Miguel Batista believes the Mets are ‘the best team in baseball’

After last night’s loss to the Nationals, the New York Mets have now lost 6 straight. Miguel Batista gave up what ended up being the game deciding two-run double to Steve Lombardozzi in the 4-3 loss. But none of that has changed the way Batista feels about his team. In fact, despite the 6 losses […]

Kicker misses a field goal, so Tristan Jackson returns it 129 yards for a touchdown

Football? Well, CFL football. Which is fine with us. Especially when there’s a 129 yard touchdown involved. And that was the case during Saskatchewan’s 23-20 win over BC. In the 4th quarter BC attempted a field goal that they missed. Waiting in the back of the endzone was Saskatchewan’s Tristan Jackson who decided to catch […]

Psychologist: ‘Victim 1’ of Jerry Sandusky had to be placed in witness protection because of threats from community

As the Penn State community continues deal with the ramifications of Jerry Sandusky’s conviction and the damaging Freeh Report, USA Today has hit them with yet another blow. It all centers around the victim that really got the ball rolling in the Jerry Sandusky case, the victim that referred to as “Victim 1” in court […]

Report: Dwight Howard now willing to sign extension with Lakers

Throughout this entire Dwight Howard trade saga, the one thing that was believed to be holding things up is Howard’s unwillingness to sign an extension with any team not named the Brooklyn Nets. But according Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM.com, things have suddenly changed. Howard is now ready and willing to commit to signing an extension […]

Brett Lawrie fell into the camera well attempting to catch a foul ball

Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie was forced to leave today’s Blue Jays-Yankees game after injuring himself attempting to run down a foul ball. Mark Teixeira popped up a foul ball that drifted into the camera well. Despite running out of room, Lawrie continued to track down the foul ball and eventually flipped over the […]

James Dolan reportedly decided not to match Jeremy Lin’s offer sheet because he felt he was deceived by Lin

Last week, we jumped on Jeremy Lin about taking the business side of the NBA personally. At the time it was reported that Lin was upset with the Knicks organization for not offering him a contract before the Rockets ever got into the mix. And since we took time to point out that Lin shouldn’t […]

Someone dressed as ‘Pedobear’ posed with the Joe Paterno statue

If you recall, someone dressed as Pedobear showed up outside of the court house where the Jerry Sandusky trial was held. And now, an anonymous tipster sent the photo above to Deadspin of someone dressed as Pedobear posing with the Joe Paterno statue. We have no idea when the photo was taken, but we’ll guess […]

Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly new favorite to be third team in Dwight Howard trade

Much like all other Dwight Howard trade talk, take this with a grain of salt. According to Ric Bucher of ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as the new favorite to be the team that facilitates Dwight Howard being traded to the Lakers. In the deal, the Cavaliers would get Andrew Bynum, the Lakers would […]

Doug Collins proudly proclaims that Kwame Brown will be the starting center for the Sixers

Three things come to mind when we think about Kwame Brown actually being a starting center in the NBA. There are actually more, but we’ll just keep at three in respect for your time. You’re welcome. Why is Kwame Brown still allowed to steal money Are the Sixers that desparate to shed the “all small […]

Here’s what the SUV Jason Kidd was driving looked like after his crash

From the looks of things, Jason Kidd is very blessed to be alive today. And furthermore, he’s blessed that all he has to deal with after doing that to a SUV is being arrested for DUI. And we’re not the only ones that believe that Kidd is very lucky to be alive today. A police […]