Report: Peyton Manning had an unreported neck procedure

And you thought the Peyton Manning saga couldn’t stand anymore drama.  Well, you were wrong.  The latest is that Peyton Manning had a fourth neck procedure that went previously unreported. SI’s Don Banks has the details of the surgery that Peyton underwent during the lockout when teams had limited medical contact with injured players.

Ron Jaworski is leaving the Monday Night Football team

Ron Jaworski is leaving the Monday Night Football booth to join ESPN’s Sunday and Monday night pregame shows.  So that leaves Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden in a two man booth where Tirico will do his normal play-by-play and Gruden will do his normal “never saying a bad thing about anyone”.

Mark Sanchez asked Santonio Holmes to be his Valentine

Yes, it’s a joke, so a lot of time shouldn’t be spent on it. But for real, Mark? This just opens him up to so many criticisms. Such as: Forget cookies; how about throw some accurate passes his way. Via Pro Football Talk

You may enjoy Randy Moss’ Ustream exploits but NFL executives may not

In just the past week, Randy Moss has taken to his Ustream channel to announce he’s returning to football, interact with his fans, and to show the world hair that he says “smells like sauerkraut”. This is all rather entertaining for us, but it reportedly isn’t very entertaining for one particular NFL executive. In fact, […]

And here’s Jeremy Lin’s game winner in Toronto

The legend of Jeremy Lin continues to grow….

Colts owner Jim Irsay says he would love to have Peyton Manning back

The latest in the Peyton Manning saga comes from Colts owner Jim Irsay. Irsay has now come out and stated that the Colts would love for Peyton Manning to complete his career in Indianapolis, but Peyton would have to restructure his contract. Translation: It’s all on you, Peyton.

The Lakers are just waiting for Metta World Peace to lose his mind

This should come of no surprise but some of Metta World Peace’s (or Ron Artest) teammates are counting down the days until he has a full on meltdown.  Now, to be fair, Peace has been a rather peaceful (yes, that was on purpose) teammate while in Los Angeles.  But that was under Phil Jackson’s regime.  […]

John McClain just rained on the “Peyton Manning is interested in the Houston Texans” parade.

Just in case you don’t know who John McClain is, he writes for the Houston Chronicle. And based on the tweet above, any Texans fan dreaming of Manning joining the Texans should just forget it. Pretty harsh there, John. But McClain didn’t stop there. He went ahead and wrote about the multiple reasons why Peyton […]

And here’s Chris Bosh screaming “Good Sh*t” in the middle of LeBron James’ postgame interview

Not much news here, but everyone likes to occasionally see profanity on national television.  Especially when it catches everyone involved off guard.

Kobe Bryant is in favor of the Lakers signing Gilbert Arenas

So this is what it has become for Kobe Bryant.  The man is so tired of taking the court and watching younger and quicker point guards put Derek Fisher in a torture chamber that he is reportedly in favor of bringing in Gilbert Arenas. Yes, the Gilbert Arenas that live tweets blind dates. But Kobe […]