And Here’s The Tale Of Mickey Mantle Getting A Blow-job In Yankee Stadium

We’re all well aware of Mickey Mantle’s legend on the field. But some of us were not aware of his legend off the field. Well, we’re slowly finding out that Mantle’s legend was just as big off the field as it was on it. First, we learned of a nude photo of Mantle that somehow, […]

Bobby Valentine Is Your Neighborhood Traffic Cop

Well, maybe not your neighborhood. But definitely in the neighborhood of Stamford, Connecticut. The former MLB manager/current ESPN analyst also triples as Stamford Director of Public Safety. And apparently, it’s cool in Stamford for the Director of Public Safety to also direct traffic after a snow storm. With traffic snarled on I-95 and local roads […]

Breaking: Sammy Sosa’s Skin Is White Again

The saga of Sammy Sosa’s skin color takes yet another turn. I’m sure you remember when Sammy Sosa popped up looking all fair skinned as he went through a skin rejuvenation process. Then came reports that Sammy’s skin was back to normal and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Well recently Sammy helped rapper […]

And In Today’s Least Surprising News, Milton Bradley Gets Arrested

That time of the year, that comes multiple times a year, is upon us. The time of the year when Milton Bradley finds a way to get himself into trouble. This year, Bradley didn’t waste much time at all. Just a mere 18 days into the month, Bradley has been arrested after threatening a woman. […]

Fresh Off Of Being Elected Into The Hall Of Fame, Bert Blyleven Feels The Need To Address Steroid Users

After years of debate on whether Bert Blyleven was worthy of being elected to the Hall of Fame, yesterday, he finally got the call. In the middle of his excitement and celebration, Blyleven decided that he needed to speak out against the candidates that would’ve gotten in ahead of him if it weren’t for the […]

Ozzie Guillen’s Son Takes To Twitter To Respond To Bobby Jenks’ Comments About His Father

Former White Sox closer Bobby Jenks decided that after leaving Chicago for Boston, it was finally time to air out some dirty laundry from his time in Chicago. Laundry that made Jenks declare that he “was looking forward to playing for a manager who knows how to run a bullpen.” Presumably, Ozzie Guillen would take […]

Derek Jeter Didn’t Like The Fact That His Outrageous Contract Demands Became Public

You know how I feel about this, so need to even head done that road again. The road we will travel though is the one where Derek Jeter becomes angry because he never wanted all of us to know that he was asking the Yankees to severely overpay him. TAMPA – Derek Jeter had 51 […]

Jeter May Get More Money

According to an anonymous source close to the Yankees organization, the New York Yankees have increased its offer to SS Derek Jeter. The Yankees offered the 36-year-old star a 3-year/$45M deal but the has not been accepted. Jeter is the Yankees all-time leader in hits and has the more hits than any SS in MLB […]

The New York Post Photoshops Derek Jeter In A Red Sox Uniform

Nothing new has really happened in this story. Derek Jeter wants to be really overpaid; the Yankees just want to overpay him. So since you are all well aware on my stance on the situation, let me give you my conspiracy theory about the New York Post’s photoshop job. They want the Red Sox to […]

Josh Hamilton wins AL MVP

Texas Rangers left fielder, Josh Hamilton, was selected as the AL’s 2010 MVP earlier today. Hamilton, who has a had a tumultuous career, was the the number one overall draft pick in the 1999 MLB Draft. By 2001, less than two years later, he was out of baseball due to drug and alcohol addiction. Since […]