Dwyane Wade on free agency: Player relationships are the most important

During the last NBA offseason, we saw that players nowadays value a lot of things when it comes to free agency. Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade is a great example of what can happen if a player doesn’t feel the love from the team he is employed by.

Darrelle Revis on Tom Brady: He is probably the best quarterback to ever step on the field

On Sunday, the New York Jets will welcome the New England Patriots to MetLife Stadium for a AFC East division game. Many will be interesting to see the chess match between the Jets defense going up against quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots offense.

Report: Kings are starting to get sick of DeMarcus Cousins

I think everyone has heard about the strained relationship between the Sacramento Kings and star center DeMarcus Cousins. There has been plenty of speculation on whether or not the Kings will trade Cousins before the deadline in February.

Derrick Rose knows he will never be the player he once was

When the New York Knicks acquired point guard Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls, many wonder if he can get back to the old him. The vintage Rose was considered one of the top players in the NBA, who also won the MVP award during the 2010-2011 season.

Steve Smith on rookie DBs not respecting him: I can really give a flying f***

I think many know how emotional and passionate Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith is on the football field. But with that passion, some players respond to it differently than others would.

Fans who threw sex toy on the field during Bills-Patriots game have been banned for life

I think many of you remember when a sex toy with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s name was thrown on the field during a game against the Buffalo Bills. It was the most talked about topic the next day and even Brady thought that it was hilarious.

Kevin Love exploded for 34 points, 8 threes in first quarter against Trailblazers

The reigning and defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers have picked up where they left off last June. The Cavaliers currently have the best record in the Eastern Conference and once again look to be the favorites.

Richard Sherman on Carson Wentz: He was getting an easy walk through the NFL until he ran into us

Since the beginning of the NFL regular season, there have been many who believe that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has a chance to be a good one. He was lighting up the NFL in for first few weeks, but now the Eagles have lost their way.

Nick Folk’s wife was not happy with New York Daily News reporter’s comments about kickers

This past week in the NFL was very rough for kickers all the way around. After the conclusion of last Sunday’s game, the total missed field goal and extra point attempt was the worse it has ever been.

Maverick Carter on Phil Jackson: He’s not racist but he’s not dumb

New York Knicks team president Phil Jackson is still dealing with the fallout from his comments regarding Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James. As many of you may know, Jackson came under fire after he referred to James’ friends as his posse.