Florida State linebacker Vince Williams on Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch: ‘He’s terrible’

Despite a less than dominating performance, Florida State defeated Northern Illinois 31-10 in the Discover Orange Bowl on Tuesday night. Though the Noles’ performance was frustrating for most Noles fans, a win is a win. And that fact was enough for FSU linebacker Vince Williams to rip up Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch for his […]

Report: Part of Andy Reid’s pitch to the Arizona Cardinals is that he will fix Kevin Kolb

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve heard that Andy Reid was very close to becoming the Arizona Cardinals’ new head coach and that Andy Reid was not close to becoming the Arizona Cardinals’ new head coach. But no matter what you believe, the reports linking to Reid to Arizona continue to leak out in the […]

JaVale McGee got very excited when he hit his first career three pointer last night

JaVale McGee has had a few memorable moments on the court over the years. From planking during a game, committing a ridiculous goaltend, to doing everything in his power to achieve his first triple-double. So it shouldn’t surprise you at all that when he hit his first career three pointer against the Clippers last night, […]

Prominent Oregon boosters wouldn’t mind it one bit if Chip Kelly left Oregon

There are a few reasons why it is believed that Chip Kelly will eventually leave Oregon. For starters, his name routinely shows up on lists of NFL coaching candidates. And secondly, the NCAA continues to sniff around the Oregon program even after the school tried to put the issues to bed.

Report: Jets will look to trade Mark Sanchez, bring in Mike Vick after the season

In all likelihood, the New York Jets’ roster will look totally different next season. Current starter Greg McElroy may remain, but Tim Tebow wants out and according to Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News, the Jets want Mark Sanchez out.

New Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen called each of his Utah State players to inform them he was leaving

We’ve seen multiple examples of how not to leave a school for another job from the likes of Tommy Tuberville and Randy Edsall. Now let’s take a moment to applaud a coach for leaving a school for another job the right. Former Utah State Gary Andersen was named the new head coach at Wisconsin today. […]

Geno Auriemma on schools leaving Big East: ‘I hope they all leave tomorrow’

UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma is a man who doesn’t hold his tongue. If he has an opinion on something, he lets it fly. So predictably when he was asked his opinion on the 7 Catholic schools fleeing the Big East, he once again didn’t hold his tongue. And those 7 schools were the […]

New Oakland A’s shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima is concerned about the lack of bathtubs in America

The Oakland A’s introduced their new shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima to the baseball world on Tuesday. And during his introductory press conference Nakajima was asked what would be his biggest challenge in making the transition from Japan to the majors. After clarifying through his translator that the reporter was looking for his #1 challenge on or […]

Dwight Howard wisely decided not to jump with Gerald Henderson on this dunk

Of course people want to say that Gerald Henderson dunked on Dwight Howard last night. But really, he didn’t. Mainly because Howard wisely decided to not jump with Henderson.

Christian Ponder used the Vikings’ bye week to get married to Samantha Steele

A few Minnesota Vikings openly questioned whether Christian Ponder dating Samantha Steele was affecting his play on the field. Ponder insisted it isn’t affecting his play, but of course that doesn’t mean much to fans if a player continues to struggle.