Andray Blatche Is Using Twitter To Challenge Fans To Fights

It’s pretty obvious that playing for the Washington Wizards isn’t the most fun these days. Going out and getting demolished night after night gets old I’m sure. And it leaves the players with energy to spare seeing as though the games are often over by halftime. So it’s inevitably that the players will look for […]

Apparently Stripping Off Your Clothes During A Meltdown Gets You Suspended For The Rest Of The Season

You all remember Greg Pankewicz, right. He was the assistant coach for the Colorado Eagles that lost his mind (and clothes) during an argument with an official. Yeah, that guy. No doubt that we were all amused by Pankewicz’s meltdown, but apparently, the Central Hockey League isn’t. They are so not amused by Pankewicz’s penchant […]

And Here Is A Shawn Kemp Inspired Condom

Nothing really needs to be added here, but I guess we can let the guys from UNDRCRWN explain what doesn’t need explaining. It started with the idea of All Star Weekend…and well, what happens in L.A. stays in L.A., right? To do our part in promoting safe sex- UNDRCRWN has created Kemp-Inspired “Don’t Make It […]

Kendrick Perkins Being Traded Was Enough To Make Grown Men Cry

The shocker of yesterday’s NBA trade deadline was definitely the news that Kendrick Perkins was headed to Oklahoma City. When the news broke, we all had one of two reactions. Reaction #1: “What the h*ll are the Celtics doing?” Reaction #2. “D*#n, the Thunder are about to be nasty. Because I’m different than the rest […]

The Glory Lines: NBA Trade Deadline Winners, Rex Ryan Guarantees A Super Bowl Victory Again, & Chris Bosh Flops

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at Floyd Mayweather’s Birthday “Money Cake” (Cosby Sweaters) Celtics players react differently to trades (Boston Herald) 2011 […]

Celtics Trade Kendrick Perkins And Nate Robinson To Oklahoma City Thunder

In a trade that no one (even you) saw coming, the Boston Celtics have traded Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to the Thunder according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. The Boston Celtics have reached an agreement in principle to trade Kendrick Perkins(notes) to the Oklahoma City Thunder for forward Jeff Green(notes) and center Nenad Krstic(notes), […]

Bart Scott To Appear On TNA

Not all of the New York Jets are in mourning over a second consecutive AFC Championship loss. According to FOX Sports, Jets’ linebacker, Bart Scott, has signed on to appear on TNA’s March 3 show. Scott, known for his pre/post-game vitriolic rhetoric, is a hard core wrestling fan and will now join the list of […]

John Fox, Once Again, Proclaims His Love For Mediocre Quarterbacks By Naming Kyle Orton His Starter

Before we begin, please don’t take this as an indication that I think Tim Tebow is a starting quarterback in the NFL because I don’t. What this is though is an indication that I think John Fox shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions regarding the quarterback position. Ever. This is the same man that hitched […]

Adam Wainwright To Have Tommy John Surgery, Out For The Season

Tommy La Russa just can’t catch a break. With Albert Pujols’ lack of a new contract already hanging over his team’s head, he now has to deal with losing Adam Wainwright for the season to Tommy John surgery. Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak announced on Thursday morning that, as expected, ace Adam Wainwright will require […]

Breaking: Sammy Sosa’s Skin Is Now Orange

Okay, let’s recap for anyone who is new to the “What color will Sammy Sosa’s skin be next?” game. First, he showed up in Vegas with a new (and lighter) skin tone. Then, it was supposedly back to normal. Then, Sosa showed in Miami with, again, a new (and lighter) skin tone. And now? Well, […]