The Bobby Valentine experiment in Boston may have finally reached its breaking point

Earlier this season, Curt Schilling pointed to potential problems that were beginning to bubble up in the Red Sox clubhouse. And we must admit we accused Schilling of just stirring the pot. Because that’s just what Curt Schilling does. But it seems that Schilling’s claims that Red Sox players weren’t buying what new manager Bobby […]

Blake Griffin suffers torn meniscus, out of Olympics

Blake Griffin suffered an apparent knee injury during the Team USA practice yesterday. And after being examined by doctors, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Griffin has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus in left knee which will need arthroscopic surgery. From all indications, the surgery will have Griffin ready for training camp in […]

Despite signing with the Miami Heat, Ray Allen says he’ll always be a Celtic

For Celtics fans, losing Ray Allen in free agency is one thing. But losing Ray Allen in free agency to the Miami Heat is totally another. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Allen is catching heat for signing with the Heat. Allen understands the backlash, but does admit that being called Judas Shuttlesworth hurts. And […]

Someone please stop Roddy White from tweeting

Look, we’re all for freedom of speech and being able to read everyone’s view on everything on Twitter. But it comes a point where some people need to be stopped from sharing their views on Twitter. And today is that point for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. White used a full 2 hours of […]

Televisions on Penn State’s campus were switched to public access channel during live coverage of Freeh Report

If the contents of the Freeh Report weren’t a big enough black eye for Penn State, we now get word that the university took measures this morning that made it worse. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, televisions in the Penn State student center were switched to the public access channel just as live coverage of […]

Floyd Mayweather accepts his ESPY from jail

Floyd Mayweather won the ESPY for “Best Fighter” at last night’s ESPY award. Of course, Mayweather was unable to accept the award in person seeing as though he’s currently serving a 90 day sentence for domestic abuse. But that didn’t stop Mayweather for accepting the award. Mayweather took to his Twitter account to accept the […]

Rockets reportedly considering amnestying Luis Scola to facilitate Dwight Howard trade

With Brooklyn reportedly out of the Dwight Howard trade sweepstakes, the Houston Rockets are seen as the new favorites to make a trade for the big man. It was once thought that the Rockets could end up with Andrew Bynum in a trade that would send Howard to the Lakers. But according to the Houston […]

Here’s the full Freeh Report and Penn State’s statement regarding it.

FBI chief Louis Freeh released his much anticipated Freeh Report today regarding his investigation of Penn State. The lengthy report basically spreads blame throughout Penn State’s administration for the Jerry Sandusky scandal that rocked the university. Penn State’s leadership and Board of Trustees also released a prepared statement regarding the report that we will also […]

Paterno family sent letter that Joe Paterno wrote before his death to former Penn State players

The Paterno family sent a lengthy letter that Joe Paterno wrote to former Penn State players Wednesday morning. According to the Paterno family, the letter was written less than a month before Paterno died of lung cancer. In the letter, Paterno defends the football program and Penn State’s academic standing by declaring “this is not […]

Here’s Bob Kraft’s statement regarding that audition video with Ricki Lander

Of course that little audition video that Patriots owner Bob Kraft and pal Ricki Lander is in is now all over the internet. The video isn’t as weird when you find out that it was for Lander’s audition for an upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy. But at any rate, Kraft decided to release a statement […]