Where’s the easiest place to catch up with Usain Bolt?

It’s definitely not on any track, but I think I know just the place. All he needs is a little Guinness and a club full of Jamaica’s finest women and he’ll slow down just enough for an interview. (1:27 mark in the video)

2008 Summer Olympics Games End

Sadly, the 29th Olympiad has come to a close. The much scrutinized Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics without the occurence of any major glitches. The closing ceremony was just as innovative and entertaining as the opening ceremony. China not only was a gracious host, but its athletes were also fierce competitors winning a total […]

Lou Holtz Pep Talk Saturday

With College Football’s opening weekend just a week away, there’s so much to be excited about. None more than the weekly installment of the Lou Holtz Pep Talk. Each week, Lou will bless us with another pep talk and each week I will dissect them. In honor of the opening weekend I present to you […]

Olympics are in full swing

The 2008 Summer Olympics Games are finally upon us, again. The 29th Olympiad officially began last Saturday in Beijing,China. The best athletes from around the world from countries big and small have come to display their talents and represent their nations. From Archery to Wrestling the Olympic Games markets a wide diversity sports, so many […]

Brett on Broadway

Finally the Brett Favre drama is over, at least for the moment. Favre was traded by the Green Bay Packers on August 7 to the New York Jets who obviously sold their team and city better than the Tampa Bay Bucs. With the trade, the Jets have quickly become the second best team in the […]

The thrill is gone! (And so is the "Stache")

So, Jason Giambi has decided to cut his mustache to break him out the funk he has been in lately. Giambi was hitting .234 with three homeruns for the month of July and followed that up with a 0-for-9 start in August. Giambi insists that he’s growing it back, but you know what they say, […]

Wie has come up short again

18 year-old golfer Michelle Wie has fallen short again. She has now failed to qualify for weekend play in all 8 of the PGA Tour events she has played in. Wie scored a second-round 80 at the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open Friday. Though she shot a respectable 1 over 73 on Thursday, a quintuple-bogey on the […]

Prediction Time!

I’m calling it now, the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series! In probably the most important series thus far, the Cubs took care of business at “Wrigley North” and swept all four games in their series with the Milwaukee Brewers. The week began with the Cubs up a measly one game on the Brewers […]

Brett, enough is enough!

With 442 touchdowns passes, over 61,000 passing yards, 3 NFL MVP awards along other countless awards and accolades, Brett Favre is one of the greatest players to ever play in the NFL, but refuses to leave while he still has some dignity. Green Bay Packers President, Mark Murphy, traveled to Mississippi Wednesday to attempt to […]

I wish I was a little bit taller

Much to my dismay, the Detroit Pistons have reportedly reached a verbal on a contract with former No. 1 pick, Kwame Brown. Reportedly Kwame is going to be allowed to steal $8 million dollars over two years. Talk about living the American Dream. Luckily, at this point it’s only a verbal agreement so there’s still […]

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