Danny Ainge Wants You To Believe That The Kendrick Perkins Trade Is Not The Reason The Celtics Lost

Just look at that face. Is that the face of a man that is coming to grips that he may have single handedly blown the chances of the Celtics winning another championship? If you ask 100% of Celtics fans, the answer is yes. But Ainge doesn’t agree. And yes, the Kendrick Perkins trade may not […]

Let’s Watch Radford And High Point Joust Away A Rain Delay

Ah, the college baseball rain delay. Such a glorious time. A time where creativity runs rampant in the rain. This weekend’s game between Radford and High Point was no different. Behold, as two knights, who just so happen to play baseball at Radford and High Point, delight the crowd in a display of medieval jousting.

Of Course Dennis Rodman Is Planning To Bring Midgets And Drag Queens To His NBA Hall Of Fame Induction

[text-box]While having his jersey retired at a New York strip club, Dennis Rodman took the time to plan how he can make a spectacle of upcoming induction into the NBA Hall of Fame. And of course, midgets and drag queens are part of the plans. While partying till 3 a.m. with guests including Tracy Morgan […]

Let’s Start The Day With Taj Gibson Dunking All On Dwyane Wade

The much anticipated series between the Heat and Bulls kicked off last night with the Bulls taking game 103-82. As if the Bulls running away with the game weren’t enough of an exclamation point, Taj Gibson added his own on the head of Dwyane Wade. But don’t be dismayed D. Wade fans; Wade is still […]

$12,500 Doesn’t Go As Far As It Use To

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are heading to the Eastern Conference Finals after defeating the Boston Celtics in five games. Big things are expected of the Heat this year and this summer D-Wade expects big money from his fans. The 29-year-old superstar, is hosting a fantasy camp for fans 35 years old and up […]

Robert “Tractor” Traylor Found Dead

[text-box]Former Michigan standout Robert “Tractor” Traylor was found dead in his apartment Puerto Rico. Traylor is said to have died from a massive heart attack. Traylor was playing professionally in Puerto Rico where he played for the Central Bayamon Cowboys in the National Superior Basketball League. Traylor was 34.[/text-box]

If Anyone Finds Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Please Let Glen “Big Baby” Know

We all knew that the Kendrick Perkins trade would have unwanted effects. We knew that Danny Ainge had basically blown the Celtics’ chance at another championship. That was obvious. We also knew that grown men would cry about it. Definitely obvious. But what wasn’t obvious was the effect it would have on other players. Namely, […]

Jim Hendry Hugs Albert Pujols And Cubs Fans Instantly Have Something To Hope For

[text-box]Does this hug between Cubs general manager Jim Hendry and Albert Pujols mean anything? Probably not. But we Cubs fans don’t have much to hope for these days, so let us have this, ok? Good. We’re so getting Albert Pujols. You just watch.[/text-box]

Here’s A Tarp Guy Losing A Battle With The Tarp At Coors Field

If there is a tarp guy handbook, and there really should be, here are the guidelines that should be written in it. 1. You must sprint at all time2. When rolling or unrolling the tarp, make sure you have a good grip3. Never find yourself under the tarp. This fella breaks at least two of […]

The Glory Lines: Photos Of Tony LaRussa’s Eye, Gus Johnson Joins Fox, & Plaxico Burress To Be Released From Prison Next Month

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