Pole snaps on Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges during an attempt

Cuban Olympic pole valuter Lazaro Borges was in the middle of attempt of a height of 5.35 meters when suddenly his pole shattered into three pieces. The 2011 World Championships silver medalist luckily landed on the mat beneath the bar, but was apparently so shook up that he did not qualify for the final.

If Howie Long was running the Jets he wouldn’t have brought Tim Tebow in

After receiving some criticism for saying he’d cut Tim Tebow, Boomer Esaison has decided to do what any rational human being would do: Find people that agree with his position on Tim Tebow. And that’s what he did on Wednesday when Howie Long joined Esaison and co-host Craig Carton on WFAN. In the typical way […]

German Olympian Robert Harting celebrated his gold medal in discus by ripping off his shirt, running hurdles

Oh the joys of watching Olympic athletes celebrate gold medals. Yesterday we watched Ezekiel Kemboi gyrate into the night after winning the 3,000 meters steeplechase. And today, we get to watch German discus gold medalist Robert Harting celebrate his gold by ripping off shirt and jumping over a few hurdles on the track.

Carson Palmer may have had something to do with the Seahawks signing Terrell Owens

So it seems that Terrell Owens’ impressive workout wasn’t the only thing that convinced the Seattle Seahawks to sign Owens to a one-year deal. Owens also got a glowing reference from former teammate Carson Palmer. The duo spent the offseason working out together and when Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll asked Palmer for his opinion […]

Stephan Feck shows us how not to dive in Olympic competition

It’s not quite clear what went wrong here for German diver Stephan Feck. The approach looks good. The 3 ½ somersaults went okay. But during the time between the somersaults and hitting the water, things turn bad really quickly. And we do mean bad.

Some in Cowboys organization are comparing DeMarco Murray to Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett

Dallas Cowboys running back Demarco Murray’s rookie season turned many heads in Dallas and around the league. Everyone knew that he was an excellent college running back coming out of Oklahoma, but no one saw Murray rushing for almost 900 yards in just 13 games. But now that he’s put up number like that, expectations […]

The Houston Astros can’t even field a bunt properly

What you’re about to see is everything you ever needed to know about this year’s Houston Astros. On what should’ve been a routine out on a bunt, Roger Bernadina scored all the way from first when the Astros did what the Astros do. And in case you’re wondering, Bernadina was the go ahead run in […]

Please take a moment to watch Kenyan steeplechaser Ezekiel Kemboi celebrate his gold medal

Ezekiel Kemboi won the gold medal in the 3,000 meter steeplechase on Sunday. Kemboi, who’s known to break into a little dance after victories, didn’t disappoint as he broke into a routine filled with hip gyrations.

Serena Williams doesn’t care how you feel about her crip walking

We begged the masses not to over-analyze Serena Williams’ crip walking moment, but of course it’s become a thing. So much of a thing that it’s beginning to overshadow Williams’ dominating gold medal performance over Maria Sharapova. The usual suspects have chimed in and criticized her, but to her credit, she is blocking it all […]

After paying their $199 camp fee, campers receive email that Dwight Howard is skipping his camp

The year of Dwight Howard missteps just continues to roll on. Apparently tired of trying to get coaches fired and telling us he won’t sign an extension with anyone, Howard has now turned his attention to ducking out on his own camp. At the moment, Howard is still scheduled to “give daily talks” during his […]