Joe Maddon’s Hoodie Has Been Laid To Rest

Here’s something I’m sure you didn’t know. Apparently, there is a dress code in Major League Baseball. News to you, right? And apparently, the code doesn’t allow anyone to wear hoodies. See you learn something new everyday. Tampa Bay Rays’ manager, Joe Maddon learned about this too over the weekend, and he’s not exactly thrilled […]

Just Enough People Showed Up At A Florida Marlins Game To Have A Brawl

Usually, there aren’t enough people in the bleachers of a Florida Marlins game to actually conduct a brawl. But on Saturday, I guess folks got bored and decided to head down to the ballpark to take in a Marlins game. Some young drunk lads ended up taking in more than that. Videos via Huffington Post […]

Unfortunately, There Will Be No Dancing Girls On The Dugout At Wrigley Field

When a new owner takes over a franchise, there are always changes. New directions, new strategies, and new promotions. So with the Ricketts family now in charge of the Chicago Cubs, the time is now to hit them with any new ideas you may have. Elliott Harris of the Chicago Sun Times is aware of […]

Opening Day At The Ballpark: Baseball, Hotdogs, And Sex In A Bathroom Stall

Opening Day is a glorious occasion for so many people. Parents play hooky from work. Kids play hooky from school. All so that they are able to head to their favorite team’s ball park for the action. And to celebrate the return of baseball. Things were not so different on the South side of Chicago. […]

David Ortiz Is In Mid-Season Form, Both On The Field And With The Media

It didn’t take long for the David Ortiz we have all grown to love to show up for the start of the season. In fact, it only took two games. In that two game span, Ortiz hasn’t been able to muster one hit. In layman’s terms, he’s hitless. But in the locker room, that’s a […]

Gooden’s drug habits still problematic

Some habits die hard. Just ask former MLB pitcher Dwight Gooden. After a 17-year drug abuse riddled career, the 45-year-old Gooden was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, leaving the scene of an accident and child endangerment. The incident that occurred earlier this week in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey is just one of […]

Ron Washington Is A Drug Dealer’s Dream

I know this will be hard to believe, but I’m not a drug dealer. Never was, never will be. But it’s not very hard to figure out the criteria of a drug dealer’s dream customer. 1. They have money. Obviously2. They are willing to try different products.3. They are longtime customers. Keep that criteria in […]

The Joe Mauer To The Yankees Whispers Begin

The Knicks aren’t the only team in New York who is looking to steal a big star from another team. The Yankees always have an eye on big name players that they can stack their team with. This year’s big fish? Joe Mauer. There are whispers that the Yankees are keeping a close eye on […]

Sadly, We Will Never Be Blessed With Ozzie Guillen’s Website

If you’re on twitter and you’re not following Ozzie Guillen, you need to have your head examined. Seriously. He has only been on twitter for just about 2 months and in that time he has been able to bless us with thought provoking tweets like this one: Bed and bath I love this places Compelling […]

Omar Vizquel Does More In His Winters Than You Have Done In Your Life

Omar Vizquel is heading into his 43rd year of life and he’s a MLB player. You’re heading into what year in your life and you’re doing what? Riiiight? Win for Vizquel. Omar Vizquel is heading into his 43rd year of life and he does cool stuff in his winters. You’re heading into what year in […]