SEC Insufferableness Now Comes In T-Shirt Form

For those of you that loathe southerners chanting “SEC” whenever a member school accomplishes something of merit, like winning a National Championship, things have gotten worse. Now, your friend that is a fan of Kentucky or the coworker that is Ole Miss alum can prance around and chant “SEC” through this t-shirt. No matter which […]

And In Today’s Least Surprising News, Milton Bradley Gets Arrested

That time of the year, that comes multiple times a year, is upon us. The time of the year when Milton Bradley finds a way to get himself into trouble. This year, Bradley didn’t waste much time at all. Just a mere 18 days into the month, Bradley has been arrested after threatening a woman. […]

Roy Williams Would Like For Carolina Fans To Keep Their Calls To Themselves During His Radio Show

I can’t say that I’m an expert when it comes to sports talk radio, but I’m pretty sure that I have the concept down. I’ll walk through my understanding of it just to be sure. – Host or guest gives his analysis of a certain subject or game– Callers call in and give their opinion […]

The Glory Lines: Al Davis Looks Scary, More Damning Evidence Against Lance Armstrong, & Cowboys Deny Thinking About Trading Dez Bryant

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at So, This Is What Al Davis Looks Like Nowadays (Tirico Suave) SI reports new information in […]

Ravens Coach Not Opposed to Signing Burress After Release

After the Ravens 31-24 loss to the Steelers in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, head coach, John Harbaugh, is open to signing a certain convicted felon. With his pending release from prison, as soon as June 6, 2011, Plaxico Burress’ name has made it back into the available ‘deep threat’ wide receiver conversation. […]

Let’s Pause For A Moment To Let Utah Grizzlies Coach Kevin Colley Meltdown

Let me introduce you to Kevin Colley. Mr. Colley is the head coach/director of hockey operations for the minor league Utah Grizzlies. Apparently Colley has had to deal with the same referee screwing his team for three straight nights. And he finally had enough. So he does what every head coach that has had enough […]

John Wall Knows He Has An Attitude Problem, So He Begs Flip Saunders To Take His Money

Yes, you’re lost so spare a moment to let me explain. John Wall has recognized that he sometimes has a bad attitude. When he’s having a rough game or the Wizards are doing what they usually do, lose, Wall has a penchant to sulk and display that bad attitude. So where does the begging Flip […]

LeBron James’ Alter Egos To Be Highlighted In His New Online Cartoon Series

It looks like LeBron James taking his talents to animation as he is getting ready to launch an online series for kids. The show will be called “The LeBrons” and will be a cartoon series that follows him as a 16 year-old. LeBron claims he always had dreams of being a superhero just like the […]

The Auburn Bookstore Celebrates Auburn’s National Championship By Selling Championship T-Shirts With An Incorrect Score

Yes, it’s been a while since Auburn could lay claim to a National Title, so I guess we should look the other way while the Auburn Bookstore sells these t-shirts celebrating Auburn beating Oregon 31-28 when the actual score was 22-19. But we just can’t.

The Glory Lines: Laurence Maroney Arrested On Weapons Charges, Sidney Crosby May Skip All Star Game, & Chad Ochocinco Headed To The Patriots?

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at This Bears Fan Is Excited for the NFC Championship Next Week (Detroit 4 Lyfe) Hue Jackson […]