Miami Dolphins confirm they have signed Chad Ochocinco

Earlier today, Chad Ochocinco’s website OCNN reported that Ochocinco had signed with the Miami Dolphins. And now, the Miami Dolphins have confirmed the report. Ochocinco worked out for the Dolphins early Monday morning and sometime today the decision was made to sign him. The deal is reportedly a one-year deal, but the terms of the […]

A.J. McCarron and Tyrann Mathieu spar over Twitter

It’s only June, but it seems that quarterback A.J. McCarron and LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu are ready for their November 3rd matchup in Death Valley. It all started when Mathieu took to his Twitter page and tweeted, “try throwing a corner route or a cross country on me this year!!! i’ll be waiting!!”. That […]

Pacquiao-Bradley judge Duane Ford speaks out about judging the fight

The boxing world is still in an uproar over Timothy Bradley’s controversial win over Manny Pacquiao. While many believe that Pacquiao was robbed by the decision, one of the judges believes that people just don’t understand how fights are judged. Duane Ford, one of two judges that scored the fight 115-113 in favor of Bradley, […]

Strained relationship with Rajon Rondo could reportedly lead to Ray Allen leaving the Celtics

It’s inevitable that the Boston Celtics will look considerably different next season. And while there is a report that Danny Ainge is “open” to bringing everyone back, you have to think that it just won’t happen. As it stands now, Paul Pierce will definitely be back. Rajan Rondo should as well, but they’ve tried to […]

Mat Latos’ wife Dallas at the center of a Jose Valverde spitball controversy

Last night during the Reds-Tigers game, Detroit pitcher Jose Valverde appeared to spit in his glove, while the ball was in it, before grabbing dirt from the mound and gripping the ball. Valverde’s actions led to a Reds fan uploading a slow motion video as well as a full speed video to YouTube accusing Valverde […]

Croatian fans fought Polish police before Croatia’s match against Ireland

We know that Polish police are armed with high-tech sonic cannons and testicle-biting dogs, but apparently Croatian fans either didn’t know that or didn’t care. And since they didn’t know or didn’t care, they took time out from their pregame partying to have a confrontation with Polish police. At first, Croation fans have the Polish […]

Kevin Garnett is reportedly on the Spurs’ radar

What you’re about to read is hard to believe. And though it most likely won’t happen, just the fact the Spurs would even consider signing Kevin Garnett is news. Especially since Tim Duncan apparently hates him. But if there’s one thing the Spurs do better than any other organization in the league, it’s bringing in […]

NY Giants lineman David Diehl arrested on DWI charges, aftermath of crash caught on tape

New York Giants lineman David Diehl was arrested on DWI charges around 8:45pm on Sunday in Queens after police got calls about a vehicle accident. When police arrived at the scene, they found that Diehl’s BMW had hit several parked cars along 35th Avenue. Apparently, Diehl was out celebrating Croatia’s 3-1 defeat of Ireland in […]

Shooting near Auburn University kills two former football players, injures one current player

Pictured to the left is of 22-year-old Desmonte Leonard of Montgomery, Alabama who is wanted in the shooting deaths of 3 people at a pool party near Auburn University. According to police, the shooting was the result of a fight that began over a woman. Among the slain were former Auburn players Ed Christian and […]

New Jersey Devils offer Charlie Sheen tickets, smoking balcony

Charlie Sheen learned the hard way that re-entry to the Staples Center in Los Angeles is not allowed. Even if he only stepped outside to smoke. And since Sheen missed Game 4, the New Jersey Devils are offering tickets to Sheen. But that’s not all. They are also offering him a smoking balcony.