Drew Brees on Roger Goodell: “Nobody trusts him”

It seems that today is “call out Roger Goodell” day around the NFL. First, we had Jeremy Shockey calling Goodell a liar over the concussion issue. And now, Drew Brees adds his two cents about Goodell. While talking to Sport Illustrated’s Peter King during Kings annual tour of training camps around the league, Brees discussed […]

Titans receiver OJ Murdock dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound

According to the Tampa Tribune, Tennessee Titans receiver OJ Murdock committed suicide Monday morning in Tampa. Murdock was found in his car around 8:30 a.m in front of Middleton High School. Murdock graduated from the high school in 2006. The Titans had placed Murdock on their “did not report list” over the weekend. Murdock’s absence […]

Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella calls South Koreans “mentally handicapped retards”

On the heels of Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou being expelled from the London Olympics for her tweets, now we have a Swiss soccer player facing the same punishment. After a tough day on the pitch in Switzerland’s 2-1 loss to South Korea, Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella vented his frustration by posting an offensive […]

Jerry Jones is ready for the Cowboys to return to their “glory hole” days

You’ve read the title so no need for us to get all analytical about this. We’ll just give you this glorious Jerry Jones quote in its entirety.

Jeremy Shockey says Roger Goodell lied to players about concussions

Late Sunday night, free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey tweeted a link to LZ Granderson’s moving piece about Junior Seau. Presumably having read the piece, Shockey then proceeded to give his reaction to it. Shockey starts off his series of tweets by first tweeting, “its sad but the truth!!” Then, he turns his attention to […]

Rex Ryan is the best defensive coach in football according to Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan is a talker. That’s just what he does. Whether it’s proclaiming the Jets to be the favorites to win the Super Bowl or flat out guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory, talking (and being wrong) is just his thing. So it shouldn’t surprise you that he’s starting off this season talking once again. But […]

Here’s a sneak peek of what the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies will look like

Running magazine Runner’s World tweeted, and then deleted of course, the picture you see above for its Twitter account of the venue for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. This is exactly what Twitter was built for. Showing the world things that television executives want to keep a secret.

Freeh Group member says NCAA shouldn’t have used Freeh Report as basis for sanctions

Despite all the praise that the NCAA has received for handing down the Penn State sanctions, there have also been some criticisms. Most people believed that Penn State deserved some type of punishment, but it’s debatable if it was the NCAA’s job to do the punishing. But now a new debate has arisen and it […]

A reporter has already called Mark Sanchez, “Tim”

Well, it didn’t take long for reporters at Jets camp to make an already awkward situation even more awkward. Thursday when Mark Sanchez was taking questions from a group of media members, a female voice begins her comment with “Tim”. Sanchez calmly responds with “I’m Mark” and gives a little grin.

Pau Gasol is feeling like ‘a beast’ these days

Don’t laugh, but Lakers big man Pau Gasol is feeling good this summer. So good that he’s calling himself “a beast” over in London. Maybe it’s because it has become clear that he may be with the Lakers for the long haul. Or maybe it’s because he recently got a vote of confidence from his […]