What does $1B look like? Tiger Woods knows

Tiger Woods has been the richest athlete in the world for some time now but he’s recently entered another threshold. While most athletes and their agents negotiate contracts that pay millions, Tiger’s negotiations has put him over the $1B mark. Yes, $1B! The 33-year-old Woods entered the golf season with an estimated $900M net worth […]

The Glory Lines 10/2/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Everyone’s Disgusted with the Browns… (Thunder Treats/ WFNY) Billboard For FOX NFL Sunday Promotes Game That Doesn’t Air On Fox Or On Sunday (KSK) “Final” UFL rosters include a Super Bowl […]

Bronson Arroyo Assures Us That He Didn’t Rub Those Balls With Pine Tar

We have controversy! And who doesn’t love controversy? After last night’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds, John Smoltz complained that he couldn’t get a good grip on any of the balls. His grip was so bad, he walked five batters in the second and third innings alone. His counterpart, Reds’ […]

Best Of The Best: Ponytails

Ponytails. Many men have tried to pull it off, though only a select few have managed to do so effectively. Here are a few of the male athletes that have tried to sport the hairstyle recently. Whether their attempt was successful or not is totally a subjective opinion. My belief is that no man should […]

Green Bay Legends Don’t Exactly Support Brett Favre’s Choice Of New Team

With so many story-lines surrounding this weekend’s matchup between the Vikings and the Packers, none are bigger than Brett Favre donning his once arch enemy’s jersey. To us common folk, we just see Favre as he is. We all knew he was capable of this and weren’t the least bit surprised when he actually did it. […]

Mike Vick Back With Nike

Mike Vick has only played in one NFL regular season game. He isn’t a starting quarterback and we have no idea if he will ever be the man again. But despite those things, Nike is back on the Mike Vick bandwagon, just two short years after jumping off. NEW YORK — Michael Vick is back […]

The Glory Lines 10/1/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! 15 Best I Hate Brett Favre Shirts For Vikings-Packers Week (The Angry T) THE QUARTERBACK FINAL DESTINATION WATCH (EDSBS) Brett Favre Tix Bailout: Win Two Seats To Prima Donna Vs. Green […]

This Is How You Tailgate When You Don’t Have To Worry About The Outcome Of The Game

At Duke University, the tailgating for the football games are a bit unorthodox. You see when you pretty much know that the football has about a 70% chance of losing later that day, you figure that you may as well expend all of your energy during the tailgating festivities. While most of your tailgates consists […]

Will Artest sink the ship in L.A.?

It’s not much of a stretch to imply that Ron Artest has a few screws loose upstairs, but he’s pretty good on the court. During his NBA career, his problem has been the inability to keep his off court persona off the court. Artest has been fined, suspended and traded several times and his character […]

Mangini won’t last long in Cleveland

Cleveland Browns’ head coach Eric Mangini took a page of a college coach’s playbook when he held an open competition for the starting QB position, a competition that lasted until the end of preseason. Brady Quinn was named the starter then, but after struggling through 10 quarters of the season has been replaced by back […]