The Glory Lines 6/22/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Favre Already Under Contract With Vikings? (Pro Football Talk) Danica Patrick Hits Crew Member: Video (Sports Rubbish) Think Ink (More Hardball) Tom Crean’s Tweeting Is A Little Harsh (Rumors and Rants) […]

Stallworth gets real sentence from Goodell

After receiving a slap on the wrist from the judicial system, Browns WR Donte’ Stallworth was has been suspended indefinitely, without pay, by the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell has been firm since becoming the top official of the NFL, but also fair. He has not been reticent to dole out suspensions and fines for inappropriate […]

Having A Mascot Is Good, Having A Dry Humping, Inflatable Shark As A Mascot Is Even Better

There is an entire story surrounding Willie, the mascot for the Colombian Junior Tiburon, but I’ll let you Google him or click the link below if you want to know about his recent apology for what you’re about to see here. (Hey, I can’t do all the work for you.) Besides, the most important part […]

Even While In Prison, Maurice Clarett Is Fielding Offers From NFL Teams

Well, that’s what Clarett and his attorney want you to believe. Because it’s all a part of Clarett’s bid to be released from prison early. The ole, “He has a chance to play in the NFL, judge. If he’s not released soon, his livelihood could be at stake” trick. It’s the oldest trick in the […]

The Glory Lines 6/19/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Celebrating the worst in NHL television for 2008-09 (Puck Daddy) Yeah, There Are Steelers Fans In Iran (PSAMP) Noodle Arm Night (Thunder Treats) Gym Teacher Chokes Kid During Dodgeball Game (Sports […]

Georgia State will play Alabama in inaugural season, 2010

Former NFL player and Alabama head coach(87-89), Bill Curry is the now the head coach of Georgia State’s new football program. The school’s inaugural season will be in 2010, but the head coach has already guaranteed one loss for his team. In an attempt to show that he has guts or is a great coach, […]

Jerry "The King" Lawler Awards The Cleveland Indians The WWE Championship Belt For Chocking Their Fans Into Submission

Ok, I’m not sure if Indians’ fans have “tapped out” yet, but at 29-39 and in last place in the AL Central, the Indians are doing their best to make them submit. But Cleveland fans are pretty tough. When your teams are the Browns, Indians, and Cavs, submission isn’t a word in your vocabulary. Well […]

The Glory Lines 6/18/2009

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Steroid Era: Best Of The Rest (Josh Q. Public) The Odds-On Favorite – Mid-offseason predictions (Sparty and Friends) A Few Thoughts on Wrigley (Major League Jerk) Big Al to Phoenix? (CelticsBlog) […]

What can Shaq do for the Cavaliers?

After 17 years in the league, Shaquille O’neal still can command a double team in the low post. Though his athletic abilities have diminished, his presence would allow Lebron James to see more man-to-man coverage offensively. What else can Shaq do for the Cavs? At this point in his career, obviously, create controversy and produce […]

T.O. finally has a home in Buffalo

Hoards of reporters and cameramen surrounding the house, sit-ups and wind sprints in the driveway by a chiseled athlete and podiums set-up in the yard for a press conference. These are just a few of the experiences Terrell Owens neighbors are likely to endure. Unfortunately, for the people of Orchid Park this may be an […]

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