I Guess It Was Just Time For An Ozzie Guillen Rant

It’s been a while since Ozzie Guillen provided us with one of his rants. Because it’s been a while, one could only guess how antsy Guillen has been to get some things off his chance. This past weekend, Guillen finally took the time to discuss how he believes Major League Baseball treats Asian players better […]

5 College Football Coaches On The Hot Seat

It’s finally August which means that football season is upon us. Like we do every year we tell you the five coaches that have the hottest seats going into this season. Rich Rodriguez – MichiganThere are just too many signs that he is gone after this season. The Michigan faithful know that the spread experiment […]

Questionable Poses: Andre Ethier Gets Kobe’d By LA Times Magazine

So I guess at least one professional athlete didn’t learn from LA Times Magazine’s Kobe Bryant photo shoot. I guess seeing Kobe covered in makeup and wrapped in white wasn’t enough to scare off LA Dodgers outfielder, Andre Ethier from doing his own LA Times Magazine photo shoot. The results are these captivating photos of […]

Hedo Turkoglu Doesn’t Have Anything Nice To Say About Toronto Or Brian Colangelo

Hedo Turkoglu managed to get himself traded out of Toronto to the Phoenix Suns this summer, so the man undoubtedly feels pretty good about himself these days. And what does a man that is feeling good about himself do when he’s asked to discuss subjects surrounding his former employer? Take shots of course. “People have […]

Let’s Start The Week By Watching A Female Reporter Attempt Albert Haynesworth’s Conditioning Test

The phrase “conditioning test” is all the rage in Washington DC these days. Mike Shanahan is using it to flex his muscles at his first training camp as the Washington Redskins head coach. Albert Haynesworth is using it as an excuse to get out of practicing. And now, Fox 5’s Lindsay Murphy is using it […]

The Glory Lines: Elliott Sadler’s Crash At Pocono, Darelle Revis Is Holding Out, Dennis Rodman In A Massive Car Wreck, & Tyreke Evans’ Speeding Video

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Today, In ‘Crazy Stuff Ohioans Do To Show Their Hatred For LeBron James’ News… (Out of Bounds) Knowshon Moreno out 3 weeks; Correll Buckhalter one week (Denver Post) Dennis Rodman Involved […]

Despite Winning The Stanley Cup, The Blackhawks Still Found A Way To Lose (Money)

I guess it was all too good to be true. I guess we should’ve known that the story book ending of the Chicago Blackhawks finally winning the Stanley Cup would eventually be diminished by something. The Chicago Tribune reports that that something is poorly managed finances. Or in layman’s terms, the Blackhawks lost money last […]

No One Told This Lady That NFL Team Knowledge Would Be Useful For Her Appearance On Jeopardy

Every once and awhile, Jeopardy ventures into the sports world for a question or two. And every once and awhile, those questions lead to an unforgettable moment or two. Today we get to add to those moments. Let me set the scene: It’s Final Jeopardy. The question is “As of 2010 it’s the only current […]

John Daly’s New Country Album Sounds Like A Guaranteed Success

Oh John Daly. It seems like a week can’t go by anymore without me updating the world on your latest venture. So since I’ve already made it my life’s work to inform the masses of any and everything that Daly has going on in his life, there’s no way that I can stop now. So […]

Conditioning Tests Are Just Not Albert Haynesworth’s Thing

Albert Haynesworth’s first training camp under the new Mike Shanahan regime is off to a rousing start. In just a mere two days, Haynesworth has been able to fail two conditioning test and participate in zero practices. Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has failed his conditioning test for a second day in a row, team sources […]