Here’s An Australian Football League Headshot To Start Your Day

Let me introduce you to Jordan Lewis. He’s an Australian Football League player. And he’s about to be knocked out cold. And after he’s knocked out cold, play will continue around him like he’s not even there. But have no fear, he will return to this game. Concussed and all. And now since I’ve already […]

Kevin Durant Feels Disrespected By Phil Jackson’s Comments

As we all know, the NBA playoffs start Saturday, but the trash talking has already started. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder is getting a lot of extra attention due to Phil Jackson’s comments about Kevin Durant’s star treatment. Well Durant was not amused and even gave nut Jackson some props. “I […]

Tiger Woods To Play Quail Hollow Next

The “Tiger Woods Is Returning To Golf” media circus will make its next stop in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Quail Hollow Championship later this month. Mark your calendars. Tiger Woods officially committed Thursday to play in the Quail Hollow Championship later this month at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C. The tournament will […]

Nets Players Celebrate The Ending Of Their Season With Tequila Shots And Blondes

The NBA season has come to an end. A number of teams have been looking forward to this day because now their real season begins. The New Jersey Nets however, have been looking forward to this day because it would finally end the pain and agony of a 12-69 season. So like every end to […]

Florida Gators Billboard Plans To Taunt The FSU Seminoles For A Good Cause

The billboard that you are looking at was made by the folks at Gator Tailgating for charity. If you follow college football, you know that FSU hasn’t been victorious over Florida since the infamous “Swindle in the Swamp” game in 2003. As you can tell, the Gators are very proud of themselves and the guys […]

Report: Eddie Jordan To Get The Axe Today

Man. This sure isn’t your father’s NBA anymore. These days, NBA coaches only get a year to produce. And it doesn’t matter if your team gets bit with the injury bug. You still get the axe. A fact that 76ers’ coach, Eddie Jordan will know all too well later today. PHILADELPHIA — Eddie Jordan and […]

Brett Favre Sees Fit That Each Of His Teammates Has A Pair Of Wranglers

Boy that Brett Favre is one heck of a teammate. Do you know what he did for all his Minnesota teammates? Do you? Well, brace yourself because this is the single most selfless thing any football player has done for his teammates. You ready? He gave his teammates (wait for it)……..a pair of Wrangler jeans! […]

In Hong Kong, Streakers Climb Goalposts And Wear Furry Costumes

This is a first for us when it comes to streakin’. One, because this bit of streakin’ takes place at a rugby match. And two, the guy streakin’ decides to do his thang in a furry costume. Not sure what that is all about, but he is able to move quite well in it. Points […]

Ron Artest Is Growing A Playoff Beard Like No Other Playoff Beard You’ve Ever Seen

The playoffs are just around the corner. Are you ready? I am. Mainly because it’s the only brand of NBA basketball I can stomach to watch. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Pictured above is Ron Artest in his element. His element being, doing anything that rational people wouldn’t do. Well for the […]

Doc Rivers On His Way Out In Boston?

There has always been speculation about Doc Rivers leaving the Celtics to spend more time with his family. But now, that speculation is slowly turning into a legitimate possibility. CHICAGO – It is quite possible Doc Rivers is nearing the end of his run as coach of the Celtics . Sources have told the Herald […]