New York Jets practice ended today with a 20 player brawl

Since the entire world, or maybe just all of the New York tabloids and ESPN, is fixated on what’s going on at New York Jets camp, we’re bound to hear about everything that happens. Big or small. So when practice ends with a 20 player brawl, you can’t bet your bottom dollar that there will […]

Looks like Ryan Lochte had a fun birthday weekend

US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte celebrated his birthday on Friday. But from the looks of things, the celebration stretched out into the wee hours on Sunday. Lochte and a few female companions hit the Chinawhite nightclub in London for a night of good old fashioned fun. And from the looks of it, fun was had […]

One-armed MMA fighter Nick Newell knocks out two-armed MMA fighter

MMA fighter Nick Newell is unlike most MMA fighters. Because you see, Newell has only one arm. But that fact certainly did not stop Newell from knocking out his opponent for XFC 19 on Friday. Mainly because Newell is pretty good with his knees. And also as the announcer puts it, he’s a “crazy, one […]

If Boomer Esiason was running the Jets he would cut Tim Tebow

The circus surrounding the New York Jets is off to a rousing start. In just a few days of camp, we’ve had Tim Tebow running shirtless in the rain and apparently not thinking people would pay attention to him running shirtless in the rain. We’ve had ESPN’s small army of reporters giving up to the […]

Let’s not over-analyze Serena Williams’ crip walking moment

Wimbledon was the scene of two firsts on Saturday. Serena Williams captured her first Olympic gold medal in singles play. Then, she followed it up by being undoubtedly the first person to crip walk on the grounds at Wimbledon. We’ll go ahead and concede that she probably should have not celebrated her victory with a […]

Usain Bolt is still the fastest man alive

Many were questioning if Usain Bolt was ready to defend his crown in the 100m after his loss to Yohan Blake at the Jamaican trials. But all of that was put to rest on Sunday when he once again took the crown of the fastest man alive and set an Olympic record of 9.63 while […]

Report: Josh Hamilton’s personal issue stems from struggling to quit chewing tobacco

Last weekend Josh Hamilton was in a 1-for-14 slump. Hamilton attempted to explain the slump by revealing that he was dealing with some personal issues and that he’s been “disobedient to God.” Of course, those remarks added even more fuel to the fire of his woes at the plate and people began to wonder just […]

Ryan Dempster took out a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune to thank Cubs fans

Ryan Dempster angered a few Cubs fans by not approving a deal with the Atlanta Braves because he wanted to go to the Dodgers and then ended up with the Rangers instead. But Dempster attempted to calm any bad blood that Cubs fans have for him on Friday by taking out a full-page ad thanking […]

Strapped for money after Beijing Olympics, Logan Campbell opened a brothel to fund his Olympic training

What most people don’t realize about the Olympics is that it can be very expensive for the athletes involved. Especially for the athletes outside of the “glamour” sports. They don’t have the luxury of corporate sponsors with deep pockets footing the bill like athletes that compete in swimming and track and field do. So they […]

Ethiopian steeplechaser Birhan Gethum left the track in a wheelchair after slamming into the final hurdle

Today’s qualifying heat was a tough one for Ethiopian steeplechaser Birhan Gethum. Not only was Gethum far off the pace in the 3,000-meter steeplechase, he ended up not finishing the race after slamming into the final hurdle.