Roger Goodell is reportedly ‘terrified’ that a player will die on the field

Don Van Natta Jr. wrote an extensive profile of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for ESPN the Magazine which you really should read. The profile touches on just about everything you ever wondered about Goodell–his motivations, his legendary temper, and his fears.

Marlins outfielder Kolby Copeland refused to take a drug test, so he was suspended for 50 games

Marlins prospect Kolby Copeland refused to take an offseason drug test. Which is a violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. In response to Copeland’s refusal, Copeland has been suspended 50 games without pay according to’s Danny Wild. So basically Copeland just gave some money away.

Dennis Rodman reportedly thrown out of hotel bar for telling everyone how nice Kim Jong Un is

Dennis Rodman is back from his visit to North Korea where he made a friend for life in Kim Jong Un. And if you thought that you had heard the last of Rodman and his love of the North Korean leader, well you were mistaken. Rodman decided to visit the hotel bar at the Time […]

Former NC State coach Tom O’Brien used the UVA equipment truck to move his belongings from Raleigh condo

Back in November, NC State head coach Tom O’Brien was fired seemingly out of the blue. Then a couple of months later, O’Brien landed a job on Mike London’s staff at Virginia. We never really got the opportunity to hear publicly how O’Brien took his firing, but one could guess that it wasn’t well. Mainly […]

Wes Welker reportedly has ‘mild disdain’ for the Patriots

While the Patriots were busy working through the details of Tom Brady’s raise, Wes Welker is still waiting on a contract. This isn’t the first time Welker has had to sit and wait to see if the Patriots deem him worthy enough for a long term contract. He had to endure this last season, and […]

After getting ejected for flagrant foul, JJ Barea called Ray Allen a p*ssy over and over again

JJ Barea was ejected in last night’s Heat-Timberwolves game after intentionally tackling Ray Allen as Allen attempting to drive to the bucket.

After everything that happened last season, the Jets may still bring back Tim Tebow

Here’s a brief synopsis of the Tim Tebow experience in New York: In March of 2011, Tebow was traded to the Jets and boy was he excited to be in New York. He reportedly believed that he could beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job, but things began to head south pretty early for […]

Former Jaguars assistant says that Blaine Gabbert was called ‘Blame’ Gabbert at team facility

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good anonymous rip job from someone in the NFL so guess we’re over due. The latest anonymous ripping of a player comes from a former Jacksonville Jaguar assistant. With “former” being the most important word of the prior sentence. According the former assistant, Blaine Gabbert was known […]

Predictably, the White House doesn’t like the fact that Dennis Rodman visited to North Korea

At what point did you realize that the White House wouldn’t like Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea. Was it the moment the trip was announced? Or the moment Rodman said he and North Korean leader Kim Un were “friends for life?” Or was it Rodman calling Un “a good guy?”

ESPN went behind the scenes with Johnny Manziel and his Mercedes-Benz

ESPN did an All-Access segment on Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. The first 2:20 of the 2:33 profile follows Manziel during the first day of spring practice. And just in case the fact that Manziel is taking all online classes isn’t enough to prove that Manziel is living the life in College Station, ESPN uses […]