Rampage Jackson To Retire From UFC?

According to Jackson’s official website, he’s is done fighting. And it seems that the main reason that he’s retiring is because of how he felt he was treated by Dana White and UFC. The UFC has done a lot for me but I think I have done more for them. The UFC bought WFA to […]

The Glory Lines 9/23/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Derrick Rose and a hairy Dwight Schrute (Ball Don’t Lie) Screen Pass: The Football All-Stars (FanHouse) Tony Dorsett On Tony Romo: “He hasn’t done anything really in the National Football League […]

Linebacker’s Tweet Attacks Fans And Makes Mike Greenberg All Red In The Face

Washington Redskins’ rookie linebacker, Robert Henson was upset with Redskins’ fans Sunday as some of them let the boo birds fly. Well Henson, who hasn’t played in a game this season, decided to do a little venting through his twitter account. “All you fake half hearted Skins fan can .. I won’t go there but […]

Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Keezy W. will be handling this season’s NFL power rankings here at No Guts. For some reason he’s a Denver Broncos fan so any jokes about the Broncos or complaints about these rankings should be done in the comments. Week 2 is in the books, and what a week it was. There were quite a […]

The Best Seats In The House Turn Out To Be The Worst Seats At Cowboys Stadium

The Party Pass at the new crown jewel of Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones was supposed to be the best standing area in the house. You were supposed to be able to hang out with your peoples, have some drinks, all the while watching the game on a huge video screen.seat Well, it didn’t exactly […]

Herschel Walker to began MMA career

Another celebrity/former athlete has decided to join the ranks of the MMA community. A glaring difference with this celebrity, Herschel Walker, is that he already has a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so his skill set and size won’t hurt him in the octagon. 12-weeks of training will prelude his entrance into the […]

Lane Kiffin and Urban Meyer Are Still Going At It

J Will drops in to chronicle the post-game war of words between Urban Meyer and Lane Kiffin. Days after Florida’s 23-13 win over Tennessee, both coaches are still firing shots at each other. After the game Urban Meyer admitted that they were conservative, but didn’t feel like he had to bring out the big plays. […]

The Glory Lines 9/22/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! 10 STRANGE PICTURES FROM SUNDAY’S NFL GAMES (The World of Issac) Herschel Walker Signs With Strikeforce (FanHouse) CHIP KELLY IS A MAN OF HIS WORD. SERIOUSLY. (EDSBS) Astros fire manager Cecil […]

Stackhouse may start NBA season unemployed

The economic meltdown has had a adverse effect on the sports world and has definitely hit the veteran players in the wallet. Vets in all sports, even those who can still contribute, have been cut, released and have gone unsigned at a much higher rate than ever before. Former Mavericks guard Jerry Stackhouse has first […]

Antoine Walker Takes A Break From His Vegas Pursuits To Inform Us That Four Teams Have Interest In Him

We all know about Antoine Walker’s gambling issues. We also know that he has to pay those debts off somehow, right? Why not dupe any team to pay you money to sit on the bench? According to SI’s, Chris Mannix, that’s exactly Walker’s plan. Mannix and Walker bumped into each other at the MGM Grand in Las […]