This photo of Metta World Peace and a Canadian couple is quite possibly the best thing you’ll see all day

Let’s take a moment and break this photo down. Here we have Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta Wold Peace with a Canadian couple that he says has been together for 60 years. Yes, 60 years! Now if that isn’t impressive enough, this couple is also able to completely tell a story through their facial expressions. […]

After all this fuss, police say Adrian Peterson will likely receive only a fine

We’ve seen the Adrian Peterson mugshot and arrest video. We’ve read the reports of how he was a “difficult customer” all night and how he shoved an off-duty officer. There’s also a report that Peterson has hired high profile attorney Rusty Hardin. Yes, the same Rusty Hardin that successfully defended Roger Clemens in his perjury […]

Deron Williams and Jason Kidd both realized that the Dallas Mavericks roster wasn’t good enough

At one point, it was believed that the Dallas Mavericks were heavy favorites to sign both Deron Williams. And with Williams in the fold, they instantly became a favorite to land Dwight Howard. But things didn’t work out quite like that. In fact, the Mavericks have lost more than they’ve gained. Williams decided to re-sign […]

Mike Tyson says Evander Holyfield’s ear was ‘not too tasty’

For some odd reason, Mike Tyson was a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live. And for some other odd reason, host Andy Cohen asked Tyson what an ear tastes like. Tyson responds with, “Depends on which ear that you bite.” And then goes on to add, “It was not too tasty.” Cohen then adds […]

The Adrian Peterson mugshot and arrest video have arrived

As the story behind Adrian Peterson’s arrest moves forward more and more details begin to leak out about what went down that night. According Daniel Maher, general manager of Live at Bayou Place where the arrest happened, Peterson was “a difficult customer all night”. And when police tried to clear the club when it was […]

Kevin Love is losing patience with the Minnesota Timberwolves

Kevin Love has tried his best to be a good soldier. While other All Stars in the NBA are joining together to form Big Twos and Big Threes, Love has remained loyal to Minnesota. So loyal that he signed a four-year, $62 million contract extension with the team back in January. But even with his […]

Thunder, lightning during Sunday’s Twins-Rangers game sends players running for the hills

In the top of fourth inning during Sunday’s Twins-Rangers game, Roy Oswalt was facing Ryan Doumit when a loud thunder and lightning strike sent players running off the field. The simultaneous thunder clap and lightning strike was so loud it caused for great quotes from both players and managers alike.

After just four pitches in Zack Greinke is ejected for spiking the baseball out of frustration

After a misplay in center field that placed the Astros’ Jordan Schafer on third, Zack Greinke got Jose Altuve to hit a ground ball to first. Grienke attempts to cover the bag for first baseman Corey Hart in time, but first-base umpire Sam Holbrook calls Altuve safe. Out of frustration, Greinke spike the ball into […]

Adrian Peterson arrested in Houston for resisting arrest (UPDATE)

The Houston Chronicle reported earlier today that Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest Saturday morning. The arrest happened at 2:30 am at Bayou Place, 534 Texas Ave. The Houston Police Department has been mum on the arrest and Peterson was not charged with any other offenses. The only […]

Jarrett Jack thinks Ray Allen is traitor for signing with the Miami Heat

Late Friday night it was announced that Ray Allen had decided to not re-sign with the Boston Celtics and sign with the Miami Heat. Most people understand Allen’s thought process on the decision. He obviously believes that he has the best chance to win another championship with the Heat. Add in the fact that his […]