Did new Georgia DC Jeremy Pruitt leave Florida State due to being a ladies man?

On Wednesday we posted a story about Jeremy Pruitt accepting the defensive coordinator position at Georgia. All Florida State fans including myself didn’t understand why Pruitt would make a lateral move when Florida State would have pretty much matched the money that Georgia offered.

USADA CEO Travis Tygart: Alex Rodriguez drug regimen most potent we’ve ever seen

On Tuesday, we gave you a glimpse into what Alex Rodriguez’s alleged drug regimen consisted of. Even I, someone that knows nothing about medicine, was struck by how detailed the regime was and all the many substances Rodriguez was taking.

Are the 2013 Florida State Seminoles the greatest team from the state of Florida ever?

It seems like every year we always ask some variation of this question about a program once they win the National Title. Florida State had an unbelievable season considering all the players they lost to the NFL and having to replace six coaches. So it’s inevitable that this question is being asked about the 2013 […]

‘Sir Lancealot’ wants you to vote Lance Stephenson into the NBA All Star game

On Monday we had DeMarcus Cousins and Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé in video asking Indian fans for their help in getting Cousins voted onto the Western Conference All Star squad. And today? Well, we have Lance Stephenson posing as a character name “Sir Lancealot” asking anyone who will listen to vote him onto the […]

People still won’t support a Mike Vick endorsed product

It’s been almost seven years since Mike Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for dogfighting. Since then, Vick has seemingly changed his life and has been vocal against animal abuse. One would think the fact that Vick served his punishment and years have passed since, the public would have slowly forgiven Vick. But […]

Jimmy Haslam pens letter to Browns fans ensuring them that not having hired a coach yet is part of the process

There are a couple of different perceptions about the current Cleveland Browns head coaching vacancy depending on where you reside. If you live outside of Cleveland, you clearly think no one wants the jobs. Especially when see report after report about candidates asking that their names be removed from consideration. If you live in Cleveland, […]

Jeremy Pruitt cashes in, takes DC position at Georgia

Former FSU defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt has decided to take his talents to Athens. Pruitt, who was Alabama’s defensive back coach in 2012 helped lead FSU top ranked defense to a National Championship. Pruitt’s is set to make $850k with his new deal at Georgia which now leaves Jimbo Fisher once again looking for a […]

Judge rejects NFL concussion settlement, says $765 million won’t cover all retired players

The NFL thought they had a big win a couple of months ago when they secured a $765 million concussion settlement. But on Tuesday, a federal judge threw out the settlement citing concerns that $765 million will not be enough to cover all 20,000 retired players.

Nick Saban has interesting view on what happened to his 2013 Alabama team

Alabama who started the season as the favorite to win the National Championship finished the season on a rather sour note. The Tide lost in one of the most memorable Iron Bowls to rival Auburn. They then followed up that loss with a loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl to finish 11-2.

Deion Sanders says he’s suiting up for the Pro Bowl, NFL says no you’re not

Deion Sanders caused quite the stir on Twitter on Monday when he tweeted the following: