Mark Cuban is upset with Jason Kidd, says he “wouldn’t put Kidd’s number in the rafters”

While Jason Terry is hoping that the Mavericks retire his jersey, Mark Cuban made an appearance on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s “Ben & Skin Show” and revealed that Jason Kidd won’t see his jersey retired by the Mavs. Mainly because Cuban is still upset that Kidd spurned to Mavs at the last minute and signed […]

NFL executive expects replacement referees to start the season

We are in week three of the replacement referee experiment and the reviews have been mixed. There have been some miscues and we found out that some of the referees have less than stellar backgrounds, but it certainly hasn’t been a disaster. And that may be why NFL vice president of operations Ray Allen says […]

Juan Nunez, the man behind Melky Cabrera’s phony website, has been banned by MLB

MLB sent out a memo to all of its club presidents, chief executive officers and general managers announcing that Juan Nunez has been banned from all team clubhouses. Nunez is the man that took responsibility for creating that phony website that Melky Cabrera used to attempt to dodge being suspended for testing positive for testosterone.

Is Roger Clemens attempting a comeback to help his first ballot Hall of Fame chances?

Let’s be clear: Roger Clemens will eventually be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. But it’s clear that his wait could be a long one with the current crop of baseball writers doing the voting. Clemens has tried to convince us that he’s not worried about getting into the Hall of Fame, but we […]

Stan Van Gundy is now using radio appearances to float the idea that Derrick Rose may leave Chicago

The Stan Van Gundy radio tour rolled on with an appearance on AM-740’s “The Game” in Orlando. But this appearance unlike those other appearances. Instead of ripping the Magic, Van Gundy decided to look in his crystal ball for the future of Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose. No, he didn’t give a prediction on when […]

Jason Terry hopes that the Mavericks retire his jersey

Before deciding to sign with the Boston Celtics, Jason Terry spent eight years with the Dallas Mavericks. In those eight years, Terry won a NBA championship and was consistently one of the best sixth men in the league. Those credentials are nothing to scoff at. There are plenty of players in the league that would […]

ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe thinks Melky Cabrera should be deported

This Melky Cabrera story is unlike any other story regarding a failed drug test that we’ve seen. Sure, we had all the drama that surrounded Ryan Braun’s failed test. But that was nothing like this. There wasn’t a fake website created to attempt to dodge the suspension in the Braun case. There wasn’t an opposing […]

Here’s a shirtless James Harden wearing a cowboy hat and a chain surrounded by women

  Usually any picture of a shirtless athlete instantly goes into the Questionable Poses category. But this photo of Oklahoma City’s James Harden isn’t questionable at all. In fact, it makes you question why you’re not more like James Harden. Because you should be. We all should be. We’ll, except when we’re playing defense. [TBJ]

Stan Van Gundy is going from radio station to radio station ripping the Magic

Until last week, former Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy hadn’t public given his opinion on anything regarding his previous employer. But he has now started to make the rounds on sports radio in Florida and it seems that Van Gundy has decided that he’s not holding anything back. Last week in appearance on 790 […]

Dez Bryant’s advisor alleges that Drew Rosenhaus offered him money in an effort to sign Bryant

According to Yahoo! Sports, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus allegedly offered money and a trip to Miami to Dez Bryant’s advisor in an effort to steer Bryant to sign with Rosenhaus. Bryant’s longtime advisor, David Wells told Yahoo! Sports that all the offers were made through text messages which he showed Yahoo! Sports. According to Wells, […]