If You Aint Over 6-8, The 76ers Aint Drafting You

The Doug Collins regime in Philadelphia isn’t one that keeps their draft strategy quiet. They are all about transparency. And they have no problem letting us know who they will draft and who they won’t draft. So to all you guards and forwards out there, that happen to be under 6-8, listen up. The Philadelphia […]

Here’s George W. Bush Almost Getting Hit By A Foul Ball

Former president George W. Bush headed out to the Rangers-White Sox game yesterday hoping to see some good baseball action. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t think he would be involved in some good baseball action. Whether he expected it or not, the latter happen when a foul ball was hit in the direction of […]

Let’s Start The Day With Charles Barkley Giving Miami Heat Fans The One Finger Salute

It was only a matter of time before Sir Charles gave us something to talk about. If you watched the TNT post game show after the Miami Heat victory Sunday, You know that the fans were giving Barkley all he could handle. Barkley even threatened a fan live on the air because they were getting […]

Joakim Noah Fined $50K For Yelling Homophobic Slur At Fan

[text-box]The NBA handed down a $50K fine to Joakim Noah for yelling some not so nice things in the direction of a Miami Heat fan last night. And just in case you’re wondering, Noah was fine was less that Kobe’s $100K because “Kobe’s fine included discipline for verbal abuse of a game official”. I guess.[/text-box]

Bernard Hopkins’ Victory Over Jean Pascal Makes Him The Oldest Boxer To Win A World Title

You have to give Hopkins credit. He’s been one of the best defensive fighters ever and he proved it again against Jean Pascal. He even did push ups before the 7th round, which really pissed Pascal off. Hopkins should help Roy Jones Jr since he was knocked silly in his past fight.

Mets Owner Fred Wilpon Takes Time Out Of His Busy Schedule To Take Shots At A Few Of His Players

Being an owner of a Major League Baseball team is no doubt a time consuming job. Being the owner of the New York Mets in the middle of a financial crisis is no doubt even more time consuming. But Fred Wilpon isn’t sweating, or sweating it. He apparently has free time. Free time that he […]

And Here’s Your Obligatory Sammy Sosa Skin Update

Getting darker again…..

Joakim Noah Said A Few Words To A Fan That Will Probably Get Him Fined

Those pesky television cameras catch everything. First, they caught Kobe Bryant calling NBA referee Bernie Adams a not so nice thing. And last night, they caught Joakim Noah calling a Miami fan a not so nice thing. Noah might as well write his check to the NBA now.

Let’s Start The Day With Roy Jones Jr. Getting Knocked Out By Denis Lebedev

Oh, you didn’t know that Roy Jones Jr. was still trying to fight? Well surprise, surprise. He is. But after this weekend’s bout against Russian Denis Lebedev, he just may better not be any longer. Because Jones has refused to recognize that his best years were long gone, the man who once was thought of […]

Bart Scott Seems To Think We’ll Start Thinking The Jets Are A Joke If They Don’t Make The Super Bowl

Now I know that professional athletes are a bit disconnected from the real world, but I wasn’t aware that the problem can be this severe. So apparently, Jets linebacker who obviously can’t wait thinks that we regular folk will start to see the Jets as a “joke” if they don’t make the Super Bowl. But […]