Behold The Spectacle Of Shirtless Crazy Fan Guy

Every crew has a crazy fan guy. But surely, you’d be hard pressed to find a crew that has a crazy fan guy that would have no problem being shirtless AND climbing on top of a basketball hoop…….in the middle of a game. Via Hot Clicks Have some breaking news or an interesting story we […]

Albert Haynesworth Done Messed Around And Got A Stripper Pregnant

Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth is being sued for $10 million by a Brooklyn exotic dancer who claims he impregnated her — then abandoned her. Salma Hayek look-alike Silvia Mena,who’s nearly four months pregnant, says she met the 6-foot-6, 350-pound defensive lineman in Miami late last year. But she claims in papers to be filed […]

Predictably, Diego Maradona Will Run Naked If Argentina Wins The World Cup

Seriously, did you expect anything less from Diego Maradona? This is a man who ran over a journalist’s leg with his car and then blamed it on said journalist. So Maradona promising to run naked through the streets of Buenos Aires if Argentina is victorious in the World Cup shouldn’t be all that surprising. But […]

Tennis Player Embarks On Journey To Discover If A Breast Reduction Can Really Help Your Forehand

Women have breast reductions for a myriad of reasons. Reasons that usually don’t involve helping them in their chosen sporting event. Men hate breast reductions for a myriad of reasons. Reasons that usually involve our love for the female anatomy. Especially when said anatomy is measured at DD. A fact that up and coming tennis […]

Somebody Get The Squirrel Off The Field!

Target Field in Minnesota is really turning into a wild life refuge. First fans were witness to an American Kestrel swooping in for some dinner, now they got to take in a rogue squirrel take control of the infield. Three weeks after a bird of prey stole the show, a squirrel briefly interrupted play in […]

The Glory Lines 5/26/10

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Timmy & Bus Episode One: Escape From The Unicorn Club, Featuring Barry Zito (Tauntr) Jared Allen’s Mullet Is No More (Vikings Blog) Owners choose New York/New Jersey to host Super Bowl […]

The evolving sex life of Alex Rodriguez

For a while, I thought A-Rod’s life would resemble one of a respectable loving husband and father, but a few years in New York changed that possibility. I don’t doubt he’s a great father but he failed as a husband. No, I’m not bashing his character or being a hypocritical cynic, if I were tempted […]

Big ‘Z’ Defends Fired Coach Mike Brown

Dan Gilbert, the Cleveland Cavaliers owner, fired coach Mike Brown early Monday morning, despite his record of success with the franchise. Brown was 272-138 over his 5-year tenure and led the Cavs to the playoffs every season and even led the team to a NBA Finals appearance in 2007. On Monday Cavs center ,Zydrunas Ilgauskas, […]

Mississippi State Signee Takes His Algebra Teacher To School

Mississippi State defensive back recruit Jamerson Love found himself in some controversy with his Algebra teacher, Shobul Johnson. These two guys engaged in a little wrestling match and after looking at this teacher’s frame, you know how this went down. To add insult to injury, Johnson was fired for this. Aberdeen teacher dismissed after roughhousing […]

Let’s Start The Day With A Flyers Fan Dropping A F Bomb…….On Live TV

When will these television types learn? Never I guess. If it hasn’t happened already, someone needs to pen a “how-to” book on covering a live celebration. Because frankly, these guys don’t understand that you can let fans talk directly into the microphone after a big victory. You just can’t. They can chant and blurt out […]

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