Kevin Durant Owns A Kobe Bryant Fan On Draft Night

Kevin Durant was on Twitter during the NBA Draft and it was all good until one of Kobe’s fans came out of the woodwork with a smart comment. Well Kevin Durant responded accordingly. I’m sure many players feel this way. And I, for one, am glad Durant answered like this. Have some breaking news or […]

US Doesn’t Fare Well Against Ghana In Lego Version Either

If you had hopes that the Lego version of the USA-Ghana match from Saturday yielded a different outcome, spoiler alert, it doesn’t it. Have some breaking news or an interesting story we should see? Hit us up at

Charlie Villanueva Answers All Of Your NBA Free Agency Questions

Detroit Pistons forward, Charlie Villanueva took time out of his busy offseason to make your NBA free agency ride a little less bumpy. Because Villanueva is such a great guy, he took to Twitter last night and answered the three big questions surrounding the free agency period that begins on Thursday. 1. Will LeBron re-sign […]

The Glory Lines 6/28/10

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! The 10 most awkward NHL Draft rookie glamour shots (Puck Daddy) Bulls May Be Front-Runners in James Sweepstakes (New York Times) Sources: Celtics targeting Brad Miller (Yahoo! Sports) Marlins no longer […]

Giants’ Rookie Chad Jones Involved In Serious Car Accident

Sad news coming out of Lousiana as ex-LSU star, Chad Jones was involved in a serious car accident that could cost him one of his legs. Chad Jones lost control of his SUV Monday morning and crashed into a streetcar pole, seriously injuring the former LSU football and baseball standout and injuring two others. Jones, […]

Albert Haynesworth’s Ex-Wife Is Here To Jump On The Pile

The criticism pile on Albert Haynesworth has gotten pretty well populated over the past few weeks. And though, Haynesworth seems to be oblivious as to why all this criticism is coming his way, the pile continues to grow. Speaking of that growing pile, we just got word of a new addition, in the person of […]

Ron Artest Thinks Winning A Title Gets You Anything, Including Women

Ron Artest has been on a roll since the Lakers won the NBA title. We all remember his classic press conference with quotes that only he can get away with. Now, Artest has turned his sights to talk show hosts. And first up is Chelsea Handler. During her show “Chelsea Lately”, Artest showed up with […]

Arrest Warrant Issued For Eddy Curry

New York Knicks’ center, Eddy Curry is a wanted man. Not because of his play on the court. We all know that no one wants him for that. But because of some money that he refuses to pay up on from a civil suit against him. And according to the Chicago Sun Times, it revolves […]

The Glory Lines 6/25/10

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Clinton, Bocanegra drinking celebratory Budweisers (Dirty Tackle) Boozy aftermath of Saints’ win revealed in Sean Payton’s book (USA Today) Celtics veteran Rasheed Wallace to retire after 15 seasons ( Mets, Twins […]

Favre is talking to the papers again

Just as he’s done for the past few years, Brett Favre has began his summer chatter with the media. The 40-year-old QB had surgery on his injured ankle earlier this year, just in case he decides to come back for a 20th NFL season. “The great Procrastinator” told the Sun Herald on Thursday on the […]