NCAA Doles Out The Harsh Punishment Of A Seven-Day Stay At A Waterfront Resort For Jim Tressel’s Wrong Doing

Ouch. Seven days? A waterfront resort? In Florida? In June? You are a merciless tyrant, NCAA.

And Here’s A Baserunner Scoring From First Base On A Bunt

Chris Synder, pay close attention. Yes, Dee Gordon of the Albuquerque Isotopes got help with this feat by way of an error. But c’mon. This dude just scored from first base on a bunt. That aint supposed to happen. But it does around the 1:23 mark. Via Hardball Talk

Reggie Bush’s Attempt To Tell A Lockout Joke On Twitter Ends The Way You Thought It Would

No one confuses Reggie Bush to be the sharpest pencil in the drawer, but we all thought he knew better than making a lockout joke on Twitter. Well by the looks of it, he obviously doesn’t. And just in case you thought he knew to stop there, you though wrong, again. He decided to go […]

Dennis Rodman To Retire His Jersey At A New York Strip Club, As He Should

There are a couple of things that quickly come to mind when you hear the name Dennis Rodman. Here’s a brief list of them: 1) Great rebounder 2) Nut case 3) Cross dresser 4) Strip club aficionado Now let’s discuss whether or not Rodman should be honored for these “skills”. 1) Great rebounder – The […]

The Glory Lines: First Rumor Of Phil Jackson Coaching The Knicks Next Season Is Floated, Mariners Dump Milton Bradley, & Maryland Hires Mark Turgeon

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at Tom Brady looks to be auditioning for ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley 2′ (Shutdown Corner) Mark Turgeon […]

While Shane Mosely Was Busy Healing Up After Saturday’s Fight, Manny Pacquaio Was Busy Performing ‘La Bamba’

Didn’t get the chance to catch the Pacquaio fight? No problem. You really don’t need to see the fight to know that Manny Pacquaio won. All you need to see is this video of Pacquaio on stage belting out “La Bamba” in his soothing voice. Now would anyone do such a thing hours after losing […]

According To Inquirer Writer, 76ers Will Look To Trade Andre Iguodala This Offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers surprised everyone by making the playoffs and now boasts one of the NBA’s young and upcoming teams. With that said, it looks like 76ers coach Doug Collins is trying to make a change and it’s a big one. According to 76ers’ beat writer Kate Fagan, Collins likes his young core players led […]

That Recording By St. Augustine Police Was Just Enough For The Charges To Be Reduced Against Cody Larson And Erik Murphy

Remember that recording that St. Augustine police secretly took of Cody Larson and Erik Murphy basically admitting their crimes? The recordings that made you say to yourself, “man they are screwed.”? Yeah, that recording. Well wouldn’t you know it, they are not screwed. In fact, even with a recording that screams felony, their charges have […]

Desperate For A MVP Candidate To Call Their Own, Knicks Fans Chant M-V-P For Amar’e Stoudemire While He’s Out Having Lunch

Knicks fans were finally able to cheer some semblance of NBA team this season as Amar’e Stoudemire, and later Carmelo Anthony, led the Knicks to their first playoff appearance in an eternity. Having tasted the playoffs, Knicks fans have now turned their attention to trying to catapult one of their own into the MVP discussion. […]

Let’s Start The Week With Kevin Harvick Attempting To Punch Kyle Busch And/Or Kyle Busch’s Car

Yep, it’s a Nascar post. So you know what that means, someone either got punched or tried to punch someone. The latter happened at Saturday’s Showtime Southern 500 when Kevin Harvick briefly stalked Kyle Busch on the track, then he decided to jump out of his moving car to try to punch Busch’s moving car. […]