Why do athletes receive less publicity for good behavior?

Houston Texans RB Ryan Moats should be commended for his admirable display of restraint and his remarkable showing of maturity and understanding, but after the interviews are over this story will be all but forgotten. After receiving unprofessional treatment from Dallas police officer Robert Powell, Moats accepted his apology and showed no visible signs of […]

Commemorate John Calipari’s Hiring With Your Very Own "Best Italian In Kentucky" T-Shirt

Now that it’s finally official, I’m sure you’re ready to celebrate. But before you head out to celebrate this great day in Kentucky Wildcats basketball, head on over to Ebay to order your “Best Italian In Kentucky” t-shirt. For only $17.99, you can remember the day when Coach Cal signed on the dotted line to […]

The Glory Lines 4/1/2009

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Real Interviews with Actual People: Carrie Milbank (Barry Melrose Rocks) Top 10 Tiger Woods Shots Leading To Victory (Total Pro Sports) Final Four Preview (MoonDog Sports) When Good College Mascots Go […]

Tommy Lasorda Can’t Fathom Mike Piazza Taking Steroids

Forget the reports of Mike Piazza’s raging bacne. And while you’re at it, don’t pay a bit of attention to Piazza being implicated as a steroid user in the book by SI columnist, Jeff Pearlman. Because according to Tommy Lasorda, all of those things don’t mean squat. I don’t believe that at all, said Lasorda, […]

The Glory Lines 3/31/2009

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Dr. Dime’s Top 5 Final Four Buzzer Beaters (The Hoop Doctors) Tase Toronto FC Fan First, Ask Questions Later (Total Pro Sports) Top 10 College Hoops Programs in the Last Decade […]

Who will cut down the net in Detroit?

After a exciting and surprising tournament, the Final Four is set. North Carolina will battle the streaking Villinova Wildcats, while UConn hopes to down Michigan State in their home state. Did anybody see this combination of teams in the Final Four? Not many, I had UNC and Villanova, but didn’t think Michigan State and UConn […]

Tiger wins, the fist pump is back

Tiger Woods is back to his winning ways. In traditional Tiger fashion, he started the last round 5 shots down, but managed to claw his way to his 6th victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Sean O’Hair was this year’s victim, he led the final round going into Sunday, but failed under pressure and finished […]

Live From The Message Boards: For UK Fans Sake, Let’s Just Hope That Calipari Takes The Job

Here at No Guts, we like to look at sports stories from a fan’s perspective. What better way than to find what the fans are saying about the stories that are controlling the airwaves. And where can we find those opinions? The message boards of course. If you happen to run across some great message […]

Eventhough He Never Had It, Jeff George Thinks He Still Has It

The NFL offseason is a time where players search for new teams and more money. It is also a time when old, grizzled veterans search for ways to get themselves back in the league. This year’s veteran trying to make a run at the league again is Jeff George. The now 41 year old George […]

The Glory Lines 3/30/2009

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Finally Some Good News For Michigan (Rumors and Rants) Hot Six (More Hardball) Texas Turning Grass Into Green (The Wiz of Odds) Dustin Byfuglien Causes On Ice Royal Rumble (Total Pro […]

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