Apparently, You Can’t Wear A ‘Yankees Suck’ T-Shirt At Tropicana Field

Wearing a “Yankees Suck” t-shirt at Yankee Stadium probably isn’t a good idea. But a wearing a “Yankees Suck” t-shirt at Tropicana Field? While the hometown Rays are playing the Yankees? And worn by a long time season ticket holder? That should be applauded, right? Wrong says Tropicana Field security. Melton H. Little, who just […]

James Harrison Responds To The NFL’s Latest Rule Change By Calling Rule Makers ‘Idiots’

In their continual effort to turn the NFL to a flag football league, the NFL has new policy in the works that has been immediately dubbed, “The Steelers Rule”. This rule would not only fine a player for a hit that is deemed illegal by the league, the team itself would be fined for it […]

Barry Bonds To Pay For Brian Stow’s Kids College

[text-box]I know the national media isn’t used to Barry Bonds doing something nice, which probably explains the lack of coverage. But Bonds has indeed done something nice for hospitalized Giants fan Brian Stow. Bonds not only offered to pay for Stow’s children to go to college, he also spent an hour in Stow’s room and […]

Carlos Boozer, Stick Rider

There is a moment for most of us when we realize that someone around us, or in this case on our television, is a stick rider. Last night during game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, we had one of those moments. You may have noticed that Carlos Boozer looks pretty pumped in the above […]

Questionable Decisions: Kris Humphries Engaged To Kim Kardashian

[text-box]Boy, these young dudes, I tell ya. Back in my day, you wouldn’t marry someone that every one in the world has seen on a sex tape. But alas, Kris Humphries decided to pop the question to Kim Kardashian in the romantic backdrop of her bedroom. Fitting. “I didn’t expect this at all,” Kardashian, 30, […]

Let’s Start The Day With A TNT Cameraman Checking Out The Ladies In Miami

The life of a TNT cameraman working an Eastern Conference Finals game in Miami is a good one. You get an up close and personal of all the action on and off the court. Your on the court viewing habits are applauded by the world and your off the court viewing habits are invisible to […]

Jim Leyland Will Not Take Second Guessing From Fans That “Don’t Know Sh*t”

Many of Jim Leyland’s pitching staff decisions are being second guessed lately. And by lately, I mean he was just second guessed on his decision to pull Rick Porcello yesterday in the middle of a one-hitter against the Pirates. Now, even though Leyland doesn’t like to be second guessed by fans, he’s perfectly fine to […]

If You Aint Over 6-8, The 76ers Aint Drafting You

The Doug Collins regime in Philadelphia isn’t one that keeps their draft strategy quiet. They are all about transparency. And they have no problem letting us know who they will draft and who they won’t draft. So to all you guards and forwards out there, that happen to be under 6-8, listen up. The Philadelphia […]

Here’s George W. Bush Almost Getting Hit By A Foul Ball

Former president George W. Bush headed out to the Rangers-White Sox game yesterday hoping to see some good baseball action. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t think he would be involved in some good baseball action. Whether he expected it or not, the latter happen when a foul ball was hit in the direction of […]

Let’s Start The Day With Charles Barkley Giving Miami Heat Fans The One Finger Salute

It was only a matter of time before Sir Charles gave us something to talk about. If you watched the TNT post game show after the Miami Heat victory Sunday, You know that the fans were giving Barkley all he could handle. Barkley even threatened a fan live on the air because they were getting […]