In case you’re wondering, a few unnamed Mets players don’t believe Ryan Braun

There’s nothing like anonymous quotes to shed light on how players feel about a certain situation or player.  And there’s definitely nothing like anonymous quotes from New York Mets players. Because frankly, we were all on pins and needles waiting for the opinions of anonymous Mets players. But now the wait is over and the […]

And here’s Don Zimmer holding a ZimBear

That is all. Via

John Elway has finally given in to Tebowmania

When it came to embracing Tebowmania, Denver Broncos VP of operation and NFL great John Elway has been the last public holdout from the Broncos organization.  And now it seems that the power of Tebowmania was just too much for him to withstand as well. During an interview with reporters earlier today at the NFL […]

Jeremy Lin to be considered for USA Basketball’s Select Team

After Jeremy Lin’s whirlwind month where he turned into an overnight superstar, one would think that things couldn’t get much better for him. Then comes news that during an All Star weekend press conference, USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo told reporters that Jeremy Lin will be given consideration for USA Basketball’s Select Team. Which is […]

And here’s Pat Knight ripping his seniors in a post game press conference

I didn’t even know Pat Knight was still coaching. But apparently he’s the head coach at Lamar. And he’s apparently has a strong dislike for his seniors. Following tonight’s loss to Stephen F. Austin one of Knight’s players (most likely one of those seniors he has a strong dislike for) was addressing the media when […]

Ryan Braun wins appeal of 50 game suspension, MLB vehemently disagrees

It was a long shot that no one thought had a chance. Boy were we all wrong. It was announced earlier today that NL MVP Ryan Braun won his appeal of the 50 game suspension that was handed down by Major League Baseball for a failed drug test. Braun won his appeal on a 2-1 […]

Oscar Robertson thinks Dwight Howard should “keep his mouth shut” about possible trade

NBA great Oscar Robertson joined the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi on his radio show and had a few things to say about how Dwight Howard is handling his possible trade.  And in short, he basically says what we all have been thinking every time Dwight Howard complains or adds another team to his “wish list”. […]

MTSU football player used scholarship money to start up his drug business

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s a story that proves that you haven’t.  Meet Preston Bailey. He is, or should I say was, an offensive lineman at Middle Tennessee State. Instead of Bailey using his scholarship money on normal things student athletes use it on, he used it to start up a […]

Elijah Dukes tried to eat a bag of weed before being arrested

Here’s something that should not come as a surprise. Elijah Duke got arrested. The last time we saw him, he was being charged with aggravated assault for hitting his pregnant girlfriend. This trip to the pokey is on possession of marijuana charge and destroying evidence charges. The destroy evidence charge? Well, ol Elijah tried to […]

Don’t worry everyone; John Fox says Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn have a close relationship

Whew.  I was really beginning to think that Brady Quinn’s comments about Tim Tebow would be a really big issue for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.  But John Fox put those fears to bed today at the NFL combine by downplaying Quinn’s comments and emphasizing the special bond that Tebow and Quinn share.