The Joe Mauer To The Yankees Whispers Begin

The Knicks aren’t the only team in New York who is looking to steal a big star from another team. The Yankees always have an eye on big name players that they can stack their team with. This year’s big fish? Joe Mauer. There are whispers that the Yankees are keeping a close eye on […]

Sadly, We Will Never Be Blessed With Ozzie Guillen’s Website

If you’re on twitter and you’re not following Ozzie Guillen, you need to have your head examined. Seriously. He has only been on twitter for just about 2 months and in that time he has been able to bless us with thought provoking tweets like this one: Bed and bath I love this places Compelling […]

Omar Vizquel Does More In His Winters Than You Have Done In Your Life

Omar Vizquel is heading into his 43rd year of life and he’s a MLB player. You’re heading into what year in your life and you’re doing what? Riiiight? Win for Vizquel. Omar Vizquel is heading into his 43rd year of life and he does cool stuff in his winters. You’re heading into what year in […]

Lenny Dykstra Aint No Financial Adviser But He’ll Give You Stock Tips

How would you like to get stock tips from a bankrupt former MLB player? Peeked your interest? I hope not. On the slim chance that it did, here’s your chance to be under the tutorledge of a man that has squanded away most of his riches. That man is Lenny Dykstra. Former Phillies star Lenny […]

Game On: Mark McGwire Arrives At Spring Training

Spring training isn’t something I usually look forward to or even pay attention to. But this year, I’ll pay just a little more attention to the goings on in Jupiter, Florida. Because that’s where the St. Louis Cardinals will be holding their spring training. And that’s where Mark McGwire will likely get hazed day in […]

Who You Gonna Believe, Mark McGwire Or The Steriod Dealer?

Mark McGwire gave his side of the story, now his steroid dealer wants to be heard. A convicted drug dealer who says he used to supply steroids to former baseball slugger Mark McGwire told ESPN on Thursday that McGwire’s goal was to get “bigger, faster, stronger” to improve his performance on the field, contradicting recent […]

This Jack Clark Rant About Steroid Users Comes Equipped With The Words ‘Fakes’, ‘Phonies’, ‘Creeps’, And ‘Cheaters’

Don’t you just love a good rant? Especially when it’s a rant from a former player? There’s just something about a rant from a guy who feels like the young bucks aren’t treating their game right. You can almost feel their blood boiling as you read their words. Case in point, former St. Louis Cardinals’ […]

Things You Didn’t Know: Steroids Is Just Like Gatorade

Not sure what ESPN was trying to prove by propping up noted Tony LaRussa acquaintance, Bob Knight on Baseball Tonight yesterday, but he did teach us all something of note. We were taught that Gatorade is pretty similar to steroids in the fact that they’re both performance enhancing substances. You didn’t know? I didn’t either. […]

Mark McGwire Finally Admits To Using Steroids

Nothing earth shattering here, but since we’re here, may as well bring it to you. Mark McGwire finally came clean Monday, admitting he used steroids when he broke baseball’s home run record in 1998. McGwire said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Monday that he used steroids on and off for nearly […]

Matt Holliday Gets $119M To Stay In St. Louis

Cardinals slugger, Matt Holliday has millions of reasons to be excited about remaining in St. Louis. $119M reasons to be exact. After acquiring Holliday in July of 2009 from Oakland, the Cards went on win the NL Central. Holliday hit 13HR’s and 55 RBI’s during the stretch run of the season with the Cardinals. The […]