US Olympian Manteo Mitchell ran 4×400 relay with a broken leg

During Thursday morning’s qualifying heat, US Olympian Manteo Mitchell ran the leadoff leg of the 4×400 relay. The team comfortably qualified for Friday’s final and all seemed right. But late Thursday night, USA Track and Field announced that Mitchell had suffered a broken leg. And that’s not all. They announced that Mitchell broke it halfway […]

Latest Dwight Howard trade rumor has Howard landing in Los Angeles in four-team trade

Yawn. You know the drill here: Take it all with a grain of salt. The latest revival of the long awaited Dwight Howard trade comes from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. According to Wojnarowsk, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic have had discussions, that have “grown serious over the week”, that would send […]

Randy Wolf actually threw a 49 mph pitch yesterday

Everyone knows that Aroldis Chapman owns the record for the fastest pitch ever recorded. But we’re having a hard time finding who holds the record for the slowest pitch ever recorded. Since that information is readily available, we will crown Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Randy Wolf with that distinction after he threw a pitch that clocked […]

How Lolo Jones set herself up to get played by the media

The storyline for Lolo Jones heading into the London Olympics was obvious the minute Jones stumbled over the second-to-last hurdle in Beijing: “Unfinished Business”. But that particular storyline slowly faded away in the months leading up to the London games. And in its place appeared brand new “mainstream” storylines. It all started when Jones made […]

Chris Johnson thinks he can beat Usain Bolt in the 40

Now what’s the key word in that title? That’s right. It’s “thinks”. And no matter how much Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson thinks he can beat Olympic gold medalist and fastest man alive Usain Bolt in the 40, it’s just not happening. But we’ll indulge Johnson and let him state his case as to […]

Gary Pinkel asks ladies to stop running stairs during Missouri’s practice because they were a distraction

The two ladies above were just minding their own business and running stadium stairs during Missouri’s practice on Wednesday. Presumably, they weren’t attempting to be a distraction. They just wanted to get a workout in. But that’s not how Missouri coach Gary Pinkel saw things. He saw them as a distraction. So he asked them […]

Joe Haden reportedly facing four-game suspension for failed drug test

The Jimmy Haslam era seems to be getting off to a rather Cleveland Brownish start. To start, prized rookie running back Trent Richardson is headed to Pensacola, Florida to have his knee examined by Dr. James Andrews. And now, ESPN Cleveland is reporting that corner back Joe Haden could be facing a four-game suspension over […]

Nicolas Batum gave Juan-Carlos Navarro a good reason to flop (by punching him in the nuts)

The France-Spain quarterfinal game turned ugly for France on many levels. For one, France only scored 6 points in the 4th quarter and went on to lose 66-59 to Spain ending any medal hopes. And then France’s Nicolas Batum lost his cool and punched Spain’s Juan-Carlos Navarro right square in the nuts.

Pole snaps on Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges during an attempt

Cuban Olympic pole valuter Lazaro Borges was in the middle of attempt of a height of 5.35 meters when suddenly his pole shattered into three pieces. The 2011 World Championships silver medalist luckily landed on the mat beneath the bar, but was apparently so shook up that he did not qualify for the final.

If Howie Long was running the Jets he wouldn’t have brought Tim Tebow in

After receiving some criticism for saying he’d cut Tim Tebow, Boomer Esaison has decided to do what any rational human being would do: Find people that agree with his position on Tim Tebow. And that’s what he did on Wednesday when Howie Long joined Esaison and co-host Craig Carton on WFAN. In the typical way […]