Golden State Names Mark Jackson Their New Head Coach

[text-box]The Golden State Warriors shocked some and amused others by hiring Mark Jackson as their new head coach. Jackson, who is currently a NBA analyst for ESPN/ABC, was said not to be the Warriors’ first choice. Or second choice. Or even third choice. But he ends up with the job. Now with talented, but young […]

Let’s Start The Day With Aaron Rome Laying Out Nathan Horton

Things got pretty chippy in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night. Well, until the Bruins went ahead and demolished the Canucks 8-1. And one could argue that Aaron Rome’s vicious hit on Nathan Norton was the catalyst for the demolishment. So Canucks fans, you now have your whipping boy.

Questionable Poses: Dennis Rodman Wearing Lingerie (Again)

We’ve had to endure this once before, but I guess Dennis Rodman wants us to endure this again. So here he is celebrating his 50th birthday at Axe Lounge wearing lingerie. Oh, and don’t thank me for what you’ve seen and what you’re about to see. All thanks can be sent to Black Sports Online.

Plaxico Burress Released From Prison

After spending 20 months in Oneida Correctional Facility, Plaxico Burress was finally released from prison this morning. Regardless if you feel his sentence was too harsh, too light, or just right, Burress is now a free man. So now come all the questions about Burress’ future. Some of which he and his agent Drew Rosenhaus […]

And Here’s Carlos Zambrano Saying What We All Think About The Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are currently 23-34 on paper, but to the human eye they look even worse. A glowing example of just how bad the Cubs are came in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. Long story short, Carlos Marmol blew a save (to of all people, Ryan Theriot), Albert Pujols ended the game with a […]

Pistons Show John Kuester The Door

[text-box]After conflicting reports of John Kuester’s fate as coach of the Detroit Pistons, Joe Dumars finally put all speculation to bed yesterday when he announced in a statement that Kuester would not return next season. The decision was made after a meeting between new owner Tom Gores and Kuester. So now that Kuester is out, […]

Let’s Start The Day With A F1 Marshall Running Onto The Track, Promptly Being Hit

I’m not familiar with the world of F1 racing, so I’m not quite sure what a F1 Marshall does. And furthermore, I’m not quite sure why a F1 Marshall would be running onto the track while cars are doing what cars are made to do. But that’s exactly what happened as Scuderia Toro Rosso driver […]

Nadal Headed Back To French Open Finals

On his 25th birthday the top seeded Rafael Nadal earned a trip back to the French Open Final. Earlier today, Nadal  defeated Andy Murray in straight sets to reach his sixth final in the last seven years at Roland Garros. Playing in the first of two semifinals, Nadal sits in the winner’s circle alone for moment; he’s […]

The Jim Tressel Steak Is No More

[text-box]If it hasn’t completely hit you that the Jim Tressel era in Columbus is over, this ought of do it. As of sometime this week, the Hyde Park steakhouse will no longer offer the 14-ounce, New York strip steak affectionately named after Tressel. “We love Jim Tressel, but he’s no longer the coach,” [restaurant co-founder […]

Let’s Start The Day With Chris Bosh’s Unique Way Of Calling For An Alley Oop

Let me first start off this post for apologizing. You should have to see a grown man with his tongue out this early in the morning. It would be okay if it was Michael Jordan type tongue, but it isn’t. Instead it’s the type of tongue that makes you feel all weird and creepy inside. […]