The Biggest Loser

For the second straight day, the resident Nebraskan,R.Gray drops by to talk a little basketball. With conference tournaments starting up yesterday in the major conferences, I decided to examine my most disappointing teams through the regular season. The top four fall within the Big 12, ACC, Big East, and Pac 10 conferences. #4 Texas In […]

Finally An Explanation For Those Hideous Pacers Jerseys From The 90′s

It all makes sense now. Here I was always thinking that the Indiana Pacers donned the jerseys pictured above because they thought they were pimp. Not knowing that they just couldn’t afford anything better. Boy, don’t I feel stupid. And a little relieved at the same time. But enough of how I feel, let’s cut […]

The Glory Lines 3/12/2009

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Joey Galloway would be an excellent fit with the Steelers (Tony Blogs) Where Are They Now?: Gerry McNamara (Vent About Sports) The Sports Blogger 2009- Part 1 (Sports Media Journal) Mel […]

Valdez puts the ‘P’ in pervert

This story has essentially gone unnoticed due to the lack of mainstream attention gymnastics receive in the U.S. Honestly, for most of us, this sport fades into obscurity until the Summer Olympics roll around, but the Valdez case is worth some attention. John Valdez was a gymnastics coach at the University of Illinois, until he […]

Questionable Poses: Bonds And Canseco Take The Cake

I must admit, it will be hard to top these two. Between Bonds’ taco meat and Canseco’s straight leg Wranglers, is there even a reason for me to ask? But since that’s the premise of this post, I guess it’s my duty to ask the question of the hour. Questionable poses? You decide. Fan of […]

More Than A Guarantee

This is our very first guest post here at No Guts and it comes from my Nebraskan buddy, R. Gray. Seeing as though he has no blog of his own, I can’t link to his sweet collection of thoughts. Maybe one day he will be able to jot them down here full time. That’s if […]

The Glory Lines 3/11/2009

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! For Immediate Media Distribution (Is That How They Say It?) (Joe Sports Fan) School Spirit: 50 Awesome iPhone Apps for College Sports Fanatics (Online College Blog) Lewis Hamilton Now Can Win […]

Vick’s house for sale, anyone interested?

The notorious Michael Vick’s Duluth, GA house is on the auction block at this very moment. The 8 bedroom, 11 bath house includes several fabulous amenities, an elevator and 4-car garage are among the perks. The minimum bid is $3.2M, lets see how many dog lovers put a bid on this one. I wonder if […]

Billy Donovan Is Forced To Wonder What Could Have Been

I have mixed feelings about bringing this story to you. On one hand, I’m completely ecstatic that the Florida Gator basketball team has struggled over the past few years. But on the other hand, I realize how lucky we all are that a one Tyler Hansbrough had a late change of heart. Let me take […]

Casting Major League 4 With MLB Players

We’re in the middle of spring training and the WBC is just not filling the void for me. So while we wait, let’s cast MLB players in roles for the hypothetical movie, Major League 4. Yeah I know, the regular season can’t come soon enough. Jorge Posada as Jake TaylorLike Taylor, Posada is nearing the […]

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