Shaq Still Has Hopes Of Playing Next Season, maybe with the Celtics

Four-time NBA champ, Shaquille O’Neal is not ready to hang up the his sneakers. After 18 NBA seasons, 15 All-Star game appearances and a MVP in 2000, Shaq has accomplished more than most players in NBA history, but yet he’s still seeking to play another year. ” I know I will play in the NBA […]

Breaking: Brett Favre Is On A High School Football Field!!!!!!

There’s no need to be pissed off at the amount of coverage Brett Favre will ganer over the next few weeks. Just embrace it because there will be no way to escape it. Take today for an example. Less than 24 hours after reports of Favre’s impending retirement comes word from NFL Network’s Scott Hanson […]

The Glory Lines: Vikings Willing To Throw More Money At Brett Favre, Shaq Close To Signing With The Celtics, Still No Practicing For Albert Haynesworth, & Steven Strasburg To Return Next Tuesday

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Dolphins rookie demonstrates the way to carry shoulder pads (Shutdown Corner) Strasburg in line to start next Tuesday ( America’s Best Sports Fans (Forbes) Celts close to agreement with Shaq (CSN) […]

Brett Favre Is Finally Retiring

According to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis and ESPN, for the third time in three years, Vikings QB Brett Favre has decided to call in quits. Brett Favre was expected to return to the Minnesota squad after undergoing ankle surgery in April, but reports indicate that his ankle has not healed properly. If this is […]

LeBron James Thanks Cleveland Akron In Newspaper Ad

Let the outrage in Cleveland start again. Their ex-star LeBron James has spited them once again by taking out a full page ad in the Akron Beacon Journal to thank his hometown, while not thanking them one iota. “For all my life, I have lived in Akron, and for that, I am truly a lucky […]

The Glory Lines: Albert Haynesworth Skips Out On His Conditioning Test Again, Brawl At Arizona Cardinals Training Camp, Ndamukong Suh Insane Contract Demands, & Are Police Targeting Pacman Jones In Cincy?

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Ron Artest’s Hair: A Chronology of the 2009-2010 Lakers’ Season (How To Watch Sports) New-look Miami Heat will open season at Celtics (Miami Herald) 10 NBA Starters Whose Jobs are On […]

I Guess It Was Just Time For An Ozzie Guillen Rant

It’s been a while since Ozzie Guillen provided us with one of his rants. Because it’s been a while, one could only guess how antsy Guillen has been to get some things off his chance. This past weekend, Guillen finally took the time to discuss how he believes Major League Baseball treats Asian players better […]

5 College Football Coaches On The Hot Seat

It’s finally August which means that football season is upon us. Like we do every year we tell you the five coaches that have the hottest seats going into this season. Rich Rodriguez – MichiganThere are just too many signs that he is gone after this season. The Michigan faithful know that the spread experiment […]

Questionable Poses: Andre Ethier Gets Kobe’d By LA Times Magazine

So I guess at least one professional athlete didn’t learn from LA Times Magazine’s Kobe Bryant photo shoot. I guess seeing Kobe covered in makeup and wrapped in white wasn’t enough to scare off LA Dodgers outfielder, Andre Ethier from doing his own LA Times Magazine photo shoot. The results are these captivating photos of […]

Hedo Turkoglu Doesn’t Have Anything Nice To Say About Toronto Or Brian Colangelo

Hedo Turkoglu managed to get himself traded out of Toronto to the Phoenix Suns this summer, so the man undoubtedly feels pretty good about himself these days. And what does a man that is feeling good about himself do when he’s asked to discuss subjects surrounding his former employer? Take shots of course. “People have […]