The T-Shirt That Sums Up Baseball In Philadelphia

Well folks, we finally have the mother of all custom made ballpark shirts. As you can see, there aren’t any spiffy designs or illustrations. Just words. But never before have words on t-shirt been so powerful and meaningful Because in just 10 words, this t-shirt tells you everything you would ever need to know about […]

Today In Ridiculous Conference Expansion Rumors: The Big Ten Could Expand To 20 Teams

Why not? We’ve heard everything else right. You surprised? If you are, you shouldn’t be. We’ve heard rumor after rumor about who the Big Tens wants, when they want them, and how they want them. This particular rumor isn’t any different. Other than the fact that it is utterly ridiculous. But it’s my duty to […]

Venus Williams Is Making The French Open A Little More Interesting

There’s not much to report on the French Open itself. I mean, it’s only the first round. But Venus Williams has managed to get the internet all riled up today. And I’m sure you can see why. Now the question becomes, what will Venus wear next? Via The Sydney Morning Herald Have some breaking news […]

Let’s Start The Day With A Little Guy Dunking On A Bigger Guy

Phil Pressey is a 5’10 point guard who will play his college ball at the University of Missouri. Tony Mitchell is a 6’8 small forward who will also play his college ball at the University of Missouri. They both played in the TABC Allstar Game in San Antonio, Texas. And what occurred will undoubtedly haunt […]

The Glory Lines 5/24/10

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Matador in hospital after horrific goring (Telegraph) Jose Lima, former All-Star right-hander, dies at 37 in Los Angeles (ESPN) Cleveland Cavaliers fire coach Mike Brown after five seasons (The Plain Dealer) […]

Report: Doug Collins Gets 4-Year Deal With 76ers

The 76ers have agreed to terms with Doug Collins, ending their search for a new head coach, an NBA source said Thursday night. An announcement is expected Friday. Collins could be formally introduced by the team as early as Monday. Another source confirmed that the two parties had agreed to a four-year deal, although the […]

Nationals’ Owner Participates In Batting Practice, Ends Up Leaking

Yesterday started as a typical day for Nationals’ owner, Mark Lerner. He woke up at whatever time he wakes up, grabbed whatever he eats for breakfast, and at some point he headed down to the ballpark. He then gets decked out in his full on Nationals uniform to catch some fly balls during batting practice. […]’s Sam Amico: Mike Brown To Be Fired In The Next Few Days

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Especially since we’ve already went through a round of rumors of his firing last week. But this time, it seems to be etched in stone. Official word of Mike Brown firing expected to be no later than Sunday, possibly as early as Friday. Entire staff expected to be let go. Should […]

The Glory Lines 5/21/10

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! MLJ Presents: The Stepfather (Major League Jerk) Armstrong, Canadian Barry deny accusations of doping by cyclist Landis (Canadian Press) Favre tells USM team: You go back to CWS, I’ll go back […]

Calvin Murphy Is All In On The Delonte West, LeBron James’ Mother Rumors

When the rumors started floating about Delonte West hittin LeBron James’ mother, I quickly turned the other way. Mainly, because I couldn’t fathom that it could be true. But Calvin Murphy says it is. And in this audio, he spills the beans on what he knows and how LeBron found out about the relationship right […]