The Glory Lines 12/1/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Yep, There Are Penguins Tobacco Pipes, Too (PSAMP) Brian Urlacher Thinks Cutler Destroyed the Bears’ Identity (NQTC) Tim Donaghy Has Found A Publisher (Deadspin) Marion Jones Attempting Comeback as Pro Basketball […]

Charlie Weis Reportedly Fired By Notre Dame

Information is beginning to trickle out on the inevitable. Sources close to the program say that Weis’ tenure is over after a record of 35-27. Charlie Weis is out as Notre Dame head football coach, a source close to the program told the Daily News. AD Jack Swarbrick has decided to make a change after […]

Shaq And Gilbert Arenas Ordered To Stay Away From Each Other?

We’re really not into getting involved with the rumors that swirl around the interwebs, but this one is pretty intriguing. By now, you know that Shaunie O’Neal has filed for a divorce from Shaq. You also know that the divorce stems from Shaq’s relationship with Gilbert Arenas’ fiancee, Laura Govan.  And you would guess that Arenas […]

Patrick Ewing Wants First Stab At Sinking Ship In New Jersey

Maybe that title is giving the New Jersey Nets a little too much credit. With a 0-17 start to the season, the ship in New Jersey may have already sunk. But now that Lawrence Frank has finally been fired, the Nets have to find a new skipper. Might as well continue with this ship theme, […]

The Glory Lines 11/30/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Jimmy Clausen Black Eye Pics (Larry Brown Sports) Young Viking Fans Kick Jay Cutler (Bear Goggles On) The 10 best NCAA basketball players of the decade (The Dagger) Tony’s Reality (HHR) […]

Questionable poses: Jimmy Clausen

Jimmy Clausen is a great college QB and may even be a good pro. He’s got accuracy, a great arm, and good size. Almost the prototypical QB. But this last week has been a little rough for the Fighting Irish star. He lost to the UConn Huskies on Saturday in OT and later was sucker […]

Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

NFL action in week 11 was filled with nail biters across the board and a couple of blowouts here and there in between. The Thanksgiving edition of the Power Rankings has many teams thankful for being in the playoff race at this point in the season especially the Jacksonville Jaguars, who in my opinion are the […]

Everyone’s Wearing Eye Black For Tim Tebow’s Last Home Game

Senior Tebow Day festivites will take place on Saturday with the annual tilt with Florida State. By all indications, it’s sure to be a rather emotional event. Now for you fans out there that are attending this tear jerker, the University of Florida implores you to show up a support their living legend.  And the […]

My Unborn Child Shall Tackle Like This

And I shall wear shirts to the game that have “Bonecrusher’s Dad” on the back. Or even “Lil’ Ray Lewis Minus The Murderings’” Dad. Via With Leather Fan of No Guts, No Glory? Subscribe to our feed! or Follow us on Twitter!

Over/Under: Which Coaches Will Be Back In 2010?

As the college football season winds to an end, so will the employment for some coaches. A couple of coaches have already been sent packing so here is the over/under percentage for a few coaches that I think are on the hot seat. Charlie Weis – Notre Dame I think a lot of people including Weis see […]