Come On Out To Party With Mike Vick And Off Duty SWAT Members

If you’re in the Dallas area this weekend and you’re looking to for the party that has just as much security as Fort Knox, then Mike Vick’s soiree is just for you. Just picture it. You’re having drinks, dancing with beautiful females, and there’s a dude in the corner wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying […]

Brent Johnson Ends His Fight With Rick DiPietro Before It Begins

Last night’s fight between the Brent Johnson and Rick DiPietro was unusual for a couple of reasons. For one, the fight was between two goalies. And that almost never happens. And two, the fight was not really a fight because it lasted all but one punch. Johnson took exception to DiPietro clotheslining Cooke, a move […]

And Here’s The Tale Of Mickey Mantle Getting A Blow-job In Yankee Stadium

We’re all well aware of Mickey Mantle’s legend on the field. But some of us were not aware of his legend off the field. Well, we’re slowly finding out that Mantle’s legend was just as big off the field as it was on it. First, we learned of a nude photo of Mantle that somehow, […]

The Glory Lines: Rich Rodriguez Is Forced To Interview Brady Hoke, Ron Artest Denies Wanting To Be Traded, & Jay Cutler Received Painkillers At Halftime Of NFC Championship Game

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at OK, now they’re just taunting Rich Rodriguez for no reason (Dr. Saturday) Bill Belichick wins coach […]

Packers Want To Bring Brett Favre Back To Green Bay

A lot has happened since Brett Favre played his final game for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have moved on to their first Super Bowl appearance since Favre was under center. And Favre, not to be undone, has moved on to racking up as many sexual harassment complaints that he can. And finally, after […]

University of Florida Cuts Financial Ties With Urban Meyer Because Of ESPN Gig

For the many of you that wondered how Urban Meyer would be able to have a role at the University of Florida and work for ESPN, wonder no more. He won’t be getting paid by them both because the University of Florida and Meyer have agreed to cut financial ties citing possible NCAA violations. With […]

The Glory Lines: Wrigley Field Damaged In The Snowstorm, Tom Brady Named AP Offensive Player Of The Year, & Jim Mora Wants The Titans Job

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at Wind blows panel off Wrigley Field (Chicago Breaking Sports) Police Watch for Sex Trafficking Ahead of […]

The Steelers Arrived In Dallas Yesterday And Promptly Headed To The Strip Club

The Pittsburgh Steelers landed in Dallas night to begin their final week of preparation for the Super Bowl. After landing, presumably the fellas got their bags and headed to their rooms. Some presumably remained in their room for the remainder of the night. Some presumably went out for a nice dinner. And some definitely went […]

Let’s Take A Look At What Ines Sainz Decided To Wear To Super Bowl Media Day

While reporters are all over Twitter pissing and moaning about the weather in Dallas, everyone’s favorite Azteca reporter is braving the elements like there aren’t any elements to brave. Man up boys. You don’t see the lady in a skirt and fishnets complaining about the weather. She has a job to do. And by golly, […]

The NBA Is Not Amused By Eddie House’s “Big Ball Dance”, Fines Him $25K

Eddie House has hit a few big shots in his day. And frankly, that’s what he’s known for. On Sunday, House did it again by sinking the Oklahoma Thunder with a big time 3 pointer with 22.2 seconds left in the game that led to the Heat beating the Thunder 108-103. The reaction though, hasn’t […]