The Glory-Lines 10/8/2008

It’s Hump Day so here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Top Ten Tips for the Rays by Rays (Amphibious Sports Duo) Top 50 Sports Blogs: 3rd Quarter 2008 (The Sports Dollar) Ranking QBs by Likeability (East Coast Bias) Papelbon Ruins One Of Craig Sager’s Colorful Sport Coats […]

Big Ballin’, A-Rod style!

In the midst of an economic crisis where people everywhere are fearful about their economic futures, one man stands alone. That man is, Alex Rodriguez. Pictured here by New York Post photogs, Alex is actually using a $100 bill as a napkin! Now if that aint ballin, I don’t know what is………….. New York Post

George Karl is the law bringer!

So, according to the Boston Globe, NBA sources are saying that George Karl has laid down the law to his two All-Stars, Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. Apparently he told both Iverson and Anthony that “they would have to make a stronger effort to get their teammates more involved offensively.” In leyman’s terms he means, […]

I’ll holla Marvin! Lewis likely on the way out

Cincinnati Bengals coach, Marvin Lewis, is officially on the hot seat after falling short Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys, 31-22. The Bengals are now 0-5 and will try for their first win next week in New York against the Jets, possibly without Lewis at the helm. Lewis’ overall record with the team is an unimpressive […]

Rodgers is no Favre, No kidding

I must admit, I was one of the Brett Favre bashers during the summer’s “Favre or no Favre” saga. I thought that he should have retired and let the Green Bay Packers move on, but I don’t agree with the way the franchise handled the situation. After all, Favre is a legend and was a […]

Same ‘ole Cubs

Okay, we all know its been 100 years (1908) since the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series, but the last couple of seasons they have showed some promise during the regular season, I repeat the regular season. The Cubs have won back-to-back NL Central titles, 2007 & 2008, for the first time since 1907-08 […]

Glory-Lines 10/1/08

First day of the month so let’s start it off right Let’s take a look at some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Lisa Guerrero on Pats Fans: “Drunken, Dirty, Obnoxious” (Hugging Harold Reynolds) The Faces of Al Davis (The World of Isaac) Emmitt Gets His Pregame Groove On […]

Pat Riley is at it again!

As soon as I heard the news that Randy Pfund had resigned, I knew. Now, this Miami Herald article has given me all the proof that I need. Pat Riley has pushed another employee out for his gain. We’ve seen this before haven’t we? For all of you who don’t remember, Stan Van Gundy was […]

Thanks Ned! You’re the Best!

The Brewers Blog over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that apparently Ned Yost is getting his just due for the Brewers finally making it back to the postseason. General manager, Doug Melvin even became emotional while speaking about it. “I sent Ned an e-mail. He went through 93% of the season. I backed […]

NBA’s Top 5 title hopefuls

The 2007-08 NBA season proved to be one of the most exciting and surprising in recent memory. The Atlanta Hawks made the playoffs and gave the eventual champs a tough 7-game series. The Lakers won the Western Conference (57-25) and the Boston Celtics proved that you could win with 3 superstars on the roster. With […]

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