Kurt Rambis’ First Duty As Timberwolves Head Coach? Write A Letter, Of Course

Truthfully, I really don’t know why I’m so interested in the Minnesota Timberwolves these days. I guess because I’ve never seen anyone put their imprint on a team faster than the Prez, David Kahn has. Everything that has happened with this team in the past few months has been the Prez’s vision. As it should […]

Everyone Saw Jaime Moyer Being Sent To The Bullpen Coming, Everyone Except Jamie Moyer

No matter how you feel about the Phillies’ decision to send Jaime Moyer to the bullpen, I know you saw this coming. The minute that the Phillies began jet-setting to the Dominican Republic to watch Pedro Martinez throw the ball around, Moyer was done. And that goes without mentioning the addition of Cliff Lee. But […]

The Glory Lines 8/12/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! RICK PORCELLO TAKES DOWN YOUKILIS (The World of Isaac) Who Can We Add to the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players List? (The Hoop Doctors) Dissin’ the Dodgers (More Hardball) In Memoriam: The […]

3 hottest coaching seats in the NFL

The NFL season is just about here, translation for bad coaches, you are roughly 6 months away from being fired. No coaching job is safe anymore, but there are 3 in particular that are sitting on extremely warm seats. Wade Phillips- The Cowboys 62-year-old coach is a nice guy, but nice doesn’t cut it in […]

Hey Look Everybody, It’s A Letter From David Kahn

Gather round children, for we have just received a letter from your favorite and our favorite Prez of Basketball Operations, David Kahn. I know you’re undoubtedly sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting to hear what the Kahn has to say because this guy is revolutionizing the Prez of Basketball Operations position right before […]

The Glory Lines 8/11/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Reggie Miller Gets Put In His Place (Awful Announcing) USC Football Team Sings “Lean On Me” In Meeting (Rumors and Rants) Ohio State Football Profile: Dan “Boom” Herron (Paneech) 10 fabulously […]

Patrick Kane really loves his money

Would you fight for 20 cents? I wouldn’t, even amidst the present peril of our economy, but Patrick Kane feelings are contrary to my beliefs. The Blackhawks 20-year-old star, along with his cousin James, allegedly roughed up a cab driver early Sunday after the cab driver told the duo he didn’t have the proper change […]

Ozzie Guillen Vows That Retailiation Is A Must

Ozzie Guillen has had enough of the chin music opposing pitchers have been playing for his players. In fact, Guillen vows that his pitchers will begin to dole out some chin music of their own. Guillen was pushed over the top after Saturday’s game where Paul Konerko, Scott Podsednik and Gordon Beckham all got hit […]

The Tennessee Titans Unveil Their Most Creative Play On The First Drive Of Their First Preseason Game

Someone forgot to tell Jeff Fisher and the crew that last night’s Hall of Fame game was just a preseason game. Because they weren’t informed, they dialed up the best play that organization has run since The Music City Miracle. But let’s not complain. It was football and it’s back! Fan of No Guts, No […]

Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind is a recap of some of the most captivating stories of the previous sports week. Feds is a papa! Tennis champ Roger Federer and wife Mirka Vavrinec welcomed their little bundles of joy into the world on July 23. The couple gave us our first glimpse of twin girls Charlene Riva and […]