole Cubs

Okay, we all know its been 100 years (1908) since the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series, but the last couple of seasons they have showed some promise during the regular season, I repeat the regular season. The Cubs have won back-to-back NL Central titles, 2007 & 2008, for the first time since 1907-08 […]

Thanks Ned! You’re the Best!

The Brewers Blog over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that apparently Ned Yost is getting his just due for the Brewers finally making it back to the postseason. General manager, Doug Melvin even became emotional while speaking about it. “I sent Ned an e-mail. He went through 93% of the season. I backed […]

Why Eddie?……….Why?

The Cubbies are a lock for a postseason run and you go an do this? A freaking tribute song? And you even titled it, “All the way”. I’m sure my fellow Cubs fans are aware of this song, for anyone who isn’t, here’s the proof. For most, this isn’t a big deal but as a […]

Rays are going to the playoffs! Yankees should take notes.

The Tampa Bay Rays are a win away from clinching their first playoff berth in team history. With a record of 91-61, the Rays lead the AL East by 1.5 games over the defending World Series Champs the Boston Red Sox. Joe Maddon, the team’s manager, has done wonders with a lineup that was ignored […]

Bad Move by the Brewers

Brewers manager, Ned Yost was fired earlier this week, in my opinion, for no good reason at all. The Brewers (83-68) are 2nd in the NL Central behind the Cubs and a half game behind the Mets in the NL Wild Card race. Yeah they’ve lost 8 out of their last ten and 5 in […]

Big Z throws a no-no.

Carlos Zambrano threw the second no-hitter in the majors tonight in the Cubs 5-0 victory over the Astros. Much to the delight of the crowd at Wrigley North in Milwaukee, Big Z struck out a season high 10 and walked one in the Cubs’ first no-hitter in over 30 years. This is after leaving his […]

Gary Sheffield hits 250,000th home run in MLB history

The pursuit of the milestone was called to my attention in this article from The pursuit is now over as Gary Sheffield has now recorded the 250,000th home run in MLB history in the 2nd inning of the Tiger’s game against the Oakland A’s. All you trivia buffs, take notice. I’m sure Howie Schwab […]

The thrill is gone! (And so is the "Stache")

So, Jason Giambi has decided to cut his mustache to break him out the funk he has been in lately. Giambi was hitting .234 with three homeruns for the month of July and followed that up with a 0-for-9 start in August. Giambi insists that he’s growing it back, but you know what they say, […]

Prediction Time!

I’m calling it now, the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series! In probably the most important series thus far, the Cubs took care of business at “Wrigley North” and swept all four games in their series with the Milwaukee Brewers. The week began with the Cubs up a measly one game on the Brewers […]

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