Giants Leave Big $ Zito Off Roster

The San Francisco Giants have left pitcher Barry Zito off of their 25-man playoff roster. Zito was once considered one of the best pitchers in the majors while with the Oakland A’s, but has a record of 40-57 since joining the Giants in 2007. The 2002 Cy Young winner finished this season with a 9-14 […]

These “Let Tim Smoke” T-Shirts Are Selling Like Hotcakes Outside Of AT&T Park

I’m sure you all remember Tim Lincecum’s little dust up with the law over some marijuana possession. Well, while Tim mostly likely has tried to keep his extracurricular activities out of the public eye, street vendors outside of AT&T park aren’t. So in the spirit of entrepreneurship and law breaking, the “Let Tim Smoke” t-shirts […]

Yankees Name Starters, Burnett Left Out

The Yankees have been a fixture in the postseason over the past decade and a half. They have earned a playoff slot 15 of the last 16 seasons. The Yankees will enter this year’s postseason as the AL East’s wild card team, partly because of pitching, A.J. Burnett to be exact. At 33-years old, Burnett […]

Joe Maddon Is Taking This Plaid Thing A Little Too Far

When Tampa Bay Rays manager, Joe Maddon unveiled his “BRayser”, we all laughed. Yes, it was a horrible fashion idea, but it seemingly made him happy and we could just point and laugh at him. Win, win for everyone. But now Maddon is taking it beyond the fashion of himself and his team. The man […]

Unaccustomed To Seeing A Team Celebrate A Division Title, Multiple People Report The Reds For Smoking Indoors

A few things happen in a locker room when athletes celebrate winning something. There is champagne drinking. There is high-fiving and man-hugging. And last, but not least, there is cigar smoking. So when the Cincinnati Reds won their first NL Central title in 15 years, all of the above happened in the locker room. And […]

A Baby Couldn’t Stop This Guy From Going Out To The Ballpark And It Certainly Couldn’t Stop Him From Catching A Foul Ball

Let me start off by commending this guy for his desire to attend a ballgame even though he seems to be on “Daddy Day Care” duty. And while I’m commending him, I might as well commend him for his ability to catch a foul ball in one hand while holding a young tike in the […]

Jack Clark Decides That He’s Done Discussing Those “Poopy In Their Pants” St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis’ favorite ranter has decided to sit the rest of the season out. Not because of the backlash stemming from his criticisms of the St. Louis Cardinals, but because he suddenly he has better things to do. [Jack] Clark had been scheduled to appear as an analyst last Monday on FSM’s Cards postgame show, […]

Let’s Start The Week With Jack Clark’s Criticism Of The “Poopy In Their Pants” St. Louis Cardinals

Jack Clark is no stranger to rants. So when the discussion turned to the St. Louis Cardinals’ flop in the second half of the season, Clark went ahead and did his usual. “I’m really tired of watching the effort, that’s for sure,” Clark told 101 ESPN Radio in St. Louis on Thursday. “I’m not seeing […]

If You Need A Job, The New York Mets Are Hiring……..For Every Position

The cynic in me says that this can’t be a real commercial. But the realist in me says that the every position within the Mets organization should be open, so this could be a real commercial. And that’s all the reasoning I need to believe that this is indeed a real commercial. Besides, these are […]

Since It Seems To Be Such A Big Deal, Here’s Derek Jeter Pretending To Be Hit By A Pitch

There. Now can we move on with our day?