10 Professional Athletes That Don’t Look Very Athletic At All

There are times when I’m watching professional sporting events where certain players stick out like sore thumbs. Not because they’re not good or anything, it’s just that when you put them next to other professional athletes, they look like they have no business out there. So for those of you with dreams of being a […]

Kevin Youkilis Is Disappointed In You, America

Kevin Youkilis pulls no punches when it comes to expressing his feelings. Whether it’s showing us how he feels, as he has chosen to do above, or telling us how he feels. So of course, he wasn’t shy at all expressing his disappointment in you, me, and the rest of the nation because we haven’t […]

Casting Major League 4 With MLB Players

We’re in the middle of spring training and the WBC is just not filling the void for me. So while we wait, let’s cast MLB players in roles for the hypothetical movie, Major League 4. Yeah I know, the regular season can’t come soon enough. Jorge Posada as Jake TaylorLike Taylor, Posada is nearing the […]

Blame It On The A-A-A-A-AL-CO-HOL

First order of business: If your totally lost about that oh so catchy title, please click here to be enlightened. Now that you’ve learned what’s hot in the streets, on to what this post is all about. You see, we here at No Guts, No Glory like to talk sports. Alcohol can sometimes lead to […]

A Sore Elbow No One Wants To Take The Blame For

So we finally know how Johan Santana hurt his elbow this spring. Well, not exactly. What we’ve actually learned is that no one wants to take the blame for the elbow in question. You see, what we have here is a good ole fashion case of he said, he said. On one side, Santana is […]

The Best Coach Meltdowns

The post-game press conference is usually a time to reflect on what went wrong or right in the game that your team just played. It’s a time to acknowledge players that did a good job for your team as well as your opponent’s. It’s even a time to show good sportsmanship whether you just won […]

Dusty Baker To Ensure That The Reds Are A League Leader When It Comes To Sliding

With the start of Grapefruit League games set to start this week, Dusty Baker is worried. He’s worried about the lack of practice time that you can get in because of the distance between each team playing in the league. So getting the important stuff in before the games start on Wednesday is imperative. First […]

Jason Giambi: Coming To A Strip Club Near You

No need to talk baseball because you can no longer say Jason Giambi and baseball in the same sentence. Yeah, he still plays, but at this point who cares? He’s only good for quotes like this one in reference to being how much longer he plans to play: What else am I going to do? […]

And the Academy award goes to…. A-rod!

What a performance! Yankee’s star Alex Rodriguez performed in the press conference that I’ve titled “Young & Stupid,” for roughly 200 members of the press and millions of baseball fans across the world yesterday in Tampa, FL. With the Academy Awards on the horizon, its ironic that we were subject to witness such a horrific […]

Let the A-Rod Grillin Begin

I’ll first preface this post by stating that this is the LAST A-Rod, steroid post for at least this month (unless of course there is some big time news). Okay, with that out of the way, let’s dig into the grillin that we hope to see of A-Rod when he makes himself available to the […]