Nick Saban High was proposed as the name for new high school in Montgomery, Alabama

We all know in Alabama, football is right up there with your religion and your children. Some would say that either Auburn or Alabama football is their religion. And the players for each school? They’re like children. So in other words, it’s pretty important in the eyes of the citizen of Alabama. So it makes […]

Meanwhile in Brazil, police dogs are biting soccer players who argue with the referee

Let us set the scene. The referee’s assistant has just overturned a decision to disallow a Caxias goal in a match between Caxias and Novo Hamburgo. As expected, Caxias players descend on the officials to plead their case. From there policemen with German Shepards make their way on to the pitch which leads to Caxias […]

And here’s the North Carolina-Maryland lacrosse brawl from Saturday

The North Carolina-Maryland lacrosse match was in the final minute of action when a Maryland player landed a head shot on a North Carolina player. From there, the two went at it and the next thing you know, there was a full on brawl.

Report: Frank Martin has agreed to become South Carolina’s next basketball coach

Not quite sure what’s involved here, but reportedly Kansas State head coach Frank Martin has agreed to take the same position at South Carolina. A head scratching move indeed.

Because they’re serious about winning a championship this season, Knicks hang NBA championship trophy photos in their locker room

We’ve discussed Mike Woodson’s belief that the Knicks could win a championship this season, but we didn’t take them very seriously. And neither did you. It’s not uncommon for a coach to be optimistic and try to build his squad up with positive words. We thought he was being very optimistic, but we understood what […]

Kentucky fans celebrated their Final Four berth by burning couches, televisions

The moment it was official that the Kentucky Wildcats were off to yet another Final Four, we knew that Kentucky fans would take to the streets to celebrate. And in Kentucky, that apparently means burning household objects such as couches and televisions. Heck, they burned so much that Lexington police had to close some roads. […]

And here’s LeBron James and the Miami Heat wearing hoodies for Trayvon Martin

Respect. Via @KingJames

If you ask Heath Bell, he’s “totally Kenny Powers”

Full Disclosure: We don’t watch Eastbound & Down and we’ve never seen this Kenny Powers character that everyone talks about in action. He seems like an enjoyable character, but we just haven’t gotten into it. But enough of that. Let’s get to Marlins’ pitcher Heath Bell’s affinity for Kenny Powers. An affinity so strong that […]

Congressman says if Duke was playing the Taliban, he’d pull for the Taliban

The man pictured to the left holding the panda is Democratic congressman Brad Miller. Miller is a pretty big North Carolina fan and like most North Carolina fans he hates Duke. He is able to tolerate the other teams on Tobacco Road, but Duke? Not so much. So when Brown explained how he sees his […]

Tim Tebow reportedly believes he can beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job

When the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, they thought they were getting a guy that would generate buzz and could sprinkle in a few big plays here and there while running the Wildcat. But apparently what they are getting is a guy that is dead set on being the starter in New York. A guy […]