Charlie Manuel Says It’s Ok To Boo Cole Hamels, Not That It Matters To Phillies Fans

To say Cole Hamels is struggling is an understatement. At this point, we may need to come up with a better word to describe Cole Hamels. But I’ll leave that part up to you. I’ll give a few minutes to mull over that….. Got one? Good. So now that you’ve come up with your new […]

LeBron James’ Mother, Gloria James Arrested For Assault

Word is beginning to trickle out from Miami that Gloria James was arrested on for misdemeanor assault at the Fontainebleau Hotel earlier this morning. Not many details are available at the moment, but you know they will be. And when they are, we’ll give them to you. LeBron’s Mom Arrested for Assault: Police (NBC Miami)

The Glory Lines: Kyrie Irving Declares For The NBA Draft, Stephen Garcia Suspended Indefinitely After Showing Up Drunk, & LeBron James Buys Minority Stake In Liverpool Football Club

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at JOIN US FOR A VIGIL, PLEASE (EDSBS) Barry Bonds’ defense attorneys rest without calling one witness […]

And Here’s A Girl Riding A Cow That, Oh By The Way, Can Jump Like A Horse

Yep, I think this is a pretty good note to end the day on. I mean, how could we follow a girl riding a cow that actually jumps over stuff? The short answer? We can’t. So we won’t even try.

Man Who Is A Fan Of Wearing Red Sox Pajamas Is Also A Fan Of Robbing Convenience Stores

The Boston Red Sox may be struggling at 0-4 on the diamond, but in the world of crime, they are leading the league. Last week, it was a man wearing a Red Sox hat robbing banks, this week it’s a man wearing Red Sox pajamas robbing a convenience store. Yes, you read that right. Police […]

Auburn Gymnast Does The Heisman, Alabama Fans Don’t Respond Too Well

Yes, it’s a gymnastics post. And yes, this probably won’t happen ever again. So let’s take it in. Shall we? So here we have Auburn gymnast Rachel Innis doing the Heisman during her floor exercise at the NCAA Regionals that just so happened to be in Tuscaloosa. And being that this was in Tuscaloosa, you […]

Rickie Fowler Learned Pretty Quickly That Wearing Your Hat Backwards Isn’t Tolerated At Augusta National

Augusta National is long known for its exclusivity and rules. What you may get away with at other tournaments, you just can’t get away with at the Masters. So you’re left with two choices. Fall in line or take whatever you want to do outside the gates of Augusta National. Rarely does a golfer attempt […]

The Ole Miss Black Bear’s First Public Appearance Goes About As Well As You Thought It Would

And how did we all think it would go? Bad. But so bad that little children would be visibly upset at the sight of Ole Miss’ newly elected mascot? Not one could’ve predicted that. But it happened.

Duke Fan Writes A Sarcastic Open Letter To Kyrie Irving Urging Him To Leave Duke

If you follow college basketball, you may have heard that Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving is in the running to be the top pick in this year’s NBA draft. Well, this particular Duke fan knows that as well. so he proceeds to tell Irving that he should declare for the draft, but with a […]

The Glory Lines: Everyone Loves Skylar Diggins, The Jim Tressel Tattoos And Pawn T-Shirt, & Phillies Fans Do Keg Stands On A Train

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at Anti-Jim Tressel t-shirt causes quite the stir (Orlando Sentinel) Judge bars use of secret tape in […]