And Here’s Your Behind The Scenes Look Into The World Series Riots Celebrations In San Francisco

Last night, the San Francisco Giants wrapped up their first World Series title in 50 years. That allowed Giants fans to be able to celebrate their first World Series title in 50 years. One would think that with such a long time in between championships, the fans in San Francisco would be a little rusty. […]

In An Effort To Give Rangers Fans The Most Comprehensive World Series Coverage, Newy Scruggs Reports On The Weed Smoking In San Francisco

It has been noted that this is the first World Series appearance for the Texas Rangers. So it’s pretty safe to say that the organization is learning how to handle being in the World Series on the fly. But the Rangers aren’t the only ones learning on the fly. The Dallas media, not having had […]

If The Giants End Up Winning The World Series, The ‘Rally Thong’ Will Be The Reason

We all know about the San Francisco Giants’ stellar pitching staff. But that may not be the reason that the Giants are on the brink of advancing to the World Series. The real reason just might be a red thong worn by Aubrey Huff. A diamond studded one at that. As you probably know, back […]

Mickey Mantle. Nude. On A Prison Website.

That title right there has to be the weirdest title that has ever been written here at No Guts. But somehow, it’s true. Well, that’s according to a Sam Wagner who runs a website called “”. And since I just had to type, “”, I’ll stop here and let Wagner explain how he got his […]

Florida Governor Charlie Crist Takes His Place In The Pantheon Of Worst Ceremonial First Pitches

Charlie Crist is locked in a tight battle with two other competitors in a Senate race in Florida. And while that’s important and all, we here at No Guts like to focus on the really important issues. Which is, can we really elect a man that can’t ceremoniously throw a baseball remotely close to the […]

Giants Leave Big $ Zito Off Roster

The San Francisco Giants have left pitcher Barry Zito off of their 25-man playoff roster. Zito was once considered one of the best pitchers in the majors while with the Oakland A’s, but has a record of 40-57 since joining the Giants in 2007. The 2002 Cy Young winner finished this season with a 9-14 […]

These “Let Tim Smoke” T-Shirts Are Selling Like Hotcakes Outside Of AT&T Park

I’m sure you all remember Tim Lincecum’s little dust up with the law over some marijuana possession. Well, while Tim mostly likely has tried to keep his extracurricular activities out of the public eye, street vendors outside of AT&T park aren’t. So in the spirit of entrepreneurship and law breaking, the “Let Tim Smoke” t-shirts […]

Yankees Name Starters, Burnett Left Out

The Yankees have been a fixture in the postseason over the past decade and a half. They have earned a playoff slot 15 of the last 16 seasons. The Yankees will enter this year’s postseason as the AL East’s wild card team, partly because of pitching, A.J. Burnett to be exact. At 33-years old, Burnett […]

Joe Maddon Is Taking This Plaid Thing A Little Too Far

When Tampa Bay Rays manager, Joe Maddon unveiled his “BRayser”, we all laughed. Yes, it was a horrible fashion idea, but it seemingly made him happy and we could just point and laugh at him. Win, win for everyone. But now Maddon is taking it beyond the fashion of himself and his team. The man […]

Unaccustomed To Seeing A Team Celebrate A Division Title, Multiple People Report The Reds For Smoking Indoors

A few things happen in a locker room when athletes celebrate winning something. There is champagne drinking. There is high-fiving and man-hugging. And last, but not least, there is cigar smoking. So when the Cincinnati Reds won their first NL Central title in 15 years, all of the above happened in the locker room. And […]